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Synonyms: PR stunt
See also: Larry is real, Big Gay War, 1DHQ
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In One Direction fandom, stunt is a term that larries use to label any public action or event that they believe is a publicity stunt and not a genuine candid moment. In practice, anything that Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson does that contradicts larries' belief that the two are in a secret gay relationship will probably be labeled a stunt. Some larries believe that some stunts were actually set up as punishments.[1]

Examples of Stunts

Note that not all larries necessarily agree on everything that has been theorized to be a stunt.[2]

  • Babygate
  • Louis's girlfriend Eleanor being attacked at the LA airport and Louis being arrested for defending her in 2017[3]
  • the photos of Louis and/or Eleanor with their dogs[4]
  • Zayn leaving One Direction, Zayn breaking up with Perrie[5]
  • Haylor
  • all of One Direction's girlfriends

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Fan Reactions

Larry fan reactions on Twitter and Tumblr explode around stunts.

Anonymous asked: What do you think will happen related to the haylor stunt once they're out? I'm curious because I'm kind of outraged by how much Taylor exploited the stunt of a "relationship" they had.[6]
Anonymous asked: I know there's no baby and it's all a stunt I'm just worried about how much this is going to compromise Louis' future :/ do you think this is going to end up fine eventually?[7]


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