The 10th Kingdom

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Name: The 10th Kingdom
Abbreviation(s): T10K
Creator: David Carson & Herbert Wise (directors)
Simon Moore (written by)
Date(s): 27 February – 6 March 2000
Medium: TV mini-series
Country of Origin: USA
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The 10th Kingdom was a 10-episode TV mini-series about 10 Magical realms where fairytale characters live, before being transported through a mirror to New York City, where with the help of young waitress Virginia and her father they must fight the Evil Queen who intends to dominate all kingdoms at any cost, leading to twists and further trips through the magic mirror.

The miniseries mainly focuses on Fourth, Ninth and the Tenth Kingdom. The division of kingdoms consists of:

  • First Kingdom ruled by Queen Cinderella.
  • Second Kingdom ruled by Queen Red Riding Hood family in the North, and Gretel the Great rules the South.
  • Third Kingdom ruled by Relish the Troll King
  • Fourth Kingdom ruled by the House of White.
  • Fifth Kingdom ruled by the Naked Emperor VI
  • Sixth Kingdom was once ruled by Queen Rapunzel and their entire population, including Sleeping Beauty, is asleep under a hundred-year spell that no one can break.
  • Seventh Kingdom ruled by Olaf the Elf King.
  • Eighth Kingdom ruled by the Ice Queen.
  • Ninth Kingdom is dominated by Dwarves and holds Snow White's resting place.
  • Tenth Kingdom is revealed to be New York City.


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This was a Yuletide fandom and was mainly on FanFiction.Net and had several Geocities fansites dedicated to it. There has even been a few RPGs dedicated to it. The het relationship fandom focused mostly on the canonical couple formed by Virginia Lewis and Wolf, outnumbered in the slash fandom, fans focus on the possible relationship between Prince Wendell and Virginia's father, Anthony "Tony" Lewis..[citation needed]



  • Reality by Shay Sheridan, When Virginia returns to New York through the mirror, she finds that her trip really never happened, until she meets a familiar-looking stockbroker named Mike Wolf. (AU)


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