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Journal Community
Name: Multifandom Het Recs
Date(s): 13 October 2008 (founding date)
2012 (Dreamwidth)
01 April 2018 (final update for LJ & Tumblr)
Moderator: stars_inthe_sky, blithers (lj and tumblr)
tree, wendelah (dw)
Founder: irony_rocks
Type: het recs
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: LJ; DW; Tumblr; AO3 Collection
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Multifandom Het Recs is a community for het fanfiction recommendations.

"All I want is a long multi-chapter completed, perfectly written, in-character angst fanfiction of my otp which includes a lot of smut and a little bit of fluff but a really good plot line with no grammatical errors idk man is that too much to ask?"

This comm is an organized rec community for thousands of awesome het fics in literally hundreds of different fandoms and pairings. All your het needs. Any and all heterosexual fanfiction recommendations are welcome.

Founded in 2008 on LiveJournal by irony_rocks, het_reccers was originally moderated by irony_rocks, peanutbutterer, and hariboo.

The Dreamwidth community was created in 2012, and is moderated by tree and wendelah. All posts created prior to 2012 were imported from LJ at that point, but any content posted after that date was not mirrored between the two communities. The Dreamwidth community currently operates independently of the LiveJournal and Tumblr sites.

In 2014, the original moderators on the LiveJournal site stepped down, and blithers and stars_inthe_sky became the moderators of the LiveJournal community.[1] At this point, het_reccers created a Tumblr site, which mirrors all content from the LiveJournal community as well as also accepting posts via Tumblr submissions, which are then cross-posted back to LJ.[2]

In addition to any recs members wish to post at any time, het-reccers runs several types of ongoing challenges:

  • Monthly challenges with a new fandom/genre/category, encouraging community members to rec that specific theme in any het pairing they choose. This challenge used to run bi-weekly, and was changed to monthly in 2014.
  • Special reccers, who do 20 recs in at least 5 different fandoms in one month.
  • A manifesto challenge. A master list of all manifestos posted to the community can be found here.

On April 1, 2018, stars_inthe_sky posted to the LiveJournal[3] and Tumblr[4] a mod post stating that the community is officially closed as is the Tumblr mirror, but will remain viewable for readers. The Dreamwidth counterpart and AO3 collection are managed separately, both remain open for contributions.

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