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Name: aimmyarrowshigh
Alias(es): V. Arrow, Hayley, so_i_go
Type: Fan writer, Podcast host, Fanartist
Fandoms: The Hunger Games, One Direction, Star Wars, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, The Old Guard, Union J, The Mortal Instruments, Matched, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, X-Factor RPF, & numerous others.
Communities: withoutdrowning, Damerey Daily 2020, Panfandom Hanukkah Bingo
URL: aimmyarrowshigh on tumblr, on AO3, on, on twitter, on livejournal
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aimmyarrowshigh is a prolific fan writer, perhaps best known for her role as a BNF in the Hunger Games fandom. In addition to writing fic, she has also created numerous edits and writes meta. She co-hosted the I Met You On LJ podcast from 2020-2022. She cohosts This Week In Fandom History (2023).

She has also written or contributed sections to several published books on fannish topics, including The Panem Companion.


The Hunger Games

Most of her fics for The Hunger Games were gen or het, and she has written some of the most popular gen fics in the fandom.

Noteworthy Fics:

"Peeta Mellark is ninety-six years old and the most beloved person in the Coal Estate, which was once – a long time ago, now – known as District 12."
"How Tributes are dead, but not how they died."

One Direction

Most of her fics for One Direction were Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, but she states she is not a Larry Stylinson tinhat. She speaks about Larries in Episode #003 of I Met You On LJ and denounces their behavior as a group.[1][2]

Noteworthy Fics:

Here's 135K words about Harry Styles being an alpha who impregnates the singer from the lesser known British boy band, Union J (who is an omega).[3]


aimmyarrowshigh is a prolific creator of aesthetic edits for a multitude of fandoms. As such, a small sampling is listed below:

Star Wars

Communities & Challenges

aimmyarrowshigh has been a moderator of many communities and challenges since 2002. On her own domains, she ran the Unofficial Dream Street Fan Club and Bubblegum Magazine beginning in 2002. In 2002, she also took over the Illinois street team for former Dream Street member Greg Raposo. She ran his Illinois street team until 2005. In 2008, she started his national street team and ran the New York branch with Lauren & Chrissy. She also ran the official fan club for Matt Ballinger's band Open Till Midnight and did webmastery for the Stealing Jane street team in 2009.

Starting in 2009, on LiveJournal, she moderated Brit Pack community withoutdrowning and its affiliates within the TNP Network, indpndntpeople and tnpficcontest, as well as garfieldlife, shanndrew, shannonwoodward, and sturridgelife. She also moderated the icon challenge community vintage100x100 and ran the icon blog toreadabook.

She also moderated and maintained many communities on LiveJournal for YA lit books beginning in 2011. These included the contest community bookcrushathon in 2011, the drabble challenge community yalit100, fanfiction archive yalitfics and communities for the following fandoms:

In 2010, she joined the moderation team for fuckyeahUKboys on Tumblr.

In 2012, aimmyarrowshigh moderated the Union J fanfiction community unionj_fanworks on LiveJournal.

In 2020, she began the The Old Guard Big Bang and served as one of its four moderators. She and draco_sollicitus also began and moderated Damerey Daily 2020, a Poe Dameron/Rey daily prompt blog.

In 2022, she began and ran the Panfandom Hanukkah Bingo.

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