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Event: Rainbow Direction
Participants: takemehomefromnarnia
Date(s): 2014-
Type: campaign/project
Fandom: One Direction
URL: http://takemehomefromnarnia.tumblr.com/
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Rainbow Direction is an LGBTQ+ One Direction fan project. It was started by thisiskatsblog, dieinthewinter, and ellistheelephant and is a project of the activist fan group takemehomefromnarnia (founded by Kat). The project is very controversial in some parts of the fandom.

The Rainbow Direction mission statement reads as follows:

We want all fans to feel safe, welcome, and supported. The One Direction fandom can often be unwelcoming to LGBTQIA+ fans. At TakeMeHomeFromNarnia we want to change that. We want to speak out to show support, and stand up proudly to make ourselves known. Because we aren’t just one in a million! We want to show who we are and how much support there is for the LGBTQIA+ members of our community, all around the globe.[1]

Before Rainbow Direction

The takemehomefromnarnia tumblr account was started a year before the Rainbow Direction project, but their earlier efforts did not get the same amount of attention from 1D fandom at large. An early campaign was called "Real Eyes Realize Real Lies".[2]

takemehomefromnarnia's 2013 mission statement is more industry-focused than the RD statement:

The entertainment industry is a very homophobic place, reigned by the fear that an LGBT celebrity will not sell as a leading romantic role/the face of a band/etc. Too many people in the entertainment industry are closeted, willingly, or unwillingly, for fear of homophobic backlash from fans and media. Indeed, too many media reports on the industry treat being gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/… as a scandal to be exploited.

These practices are extremely harmful, not only to the celebrities involved, but also to their, often very young, fans who are members of the LGBT community. Through closeting, public outing against one’s will and reporting in the sphere of scandal, a message is being spread that being gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/… is wrong, shameful, something best hidden.

All of these practices rest on the presumption that the market for this industry itself is homophobic. And this is where we come in.[3]

2014-2015 Concert Tour Projects

rainbow badge created for the project, appearing on tumblr and twitter user icons everywhere

Rainbow Direction started as a project for fans attending 1D concerts during the Where We Are tour in 2014 and continued through the 2015 On the Road Again tour. To participate, fans could wear "anything rainbow" and/or carry rainbow signs or flags to their 1D concerts. Suggested banner designs were provided[4] Fans were also encouraged to take pictures and submit them to the takemehomefromnarnia tumblr. In addition, for each concert, Rainbow Directioners might arrange a fan meet-up at the venue or carry out a special project, such as the Rainbow Light project at OTRA Boston tagged #bostonrainbowwave. In November 2014, the project developed rainbow heart "safe spaces for all" badge for fans to add to their user icon on social media as a sign that their blogs are queer-friendly spaces.

The group published some participation rates based on fans who register themselves as participants: for the OTRA tour, the highest number of Rainbow Directioners at a single concert was 307.[5] In August 2015 it was reported that 3000 fans had signed up to participate at some point during the OTRA tour.[6]

It is likely as a result of the Rainbow Direction project that fans threw rainbow flags on stage at several concerts in 2015 and Harry Styles picked them up and ran around waving them. Fanart[7] and gifs[8] commemorating these moments circulate on tumblr.

Post-Band Activity

1D went on hiatus in early 2016, but the takemehomefromnarnia blog has organized or promoted other activities since then. They have blogged about various current events and non-1D-related social justice activism, including participation in some pride events.

In October 2016 they were organizing for a Rainbow Direction showing at Niall Horan's solo tour.[9]

As of April 2017, the tumblr account was making plans for people to bring pride regalia to Harry Styles' solo tour shows[10]; in May the blog reported that the number of fans who had signed up to participate (515) "exceeded the final number of participants for the WWA tour by more than 100 people already!"[11]

In 2018 they have continued to encourage fans to bring rainbow items to concerts by Liam, Harry and Niall.


Takemehomefromnarnia and Rainbow Direction have received criticism from the many fans who perceive the project to be motivated by Larry Stylinson shipping (pairing up characters) or tinhatting (believing that the pairing is true in real life). Many fans have a low tolerance for anything that looks like shipping disguised as activism, and 1D anti-larries have argued that tinhatting as practiced in 1D fandom is homophobic (and therefore counterproductive to queer activism).

The organisation has explicitly denied the shipping claim: "No, TMHFN has nothing to do with Larry."[12] They do have an official "No Shipping" policy which says they are not associated with any ship, to avoid alienating any particular ships because "LGBTQ+ rights are so much more important". Rainbow Direction "does not consider shipping a harmful activity in itself" and welcomes all shippers, but asks members who do ship, to keep their ships separate from the project, which should focus on LGBTQ+ fans only.[12]

However, RD does not speak up about the tinhatting claims, possibly because tinhatting is often considered to be the same thing as shipping in 1D fandom. In any case, detractors of the project think this policy is a sham. They contend that Rainbow Direction was started by Larries (tinhats), the only people who support Rainbow Direction are Larries, and that the entire project is offensive to the queer fans it claims to support.

Was Rainbow Direction started by Larries?

