Sabrina the Teenage Witch

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Name: Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Abbreviation(s): StTW
Creator: George Gladir (writer) and Dan DeCarlo (artist);
Nell Scovell (TV Series)
Date(s): April 1971 - present
September 27, 1996 – April 24, 2003 (TV Series)
Medium: Comics, Live-Action Television Series, Animated Series, Live-Action films
Country of Origin: USA
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Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a comic book series published by Archie Comics about the adventures of a fictional teen witch named Sabrina Spellman that spawned a live-action television series, live-action films, and several animated shows.


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Main Characters

  • Sabrina Spellman - a half-witch that lives with her aunts and struggles with balancing with her powers and being normal; In the television and film series she is portrayed by Melissa Joan Hart.
  • Zelda Spellman - Sabrina's aunt; portrayed by Beth Broderick in the television series
  • Hilda Spellman - Sabrina's aunt; portrayed by Caroline Rhea in the television series
  • Salem Saberhagen - a witch who's been turned into a cat as punishment for world domination attempts; In the television and film series he is voiced by Nick Bakay
  • Harvey Kinkle - Sabrina's mortal boyfriend that is unaware Sabrina is a witch. This is later rectified in the TV series where he learns the truth, and eventually accepts it. He's portrayed by Nate Richert in the television series.


The fandom behind Sabrina the Teenage Witch is fairly small, this is probably due to the television show's been off the air since 2003 despite the various animated series focused around the character. The television series next to the comic book series has the larger fandom. While, originally the TV show had a lot viewers (and fanbase) during the first four seasons which was on ABC, the last three seasons aired on the WB and had less viewers in general[1] - this was probably due to cast change: Harvey Kinkle was written off the show and out of Sabrina's life after he learns her secret. However due to fans backlash of that decision, the network eventually brought him back. In the final season they also got rid of Sabrina's aunts, Hilda and Zelda. The show also dragged out Sabrina and Harvey not getting back together; Sabrina eventually got engaged to another guy in the last season - this disappointed a lot fans, who lost interest in the series. In the final episode of the show, Sabrina leaves her wedding and goes after Harvey (they also reveal that Sabrina & Harvey are soul mates), which cheered up many of the fans.

Fanfiction is fairly rare and is mainly found on[2] and since 2008 - Archive of Our Own[3]. The fandom qualified to be a Yuletide fandom (Yuletide works). LiveJournal only has two communities dedicated solely to the fandom, with a few others dealing with multifandom. DeviantART has quite a bit of fanart dedicated to the comics, television show, and the animated series. There are a few fanvids posted on Youtube. The Tumblr fandom is still quite small and it's mainly focused on Sabrina, Harvey, Sabrina/Harvey, Salem, and the Sabrina's comics - various picspams and gifs are often reblogged.

Since the release of the television series Riverdale, fans were interested in seeing Sabrina arrive in Riverdale and fans of the original live-action TV series have wanted a continuation (in which the series would focus on Sabrina & Harvey's kids with the same cast) or reboot of the series. Interest for Sabrina the Teenage Witch increased after it was announced that TV series was going to be rebooted on the CW[4]. The new series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, will be based off the new darker Sabrina comics, less of a sitcom as the old one was. In December 2017 it was announced that the new series will be on Netflix instead of CW[5]. Since the announcement, fanfiction crossovers with Riverdale, other fanworks and discussions appeared focused on the new series.


One of the major pairings is the canon ship of Sabrina/Harvey. Other pairings that appear within the fandom include: Salem/Sabrina, Sabrina/Libby, Sabrina/Roxie, Drell/Hilda, Sabrina/Valerie and Sabrina/Josh. Femslash pairings are more common than the other het pairings.

Gen and crossover works are also fairly common within the fandom.


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