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Synonyms: management
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1DHQ is a term used in One Direction fandom to indicate whoever is in charge of the band or in charge of making 1D-related decisions without having to be more specific (for example, their PR management company Modest! or their record label Syco or Simon Cowell). The term is useful because it is not always clear to the average fan how responsibility for the various business and creative aspects of 1D is delegated. However, the term is most often used by larries, who believe that bandmembers Harry and Louis are being forcibly closeted by... 1DHQ.


Criticism by Fandom

Shit Larries Say has devoted several episodes of its youtube series and podcast to debunking the theories surrounding 1DHQ's omnipotence in the lives of One Direction (particularly Harry and Louis), and tying conspiracy theories about 1DHQ to the antisemitic roots of "big media" and "____ control the media" conspiracism. Their video Antisemitism in Conspiracy Theories: Explained, specifically pertaining to Larries and other fannish conspiracy theory, talks directly about the harm of the 1DHQ conspiracy theories about bad contracts, forced closeting contracts, micromanagement of everyday life for Harry and/or Louis, and other canards that Larries use to bolster their claims.