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Name: Medium
Creator: Glenn Gordon Caron
Date(s): January 3, 2005 - January 21, 2011
Medium: live-action TV series
Country of Origin: United States
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Medium is an American television drama series that originally aired on NBC for five seasons and on CBS for two more seasons. The show was initially based on the experiences of medium Allison DuBois, who claims she has worked with law enforcement agencies across the country in criminal investigations.


The series stars Patricia Arquette as Allison DuBois, a medium employed as a consultant for the Phoenix, Arizona district attorney's office. Allison and her husband Joe (Jake Weber) are the parents of three daughters, all of whom inherited Allison's gift.

Main Characters


The fandom for the Medium is a fairly small fandom and mainly focused on, LiveJournal, YouTube, Deviantart and later Archive of Our Own. Only a few posts are on Tumblr that focus on Medium. What She Saw, a Livejournal community was created in March 2007 and was active until 2011. The Lee/Allison community was created in July 2008 and was active until 2011. The fandom remained fairly active until the series ended, although some fanfiction are still being posted to FFN and AO3.

Most of the fanworks are focused on the DuBois family, especially Allison. The canon couple of Allison/Joe is popular, but the non-canon pairing of Allison/Lee has also appeared.


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