Beautiful Creatures

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Name: Beautiful Creatures, The Caster Chronicles
Abbreviation(s): TCC
Creator: Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Date(s): 2009-2012
Medium: Young Adult Books
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: official site
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Beautiful Creatures, also known as The Caster Chronicles, is a YA tetralogy by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Within its fandom, the book series is generally referred to as "The Caster Chronicles" and the movie adaptation as "Beautiful Creatures," although it shares its title with the first novel. The series was promoted on release as "what Twilight fans should read next," but never reached anything close to the popularity of Twilight despite its similarities and the splashy movie released of the first book with hopes of a series.

The series is about a mortal (human) boy named Ethan Wate who falls in love with a witch-in-training named Lila Duchannes, who, on her 17th birthday, will need to make a permanent choice whether to be a light witch (who can still associate with the mortal world) or a dark witch (who will be too dangerous for the mortal world). Her nature is to be a dark witch, like the rest of her family, but Lila's love for Ethan makes her conflicted about leaving the mortal world behind.

The series is most known and loved by its fans for the Southern Gothic atmosphere and aesthetics.

In Fandom

The fandom is small, and has in the past been a Yuletide fandom (as Beautiful Creatures). The launch of the first book was preceded by a fan event in which prospective fans looking forward to the series were encouraged to write the number of days until their next birthday on their palm and take a photo to share on social media.

The majority of its fans ship canon pairings:

As the canon material involves many supernatural elements, including lore from the American South such as bottle trees, voudun/voodoo, "haint blue" porches, and graveyard myths, most fanfiction is primarily concerned with the ways that the supernatural affects the characters of the series, rather than on pairings or romance. The majority of fics for The Caster Chronicles/Beautiful Creatures on AO3 are gen.

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