The House of Red

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Title: The House of Red
Publisher: Kingdoms Press
Author(s): Mary Anne Gruen
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): Aqua, Luna Llena Rivera
Date(s): June 2001
Medium: print
Size: Full size
Genre: gen
Fandom: The 10th Kingdom
Language: English
External Links: online mirror of zine
website to order zines (Wayback Machine)
gallery of illustrations by Luna Llena Rivera
Kingdoms Press' official gallery of illustrations (low quality)
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The House of Red is a gen 10th Kingdom 202-page novel by Mary Anne Gruen. Originally published online, The House of Red was collected and published as a full size, spiral comb bound fanzine by Kingdoms Press in June 2001. From the online mirror:

"Every family has its secrets, but the House of Red Riding Hood seems to have more than its share. While the rest of the Nine Kingdoms fights a great war against the trolls, Virginia, Wolf, and Tony take a step back in time to witness the crimes in the House of Red and shine the light of truth on them."

In March 2001, Kingdoms Press held an art contest for illustrators (10K Art Contest by Chris in 10thKingdom, a YahooGroup, on March 12 2001. Accessed June 13 2012). In April, Kingdoms Press announced the production of a fanzine of The House of Red that would include illustrations (KingdomsPress Art Contest - Revisited by Chris in 10thKingdom, a YahooGroup, on April 22 2001. Accessed June 13 2012). Two artists, Aqua and Luna Llena Rivera, provided the illustrations. According to Luna Llena Rivera, "This project actually started out as a competition, but only one other artist and I entered it (and I still wonder why that was!), and so by default both she and I became the "official" illustrators!" The zine was sold with six illustrations, either by Aqua or Luna Llena Rivera, in either black and white or color editions.