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Synonyms: anti-larry, anti, het girl
See also: larrie, big larrie, tinhat
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An anti-larrie is a One Direction fan who disagrees with, or actively opposes, larries (fans of the theory that Larry is real, i.e. that bandmembers Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in a relationship and are pressured by their management to stay in the closet).

"Anti-larrie" is an ambiguous term that means somewhat different things in different parts of One Direction fandom. Crucially, depending on the definition, the term may apply to different subsets of the fanbase, resulting in contradictory claims over what "antis" believe and do.

Different Groups, Different Worldviews

One group of "anti-larries" make up the small, loosely defined network of tumblr blogs who debunk larrie theories, argue with larries, or analyse or archive larrie activity from a critical perspective. These blogs tend to have names like whylarryisntreal and debunklarry and were popular during the heyday of both 1D and fandom on Tumblr, possibly reaching a high-water mark in response to the spread of Babygate theories in early 2016. im-on-fire-now was one of the earliest blogs, predating the term "anti-larrie" itself, who posted a manifesto in June 2013 called Pay attention, Archived version; in 2016 im-on-fire-now commented that "after feeling like the sole dissenting voice in a sea of larries a few years ago, it’s so nice to see the scales tipped the other way now; to see so many others speaking up and speaking out, especially those who have rarely (or never) done it before."[1] Many anti-larrie blogs, along with many other 1D blogs, have since deactivated.

Fans who are or were actively blogging about larries, or were part of this tumblr network, are more likely to describe themselves as "anti-larries". However, plenty of other fans might also use the term to describe themselves, and still other fans might hold similar opinions, but not use the term[2]. Twitter wars between larries and other fans have been ongoing since at least 2012, though the term anti-larrie itself only dates to 2014. A group of 1D fans on Twitter in the 2020s seem to have adopted the term for themselves. Meanwhile, Harries (fans of Harry Styles exclusively) are often called antis by Larries simply for disliking the Larry conspiracy theory, but the usage of it as a self-identifier among Harries is variable as many Harries are disinterested in One Direction altogether and think Larry is irrelevant to their daily fandom activities.

Some of the tumblr anti-larries have said they are former larries, and most seem to be RPF fans, who object to larries flouting established norms when shipping real people (such as not breaking The Fourth Wall). However, because One Direction was a massively popular boyband, with a very large fanbase, many 1D fans who are annoyed with larries are likely not RPF fans and may even be opposed to shipping in general; their objections to larries could be anti-RPF objections. Regardless of their differing views on RPF, both groups of fans also object to larries due to their harassment of 1D members and their families. (It's important to note that the fanbase was active on Twitter, where it was difficult if not impossible to maintain separation between different groups of fans, let alone separation between the fanbase and the celebrities, who were also on the platform and were the reason for the fandom to congregate there.)

Self-identified tumblr anti-larries have sometimes remarked that larries seem to have a different definition of anti-larrie. (See #Anti-Larries vs Anti-Larry.) According to Tumblr user anticonspiracist (Shit Larries Say prior to deletion), larries include all non Larry believers in their definition of "anti".[3] Larries say they define antis as people who are "against Larry" and do not include people who are "ambivalent" or "don't care" in their definition.[4] The term non-larries is sometimes used instead.[5] A non-larrie is any 1D fan who doesn't believe that Larry is real.

Within the larrie worldview, 1D fandom seems to be divided up ideologically as follows: people who believe in Larry (larries), people who don't (non-larries), people who don't have an opinion (neutrals), and homophobes who hate the idea of Harry and Louis in a relationship and that's why they're arguing that Larry isn't real (anti-larries). (Some larries may not make a distinction between neutrals and non-larries.) As a result of this worldview, larries may sometimes label a fan correctly as an "anti-larrie" (because they're arguing that Larry isn't real), but have a completely different understanding of what that means.


Many fan communities on different platforms have used the term "anti" to describe some group of fans who are against something in that fandom.

