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Synonyms: anti-larry, anti, het girl
See also: larrie, big larrie, tinhat
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An anti-larrie is a One Direction fan who publicly disagrees with larries and the conspiracy theory that Larry is real (i.e. that bandmembers Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in a secret relationship and are contractually obligated by their management to stay in the closet). Anti-larries tend to be RPF fans.

Larries often refer to anti-larries as antis,[1] and others have adopted it, which has caused confusion in pan-fandom discussions where the most common meaning of anti is anti-shipper.[2] According to tumblr user shit-larries-say, larries include all non Larry believers in their definition of anti.[3]

Anti-larrie blogs tend to have names like whylarryisntreal and debunklarry.

Some anti-larries are former larries.

Discussion Topics

Anti-larries often set up tumblrs specifically devoted to debunking misinformation, writing rebuttals against larrie arguments, and answering anon asks (many of them from larries). Another major theme of anti blogs is calling out offensive and harassing behavior of larries, especially the harassment of 1D members' real-life girlfriends and families.

As of 2016, another discussion topic was dissecting how larries maintain their belief in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. According to antis, larries live in an information bubble, reinforcing each other's views and refusing to seek out or trust alternate viewpoints; news about 1D is believed to the extent that it supports their conclusions and disbelieved to the extent that it contradicts Larry.

In early 2017, antis were still going strong, again focusing on larries' worst behavior on social media, especially toward the mother of Louis's baby.[4] larriearchive was created to document "cyberbullying" and other larrie posts considered extreme.


The designations anti-larrie and anti-larry are ambiguous, suggesting opposition to the ship. This ambiguity is consistent with other larrie terms such as het girl and their usage of shipping as synonymous with tinhatting.[5] The term is also very similar to the tumblr term anti-shippers, also called antis, that refers to people who hate a ship. (It is not clear which term came first.)

In practice, anti-larries may or may not ship Larry Stylinson or any other combination of 1D bandmembers as fictional pairings. However, many larries equate being against the conspiracy theory with being against the ship. For example, in answering an anon ask about why people set up anti-larry blogs, the-counter-narrative wrote:

I do want to clear up one misunderstanding that you seem to have. Disagreeing with Larrie theories about Larry being real, is not the same thing as being against a ship. In fact, many of us ship Larry. I think you probably have the misconception which is common among Larries that what you are doing is shipping. It is not. It is Tinhatting.[6]

Other Fans' Views

A lot of other fans, larries and non-larries, think that antis are wasting their time trying to change larries' minds.[7]

An ex larrie recalls,

I remember being told over and over again, countless times, that all antis are het girls who are just homophobic. I was told that being an anti meant that you fight against anyone that would think Louis/Harry are gay because gays are wrong.[8]
2013 example of the Larry vs. Elounor ship war; may explain why larries assume anti-larries are bullies

In addition, larries often see antis' attempts to argue with them as bullying and harassment. Certainly non-larries, probably including anti-larries, have made fun of larry theories on social media. Anyone ridiculing larries could be seen as an anti-larry blog, though as such they are engaging in a different activity from the debunking blogs (see for example larrieparody). Many non-larries have been outspoken in their anger toward or disgust with larries. However, many anti-larries criticize what they see as yet another attempt on the part of larries to demonize the opposition.

Larries have also characterized antis' behavior as weird and obsessive since they appear to devote a large chunk of their free time to a community that they don't like.

Big larries have blocked anti-larrie blogs so that antis cannot reblog their posts. Anti-larries claim that big larries do this to control their followers' access to information, so that other larries won't be exposed to visible counter-arguments in the reblogs; at least one big larrie countered by claiming that it was for her own peace of mind.[9]

In a February 2016 tumblr reblog, lrambling commented that the vast majority of the fandom probably didn't pay any attention to either anti-larries or larries.[10]

Academic Usage

Bethan Jones's 2016 book chapter on 1D fans[11] uses the term "anti-Larry" to mean fans opposed to shipping Harry/Louis, though her definitions of shipping, tinhatting, and Larry Stylinson are muddled throughout. This is probably an independent coinage; Jones applies previous fan studies scholarship on anti-fandom in comparing negative media responses to 1D fans to intra-fandom responses to Larry shippers. Jones' description of 1D fandom appears to include all of the active fanbase on twitter, including fans who don't like RPF.


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