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Britain's Edwardian period (technically 1901-1910, although the era sometimes extends up to 1919) is another AU form that fanworks use, both from fandoms set during the actual Edwardian era and Edwardian AUs in other fandoms. This page concentrates on canonical Edwardians. The term is sometimes extended to works from this time period not set in Britain.

There are a number of fandoms set during the Edwardian era, such as the works of H. G. Wells, as well as Titanic, Peter Pan, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Mary Poppins. A few of the later Sherlock Holmes stories took place in the Edwardian era, thus causing it to be a popular AU for Sherlock (BBC) fandom. Fanworks for these fandoms often major in historical accuracy, with authors being proud of checking minute details of dress and culture.

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