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Title: Shit Larries Say, Sh*t Larries Say
Created by: yessoupy
Date(s): 2017-present
Focus: Tinhat, Debunking Larry Is Real
Fandom: One Direction, Larry Stylinson, Larry Is Real
External Links: on tumblr, Archived version (previously as shit-larries-say), on twitter, on spotify, on youtube
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Shit Larries Say is a podcast, YouTube channel and Tumblr account dedicated to debunking conspiracy theory in fandom, particularly Larry Is Real. The owner of the accounts introduces herself in videos and podcasts as "Shit Larries Say" or SLS; the fan also has a personal tumblr account at yessoupy.

SLS's twitter account was created in 2016 by someone else who used SLS's gmail account; it appears that SLS began their career as a public anti-larrie in 2017.[1]

In January 2022, Tumblr deleted the shit-larries-say account after posts about lesbianslovelouis were reported.[2] As of May 2022, the tumblr was remade under the name anticonspiracist.

Youtube Channel

The Shit Larries Say YouTube channel has 465 subscribers and 92 videos uploaded as of February 2024. Videos were posted starting in July 2017 with "Episode 1 - The Bears". These videos were shorter than the later spotify podcast and included a voiceover by SLS with a slideshow of still images.[3] The YouTube channel also includes dramatic readings of Tumblr posts by Larries.

Example videos:

Podcast Episodes

SLS started a podcast in 2020, cohosted with back-to-louis, with episodes posted on Spotify.

  1. part 1: introduction to the conspiracy theory known as babygate [sic] (April 2020)
  2. part 2: "perfect boyfriend" to "partyboy" f. the SONY LEAKS (April 2020)
  3. part 3: FAKE BABY FAKE BABY FAKE BABY (April 2020)
  4. part 4: larries are just classist vengeancemongers (May 2020)
  5. part 5: web domains and baby names (May 2020)
  6. part 6: but what's a larrie theory without a lil woman-hating, amirite? (May 2020)
  7. part 7: wrap-up episode (May 2020)
  8. larrie classism (May 2020)
  9. "everything happens for a reason." (June 2020)
  10. larrie biphobia (June 2020)
  11. fandom racism part 1 - cultural appropriation (July 2020)
  12. interlude - a larrie (?) answers my questions! (July 2020)
  13. fandom racism part 2 - let's talk stereotypes (July 2020)
  14. fandom racism part 3 - weed video, night changes, and BLM (August 2020)
  15. fandom racism part 4 - what about zayn? (September 2020)
  16. receipts receipts receipts (September 2020)
  17. **will not***today... (October 2020)
  18. we love them when they're not newsworthy, too (October 2020)
  19. qanon and larrie and cabals and "They" (December 2020)
  20. we're being SOCIALIZED so when ** ***we won't lose our shit ... ok. (January 2021)
  21. antisemitism in fandom (March 2021)
  22. our fandom histories (June 2021)
  23. a larrie MELTDOWN (June 2021)
  24. a presidential pandemic debunk (June 2021)
  25. code 28 louis is a father ahhhhhhh (August 2021)
  26. harry styles talks about the female orgasm and queer women flip shit (October 2021)
  27. a chat with (to??) yorkshireanti (November 2021)
  28. "what happened to SLS? did you delete???" (January 2022)
  29. SLS relaunches and HAPPY FREDDIE'S SIX DAY: larries in 2022 (January 2022)
  30. SLS sees Louis in concert! a review (February 2022)
  31. sls and btl review einigfy (kaitlyn tiffany's book about 1d fandom) (August 2022)
  32. a little dramatic reading and GET DEMOCRATS ELECTED, ANTI-CONSPIRACISTS!!! (October 2022)
  33. SLS and BTL on AOTV (April 2023)
  34. we play catchup and play aca-fans (January 2024)


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