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Synonyms: Wizards, witchcraft, Wicca
Related: Vampire, Elf AU, werewolf, Fairy Tale AU
See Also: Magic AU
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Witches often appear in stories and art in fandoms in which the existence of witches are canon (such as Harry Potter or Charmed). They also appear in works for canon sources lacking witches or supernatural elements in general (such as NCIS or Law & Order).

A character who is a witch may be the antagonist in a work, fulfilling the wicked witch archetype. In OUAT fandom, the actual Wicked Witch of the West Zelena is a popular character in works. A witch may maliciously curse the protagonist, or an inexperienced witch may have a spell backfire on them. Magic is often a central plot device in works featuring witches.

Witches AUs

A Witches AU is a type of Magical Alternate Universe story, similar to the Elf AU, in which witches exist (in the case of witch-less canons) or in which a non-witch character is recast as a witch (regardless of whether witches appear in canon). Witch AUs can appear in any fandom.

Another way to indicate a canon non-witch character is recast as a witch is to write it as: Witch!Character.

Example Fandoms

This list is for fandoms that focus on witches:

Notable Fanworks

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The 100:

  • to build a home by manycoloureddays, Bellarke, Clarke was here doing these three boys a favour; the only person to answer their ad online asking for “someone with no criminal record, a steady paycheck, and some goddamn common sense”. She didn’t need to be judged by Bellamy Blake. (New Girl/Roommates AU, Witch!Clarke)


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