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Synonyms: Larry Is Real, Tinhat, dark larrie, truther
See also: anti-larrie, big larrie, het girl, stunt, Rainbow Bondage Bear, Big Gay War, Rainbow Direction
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A larrie is a One Direction fan who believes that bandmembers Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in a secret relationship and are contractually obligated by their management to stay in the closet. Larries are a subset of Larry shippers, fans who ship the two singers with the ship name Larry Stylinson. (There is some confusion over the term, as self-identified larries are more likely to use larrie as synonymous with Larry shipper, while non-larrie Larry shippers are adamant that there is a distinction.) See Larry is real for more.

As of 2016, the term larrie is the generally accepted term in 1D fandom for these believers; both the fans in question and their detractors use the term. It is not clear when the term became popular, although it was some time after the Larry conspiracy theory developed. During a 2016 tumblr discussion between anti-larries someone suggested that it started 28 October 2014 after Harry made a jokey "larents" tweet in reply to someone's typo.[1] A look at the Tumblr #larries tag confirms that the tag took off around that time, although someone was asking as early as September 23 whether larrie was now the official term[2]. Larries investigating this question also concluded that larries adopted the term around September/October 2014, though it was suggested that anti-larries used the term first.[3]

Meanwhile, since the beginning, many non-larrie 1D fans have used the traditional fannish term tinhat to describe larries. Some hardcore Larries have argued that the term "tinhat" is offensive[4][5], though few people take this claim seriously. See Het Girl.

Dark larrie

Dark larrie is a term with multiple meanings. It may have started as a joke among larries after someone sent a tumblr ask calling larries "dark larries." Initially it meant an evil larrie (Dark Larrie as in Dark Lord or Dark Harry), but evolved to mean a secret larrie. In this sense, Liam Payne, Nick Grimshaw, and others have been called dark larries.

Confused fans asking about the definition of the term have also been told that it means a hardcore larrie overly obsessed with the minutia of the conspiracy theories.[6] In other words, "dark larrie" and "larrie" are synonyms.[7][8]

A demon larrie is an extreme dark larrie.

Chill larrie

A chill larrie is the opposite of a dark larrie, i.e. a larrie who isn't hardcore obsessed. Since this is more or less a contradiction in terms, "chill larrie" doesn't really mean anything.

A meaningful distinction between "chill" vs. "dark" larrie is whether or not they post Larry-related comments on public social media posts by 1D friends and relatives. Theoretically, a chill larrie is one who doesn't post death threats against the real-life girlfriends. However, it is unknown whether all self-described chill larries do restrain themselves in this way. One fan remarked, "'I’m a chill larrie' is the 'not all men' of this fandom."[9]

Big larrie

A big larrie is a larrie blog with a lot of followers. See Big Larrie.

Weak larrie

A weak larrie is a larrie who has doubts about whether or not Larry is real.[10]

Ex larrie

An ex larrie is a person who used to be a larrie, but then stopped believing Larry was real. Some ex larries become anti-larries or set up support groups[11].


A houie (a later term derivative of the alternate smooshname "Houis") is a shipper who believes Harry/Louis were in a relationship or had feelings for each other previously but aren't/don't anymore, possibly because of self-closeting by Louis.[12][13][14] The term and its definition appear to be used by larries derogatorily more often than they are used as self-descriptors by "houies".[15][16]


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