Larries often refer to anti-larries as antis, and others have adopted it, which has caused confusion in pan-fandom discussions where the most common meaning of "anti" is anti-shipper.[6]

Origin & Definitions

The term "anti larrie" seems to have been in use by larries as long as the term larrie, since 2014:

  • September 21, 2014: "Anti larries are so funny like why are you so anti what are you afraid of??"[7]
  • September 27, 2014: "When anti-larries get all up in your grill: BITCH I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THIS LARRY SEXTAPE YOU GON NEED TO CALL ME BACK LATER"[8]
  • September 28, 2014: "have you ever noticed that anti larries are always the ones to make everything about larry"[9]

Describing other fans as "anti larry" or as "anti larry shippers" goes back further on Twitter[10], but few references to "anti" and "tinhat" in the 1D context turn up.

"Antis" as a noun by itself is harder to search for, but seems to have been in use since at least December 2014:

  • December 18, 2014: "even after h&l come out the war between larries and antis will still continue because some people are CLOSEMINDED FUCKS"[11]
  • December 30, 2014: "literally a war between the antis and larries, I wonder if Sam knew before he posted what he was doing"[12]
  • January 11, 2015: "its so funny when antis use the most ridic "proof" to make fun of larries but when theres actual ~proof they suddenly cant read"[13]

There has been some debate about who came up with the term anti in the 1D context, and what it means exactly:

[Anonymous:] "Not believing the relationship isn’t real doesn’t make you an anti - anti is a label some people chose for themselves, to show that they are actively fighting against us. If you don’t do that you’re not an anti!" UM we didn't call ourselves antis though

Ugh, they are so wrong about everything. Why on earth would we choose to call ourselves ‘antis’? That’s a label larries gave us (they tried with the more offensive ‘hets’ and still do, but this is the one that stuck). It’s not “fighting against” larries to call them out when they’re wrong.

Not believing Larry is real is exactly what being an ‘anti’ means. We are anti-tinhat, anti-disrespect, anti-conspiracies, anti-harassment, anti-homophobia, anti-misogyny, etc. We are not anti-shipping or anti-Larry. We’re not this evil entity larries are trying to make us out to be just because we disagree with them and want them to stop.

I’m so tired of their willful ignorance and spreading of false facts.

im-on-fire-now, 2015[14]

Anti-Larries vs Anti-Larry

yea for me like anti isnt anti larry its anti larrIEs bc they are annoying and should mind their business instead of obsessing over someone else’s sexuality or possible relationship

hittiesluvr, 2020[15]

people who are "anti larry" are against louis and harry being together and are homophobic. people who are "ANTI LARRIES" (which is 99% of antis) are just against larries and theorizing about a relationship between two real people. if larry was real we wouldnt be against it but it isnt so....

nakedrry, 2021[16]

Larries' definition of anti-larrie does not distinguish between opposition to shipping Larry and opposition to larrie activities. This may be due to a variety of reasons--a convenient straw man, the presence of many 1D fans who don't approve of RPF shipping, or the fact that larries do not distinguish between shipping (enjoying the dynamic between characters and creating or consuming sexual or romantic fanworks about them) and what is known in other fandoms as tinhatting (believing that their ship is real). The anti-larrie blogs of tumblr have tried to correct this misunderstanding, but larries do not appear to have heard the message[17]. For example, in answering an anon ask about why people set up anti-larry blogs, the-counter-narrative wrote:

I do want to clear up one misunderstanding that you seem to have. Disagreeing with Larrie theories about Larry being real, is not the same thing as being against a ship. In fact, many of us ship Larry. I think you probably have the misconception which is common among Larries that what you are doing is shipping. It is not. It is Tinhatting.

the-counter-narrative, 2015[18]

In practice, some anti-larries ship Larry Stylinson, while others ship other combinations of 1D bandmembers as fictional pairings.

