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Fan Theory
Fan Theory: Babygate
Synonyms: Baby Gate, BG. *** **, end it
Fandom(s): One Direction
Dates: (July 2015 -)
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Babygate is a term used by One Direction fans to describe the events, fan theories and controversies relating to Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth having a son together.

People who believe Babygate is a conspiracy, usually because they believe Larry is Real, dispute one or several of the following aspects: that Louis is the boy's father, that Briana is the boy's mother, that Briana and Louis ever had sex, or that Briana was ever pregnant.


In July 2015, the news broke via an unnamed source in People Magazine that Louis Tomlinson was expecting a child with Briana Jungwirth, a relative unknown in the fandom.[1][2]

The lack of immediate official confirmation from the band or its entourage left a vacuum for fans to fill with theories.

On July 19, Simon Cowell confirmed the news to The Sun.[3]

On August 4, 2015, Louis officially confirmed the news during a Good Morning America live interview.

The child was born in January 2016.[4]

Fan Reaction

The article announcing the pregnancy was a cause of outrage among Larries who viewed it as a ploy by Management to disprove and/or cover up the Larry Is Real theory. Those fans came up with a multitude of theories to show that the baby was not Louis', for example the fact that the article came out before the end of the mother's first trimester, as if the two had chosen to announce the news themselves.[5]

Numerous pieces were written in mainstream media outlets about the outcry and ensuing conspiracy theories.[6][7]

Before the news was confirmed, some Larry tinhats declared their intention to unstan if the baby was real.[note 1] However, the nature of tinhatting means that all confirmations - Louis' own confirmation, Simon Cowell's confirmation, pictures of the pregnant mother etc. - can be dismissed as "not real enough" by a motivated-enough believer, allowing them to safely continue believing:

Anonymous asked: Are u gonna unstan if Simon "confirms"

No. I said I would unstan and let Louis have the privacy of his chosen closet if LOUIS HIMSELF stopped actively shading stunts and acting out against his closet indicating that he wanted it.

Tweeting lyrics from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack (a film depicting a pregnancy where everyone assumes one guy is the father when HE’S NOT) AND tossing a baby doll whilst saying “It’s not real” isn’t exactly him complying with his closet. In fact, I’d call that the exact opposite. [...]

diggingandfluff, July 18, 2015[8]

Once the baby was born, some Larries became determined to prove by any means necessary that Babygate was manufactured. One such fan posted a copy of the baby's birth certificate on her tumblr and described driving three hours to get it from the county clerk's office.[9]

Non-Larry fans were critical of these actions:

Imagine driving long distances in order to obtain this copy. Imagine posting it online and prefacing with “I am a pretty lowkey Larrie”. Imagine the reach and desperation that takes to do that. That isn’t lowkey. That is sad and frankly frightening. That’s called stalking. I’m not a parent so I can’t purport to understand, but I think if I did have a child and someone decided that it was okay to obtain my child’s records and post it online for the world to speculate over and laugh at and ridicule, I’d be pissed off and scared. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to seek this information out. People who do ought to be ashamed of themselves.[10]

Other Larries launched a smear campaign against Briana that included claiming she appeared in a sex tape and then tweeting one of Louis' younger sisters with screenshots of the porn in question.[11]

Larries didn’t just tweet Louis’s 15 year old sister about a porn tape they wished belonged to Briana, they even sent her screencaps of this tape. Sending minors sexual images is a sex crime. I’ve reported the specific tweets to twitter, but if anyone knows if there are other possible authorities this can be reported to, please share.[11]

Some Larries accepted the fact that Louis had a baby,[12] but plenty more came up with alternate theories as to how the baby and pregnancy could be a PR stunt.[13] Many tinhats say that until Louis takes a paternity test they refuse to believe Louis is the father.

As narryhadalittleliam put it:

Babygate is the last desperate attempt by Larries to hold onto over five years worth of conspiracy theories, because they have a driving need to keep the faith, lest they admit that they’ve spent over half a decade stalking, harassing, and abusing dozens of people in the name of something that turned out to never have been real in the first place. It would mean that they’re the villains, not Modest!, and they don’t want to face that fact.[14]

As of Oct 2021, a search for "Babygate" on Twitter yielded recent results from people who still believed that Louis' child wasn't his.[15]

Babygate Theories

For those who believe part or all of the story to be fake, there are many variations on the Babygate theory, such as:

  • The pregnancy was entirely faked as a PR stunt[16]
  • Briana was pregnant but someone other than Louis was the father[citation needed]
  • Briana is a gold-digger[citation needed] (a theory which calls to mind the frequent Character Bashing of women in fandom)
  • Louis and Harry had a child with Briana as a surrogate[citation needed]
  • Louis was the victim of a PR stunt to cover up his sexuality[citation needed]
  • Louis was the victim of a PR stunt to "raise his profile" as a precursor to the reveal of Larry being real, a theory that involved Management creating and spreading mpreg manips of Harry to seed the idea of Larry[17]
  • the baby in photos was a silicone Reborn doll.[18]
  • pictures of the baby with Louis were photoshopped.[19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27]
  • the baby was a child actor hired by Modest, the band's management company[citation needed]
  • Brianna's cousin Tammi was the real mother and Tammi's husband Brett the real father[citation needed]
  • the baby's birth certificate was a fake[citation needed]


To support these various theories, arguments analysed the content of social media posts by the band, Briana and her family and various people who worked for the band,[28] the behaviour of the band on stage during concerts,[29][30] the costumes of Rainbow Bondage Bear, the length of Louis' hair in pictures,[31] and much more.

Many masterposts were compiled.[32][33]


In 2022, twopoppies, a larrie, contrasted her current views on Babygate with what larries believed in 2015/2016. Twopoppies assumes that Babygate is a PR stunt and that Louis is not the father:

When it very first started, it seemed as though Harry (and Louis) had been on the verge of coming out. At the time, many people assumed the “scandal” would be short-lived and was to raise Louis’ profile in the press for when that happened. In retrospect, that was clearly wrong. Something along those lines might have been what Louis was told in order for him to agree to it, though. There was never meant to be any benefit to him, though. IMO, it was always meant as a punishment and as a method of breaking the fandom (and breaking Harry and Louis).[34]

Notes and References


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