Big Gay War

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Synonyms: BGW?
See also: stunt, larrie, Larry is real, Rainbow Bondage Bear, tinhatting
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Big Gay War is a term used by One Direction fans who believe that bandmembers Harry and Louis are in a secret gay relationship (larries). The term may have been coined in 2014 by lornasaurusrex:

I made this original post (read it first if you aren’t familiar with it!) at the beginning of the WWA tour, it was when we really started seeing the Big Gay War. I kind of coined the term and this post went around and the term started sticking with people.

lornasaurusrex, 2014[1]

Original post: Time for a rage post: Big Gay War by lornasaurusrex[2]

The term refers to the idea that Harry and Louis are "fighting their closet". Suspected combatants appear to include 1D members, Simon Cowell, and Modest Management. Confirmed combatants include: larries.

Presumably, the Big Gay War will end when Harry and Louis CO (come out). Larries frequently speculate that various newsmedia articles are examples of "seeding" to prepare 1D fandom for the big CO.


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