Contrasting Definitions and Fannish Drift

As of 2020 larries seem to have been effective in spreading their definition of "anti" to non-larrie parts of the fandom, at least on Reddit, causing non-larries to refuse to identify with "anti" despite holding similar views as antis on other platforms:


but just because i dont think larry is real, doesnt mean if they were to say it was real i wouldnt support/unstan. i would support 100% and be happy for them if it were to happen (but it wont lol) but yeah like calling me an anti just sounds like i absolutely would not be okay with larry


I feel the EXACT same way! It drives me crazy when people call me an anti- I'm not an anti, I just don't ship Larry


yeah and i feel like most poeole would look at this comment and be like okay well thats being sn anti, but an anti would be like NOT being okay with completely against it- but no thats not it


Exactly. If Louis and Harry announced that they were dating, I would 100% support them, when an anti wouldn't. But, I also don't believe the conspiracy theories, and I don't actively ship them because I find it disrespectful[19]

A 2021 r/OneDirection conversation between a larrie and an anti illustrates the problems caused by contrasting definitions:


I'm an antie, but I would [not] assault anyone because of their thoughts or likes, ye know? This fight will never end and will always be the parties pointing at each other[20]


oh okay , but if you dont mind me asking , why are you against the idea of louis and harry possibly being together?[21]


I'm in no way against them being together or them being gay or bi. I just don't think it's true. I don't think they are together now, maybe they were in the early days, but now defenitely not. And again, it's okay if you have a different opinion


oh so you’re a neutral , you probably should start telling people you’re a neutral because they might have the wrong idea


If I was a neutral I wouldn't have an opinion on the matter. I do, I think Larry is not real, that doesn't mean I'm an anti that is 100% against the idea of people thinking they are together. I respect everyone, I just don't agree.

By 2023 some disbelievers on Twitter were wondering what the heck to call themselves:


I call myself neutral because anti sound like I'm against larry being real, which i am not, i simply don't believe it is.[22]


This is me too but I frequently get told that I shouldn't use the word neutral because I'm clearly pretty certain it isn't real. But then if I use the word anti I'm told that I'm hateful and I'm disgusted by the idea of Larry. It's a catch 22.[23]

Tumblr Anti Discussion Topics and Activities

On Tumblr anti-larries often set up blogs specifically devoted to debunking misinformation, writing rebuttals against larrie arguments, and answering anon asks. Another major theme of anti blogs is calling out offensive and harassing behavior of larries, especially the harassment of 1D members' real-life girlfriends and families.

As of 2016, another discussion topic was dissecting how larries maintain their belief in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. According to antis, larries live in an information bubble, reinforcing each other's views and refusing to seek out or trust alternate viewpoints; news about 1D is believed to the extent that it supports their conclusions and disregarded when it contradicts Larry.

In early 2017, antis were still going strong, again focusing on larries' worst behavior on social media, especially toward the mother of Louis's baby.[24] larriearchive was created to document "cyberbullying" and other larrie posts considered extreme.

As of early 2022, some anti-larrie blogs are still active, though some blogs have become dormant or were deleted.

Boycotts and Challenge Rules

Starting in 2016-2017, likely in response to the fallout from larries' belief that Louis' son wasn't real, another discussion topic was the idea of actively boycotting or excluding larries from fandom, including blocking and not reblogging non-tinhatting fannish content posted by larries and preventing them from participating in fandom challenges.

In December 2016, the tumblr account biglarrieboycott was created after back-to-louis proposed a general boycott on reblogging non-tinhat fannish content from larrie blogs or participating in larrie-run events, arguing that "It is the distribution of 'neutral', non shipping posts by these folks that enables the toxic mindsets that lead to mistrust of everything in these mens’ lives to proliferate throughout fandom, and it damaged all of us and our perception of the boys in increments every day for years."[25] The instigating incident was a larrie-run charity drive in honor of Louis's mother after her death from cancer. back-to-louis and other anti-larries said they were angry first because larries had been harassing Louis' mother for publicly expressing love for her grandson, whom the larries didn't believe was real, and second because of gross responses to her death by larries.[26][27][28][29] (Both larries and antis accused the other side of making her death about Larry.) back-to-louis argued that larries needed to be starved of attention because "What they believe right now is that most people just don’t care about what they do because sure, they get some pushback when they tinhat, but they get most of their notes not from gross larrie speculation but from their cute text posts or their talented graphics."[30] The big larrie boycott list contains 118 names as of 2022.[31]

yessoupy started a related list in March 2017 for fans who wanted to avoid reading AO3 fic by 1D tinhats (larries or ziams)[32] and in the following month made a similar list of 1d_bigbang fics written by larries[33].

