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Name: Meg Cabot
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Occupation: writer
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Meg Cabot is a young adult professional writer.


Cabot's Stance on Fanworks Based on Her Work

Cabot, wrote Dragonriders of Pern fanfiction when she was in college. [1]

Cabot, who hosts a writing forum on her site that explicitly includes fanfiction.

In 2003, Cabot wrote:

I'm not going to get all authorish and beg you to please stop writing fan fiction based on my books, because, as a kid, I wrote reams and reams of fan fiction based on Star Wars, most of which I sent to George Lucas (who never thanked me – although I see he didn't use any of it in the next 3 films. He probably should have). I won't even prosecute you (unless you try to make money using my characters without my permission. That is just evil and wrong).[2]

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