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Name: American Girl
Creator: Pleasant Rowland, Pleasant Company, Mattel
Date(s): 1986–present
Medium: books, dolls, movies
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Official Website, Wikipedia
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American Girl is a line of dolls and books about various American girls throughout the ages with all types of backgrounds. In the 2000s, films began being developed starring their characters.


Each character has their own series of six books and collection of doll clothes and toys.

BeForever Characters

Originally known as The American Girls Collection or colloquially Historical Characters:

  • Kaya, 1764; a Native American living in the pre-contact Northwest
  • Felicity Merriman, 1774; living in Williamsburg, Virginia (portrayed by Shailene Woodley in the film version)
  • Caroline Abbott, 1812; living in Sackets Harbor, New York
  • Josefina Montoya, 1824; living in New Mexico
  • Marie-Grace Gardner, 1853; living in New Orleans
  • Kirsten Larson, 1854; living in the Minnesota Territory
  • Addy Walker, 1864; Addy is the first African-American doll in the line and is a fugitive slave that escapes North Carolina to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the American Civil War
  • Samantha Parkington, 1904; living in the Edwardian period of Mount Bedford, New York (Portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb in the film version)
  • Rebecca Rubin, 1914; living in Lower East Side of New York City and is of Jewish with Russian descent
  • Kit Kittredge, 1934; living in Cincinnati, Ohio during the Great Depression (Portrayed by Abigail Breslin in the film version)
  • Molly McIntire, 1944; living in Jefferson, Illinois during the later World War II years (Portrayed by Maya Ritter in the film version)
  • Julie Albright, 1974; living in San Francisco, California

Girl of the Year dolls

Various girls/dolls were then presented each year from 2001 to the present besides 2002 due to the lack of sales.


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Although each doll/girl has its own series of books and doll line (or even a film), most of the archives combine the franchise under "American Girl". Fanfiction and other fanworks are more rare for the fandom, much like for Barbie since many people mainly interact with them at a young age and playing with them with their friends or collecting them. Fanfiction for the series didn't appear on FanFiction.Net until 2005, after Felicity's film was released, and in 2009(?) on Archive of Our Own. American Girl is a Yuletide fandom.

Crossovers are fairly rare, but due to fact that many of these girls take place in various years that many fandoms take place in makes it possible to have the potential for crossovers. For example, That's Not Her Name by forthosebelow crosses the Captain America Movieverse with an adult Kit Kittredge for a Kit/Steve Rogers pairing.


Various gen and OC works are also created.


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