It is unclear what impact the biglarrieboycott list had on the wider fandom, but it may have influenced the development of rules excluding larries from challenges and the creation of new challenges by larries in response.

On March 28, 2017, 1D Married in Vegas Fanwork Fest announced it would "not reblog contributions by tumblr users who tinhat Larry Stylinson."[34] When asked if Houies (fans who think H/L used to be together) were allowed, the mods said yes and further clarified that "We just don’t want to elevate the voices of people who promote disrespectful and toxic behavior toward Louis and his loved ones."[35] The Married in Vegas fest was ultimately unsuccessful (only two works appear in the AO3 collection), but its rules attracted the attention of larries. On March 29, kingsofeverything declared that antis were "a bunch of assholes" and contrasted their behavior with larries, who she described as "inclusive. we may not agree with you or believe what you believe, but we’re not going to tell you that you can’t participate in a fic exchange or fest."[36] kingsofeverything created a larrie-friendly version of the challenge on the same day: Larried in Vegas (AO3 collection) and larriedinvegasficfest (tumblr account). Despite the name, the collection was open to all ships; as of 2022, 8 works are posted, 7 of which are tagged Harry/Louis.[37]

In October 2017, yessoupy published an anon ask on her Shit Larries Say blog:

all the projects and fanfic fests are run by larries and no one outside of larriedom seems interested in starting projects either. I'm pretty sure the new mods of Big Bang are larries. I can count on one hand nonlarries who put in any effort to get fun fandom projects started. Complaining about larrie run projects but putting in zero effort to create safe and respectful projects of our own is a problem.[38]

Shit Larries Say replied encouraging people to start their own challenges that excluded larries. anti-larries then asked the mods of 1d bigbang what their stance on tinhats was. The mods' response managed to antagonize both larries and anti-larries, who made alternative big bangs with contrasting rules (see New One Direction Big Bang and The 1D Collab), which may have hastened the end of 1d bigbang.

In 2018 1D Back For You Collab, a tiny WIP challenge run by a Niall fan, as well as One Direction Fic Exchange, an even tinier exchange run by yessoupy, both excluded tinhats.

Twitter Anti Activities

Although some of the self-identified 2010s tumblr antis have/had twitter accounts, a lot of other fans appear to label themselves as "antis" on twitter, especially in the 2020s. Some of the 2020s antis seem to use the label to indicate a sort of cultural affiliation and may not want contact with larries at all[39][40], though the many tweets from larries confused over why antis are engaging with them instead of staying on their own "side" indicate that the "argues with larries" type of anti still exists.[41][42][43]


Larries started the trending hashtag #LarriesAreHot on November 9, 2020, so other fans started another hashtag in response, #AntisAreHotter. Many tweets in both hashtags were in Spanish or Portuguese, with a large Italian presence in just #LarriesAreHot. Some fans posted selfies, while others posted comments. Some people posted in multiple hashtags at once, some argued that #AntisAreHot was a better hashtag, some people argued that everyone was hot, and some people argued that people were being extremely immature.[44][45] [46][47][48][49][50][51][52]


On March 7, 2021, #AbolishLarries2021 trended on Twitter (number 38 according to and was attributed to anti-larries. However, it may have trended because so many larries tweeted it or because it was started by a Marvel fan. The hashtag was started by @capsyeIena, a suspended account who appears to be anti-RPF.[53][54]

Other Fans' Views

A lot of other fans, larries and non-larries, think that antis are wasting their time trying to change larries' minds. In a 2016 tumblr discussion between antis, springstylers said, "Some people ask me why I do it because they think it’s hopeless and I’m just looking for trouble but like you said I can’t let them get away with that behavior."[55]

Larries have characterized antis' behavior as weird and obsessive, asking why antis spend all of their time trying to argue with larries instead of just enjoying One Direction. (Tumblr anti-larries argue that these are just their side blogs and they do spend more time on other things.) Many larries made fun of anti-larries' debunks as unconvincing and illogical, or insisted that antis were trying to debunk arguments larries never made, or argued that antis were trying to debunk ship-related content that wasn't intended as a proof. (Anti-larries have often complained that larries misrepresent anti arguments.) A problem with larries' and anti-larries' characterization of one another is that both groups are poorly defined and contain a diverse array of opinions, but each side tends to assume the weakest arguments and worst behavior they are exposed to is representative of the other side as a whole.

Many larries think that anti-larries are homophobic and hate larries for believing that Harry and Louis are gay.[56] (Some anti-larries have complained that it's especially annoying to be mislabeled as homophobic when they are LGBTQ+.) For example, lornasaurusrex blogged in 2021:

Anyone who calls themselves an anti makes a majority of their fandom experience based on hating a ‘ship’ which makes them all kind of extremists and I’d bet about 80% or more of those people are definitely pressed and uncomfortable because they can’t stand the idea of them being gay because it shatters their lil fantasy which is why they’re so obsessed with Deadbeat Dad Shitty Boyfriend Louis and Hetty Haddy Bi King Cunnilingus Carl.[57]

In 2016 an ex-larrie recalled,

I remember being told over and over again, countless times, that all antis are het girls who are just homophobic. I was told that being an anti meant that you fight against anyone that would think Louis/Harry are gay because gays are wrong.[58]

2013 example of the Larry vs. Elounor ship war; may explain why larries assume anti-larries are bullies

In addition, larries often see antis' uninvited attempts to argue with them as bullying and harassment. Certainly anti-larries and other non-larries, including 1D fans who don't like RPF or shipping, have made fun of larry theories on social media. Larries feel that many tumblr blogs exist to mock them, such as anticonspiracist, zot3-flopped, and niamflopped. Anyone ridiculing larries could be seen as an anti-larry blog, though as such they are engaging in a different activity from the debunking blogs (see for example larrieparody). Many non-larries have been outspoken in their anger toward or disgust with larries. However, many anti-larries criticize what they see as yet another attempt on the part of larries to demonize the opposition.

Big larries have blocked anti-larrie blogs so that antis cannot reblog their posts. Anti-larries believe that big larries do this to control their followers' access to information, so that other larries won't be exposed to visible counter-arguments in the reblogs. (Larries see this as an example of conspiratorial thinking on the part of anti-larries.[4] See Big Larrie#Controversy for how a 2015 incident may have influenced anti-larries to assume that big larries coordinate.) At least one big larrie countered by saying that it was for her own peace of mind to curate her fandom experience.[59] In the 2022 book Everything I Need I Get From You, author Kaitlin Tiffany conducted interviews of ex-Larries, which confirmed that they felt their access to information was restricted when they were Larries.[60]

In a February 2016 tumblr reblog, lrambling commented that the vast majority of the fandom probably didn't pay any attention to either anti-larries or larries.[61]

Academic Usage

Bethan Jones's 2016 book chapter on 1D fans[62] uses the term "anti-Larry" to mean fans opposed to shipping Harry/Louis, though her definitions of shipping, tinhatting, and Larry Stylinson are muddled throughout. This is probably an independent coinage; Jones applies previous fan studies scholarship on anti-fandom in comparing negative media responses to 1D fans to intra-fandom responses to Larry shippers. Jones' description of 1D fandom appears to include all of the active fanbase on twitter, including fans who don't like RPF.


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