Based on a review of the their personal tumblrs, the founders do, in fact, appear to be Larries.[13][14][15]

Some fans have also pointed to the original 2013 mission statement cited above as evidence of the founders' true motives; although it contains no direct reference to Larry Stylinson, the mission statement touches on themes common in Larrie tinhat theories about why Harry and Louis were forcibly kept in the closet.

An anti-larry blog argued that the No Shipping policy could not reasonably be expected to be followed when the founders wouldn't even follow it:

They might mention their policy yes but what good does it do when they’re tinhatting Larry in their blogs? Do you think people are going to follow the rules if the founders don’t do that? No. There is so much they could do to put certain Larries in order but you know what they do instead. They interact with thos Larries and never point a finger towards their behaviour.... I would rather have no RD at all than have it run by these sort of people. They’re doing constant harm to the community by tinhatting Larry and I don’t want those kind of people running this thing.[16]

Rainbow Direction supporters don't see this argument as relevant since the project's blog states explicitly that its shipping policy does not mean that all shipping is forbidden to its participants and volunteers on their personal blogs.

Many fans participating in Rainbow Direction are also unaware of who the founders are, leading to the question whether the founders being tinhats is relevant to how well the project serves LGBTQ+ fans in the One Direction community.

Are all Rainbow Direction participants Larries?

Some fans, not realizing that the founders are Larries, argue that Rainbow Direction was instead coopted by Larries. Often the only contact that non-Larrie, non-concert-going fans have with Rainbow Direction is via the rainbow badges they see on tumblr and twitter icons. Some fans claim that those rainbow badges are used exclusively by Larry shippers.[17]

Without in-depth research, it would be difficult to establish how large the overlap between Larries and people who use the badge is, and what people's motives are to use the badge or if they are even aware of its official meaning[18]. Larry happens to be the most popular ship in the fandom, so there is always going to be a lot of overlap, and people can ship Larry without subscribing to conspiracy theories. Finally, just like the rest of the fandom, many LBGTQ+ fans ship Larry, and some both believe Larry is real and participate in Rainbow Direction[19].

So the exact relationship between Rainbow Directioners and Larries is difficult to untangle.

For some critics, this ambiguity may be enough to damn the whole project in that it fails to present itself publicly as genuine queer activism instead of shipping. However, the involvement of so many Larries in Rainbow Direction may have had some real consequences beyond public image.

Why does it matter if Rainbow Direction is run by Larries?

One of the reasons that Rainbow Direction looks like a Larry project from the outside is its very premise that homophobia is rampant in 1D fandom and that therefore an antidote is needed. Larries talk a lot about 1D's management and fandom being homophobic:

I think that 1DHQ has done a lot to create a homophobic atmosphere in the fandom, and to make the 1D fandom a highly unwelcoming place for queer fans, out of a desire to keep their brand free of ‘the taint of the gay’. I think that an initiative like rainbow direction is a powerful thing we can do to fight against that.[20]

Others are skeptical about this assessment of the fandom:

I think the thing that I have never understood about this fandom is how larries say “your homophobia is why we need rainbow direction” but yet I haven’t seen a more accepting fandom.[21]

The reason for this disconnect appears to be two-fold: First, real homophobic behavior seems to be more of a problem within Larry fandom specifically. Second, larries seem to have redefined homophobia to mean "disagreeing with me":

Larries taught me that, if you don't ship Larry it means you're homophobic, and if Louis denies being gay it means he's homophobic. And that they don't actually know what homophobia is, and they use it as a crutch for their delusional arguments.[22]

Larries have long claimed that they are supporting LGBT rights through their devotion to Larry.[23] Other fans have argued that forcing people out of the closet is in no way supportive[24] and that much of the Larries' behavior is incredibly homophobic, from relying on gay stereotypes to "prove" that Harry and Louis are gay[25] to harassing an out gay man whose existence they believe disrupts their ship. Larries also claim that arguing against Larry being real is homophobic. By some strange coincidence, Rainbow Directioners likewise accuse people who argue against the project of homophobic bullying.[26][27] Meanwhile, fans have reported bullying by people who display the safe spaces rainbow badge on their accounts.[28]

In September 2015, Liam Payne made some comments about the Larry Stylinson ship in an interview with Attitude magazine that had fandom in an uproar, different parts of fandom for different reasons. In it, Liam indicated that he thought the uptick in rainbow flags at 1D concerts was down to Larries.[29] It is unclear if the band was even aware of the Rainbow Direction campaign specifically, but Rainbow Directioners were outraged that he was dismissing their efforts as a Larry thing. Rainbow flags containing the phrase "Not About Larry" soon appeared.[30] Meanwhile, Larries were outraged that Liam was denying Larry was real. (Still others were outraged that Liam seemed to disapprove of shipping or making explicit fanart as a hobby, though some acknowledged that he had a right to be upset when fans showed him the explicit fanart.)

Liam's interpretation of the rainbow flags is supported by some reports from fans attending concerts:

anyway I went to 3 otra shows and every time I saw tons of people with rainbow painted signs with shit about Larry on it specifically and at one point a huge group walked by with Larry signs chanting “LARRY” through the stadium like it’s them who give ppl a bad name it’s not the people doing it for themselves and other queer ppl but Liam isn’t just pulling this out of his ass these ppl are real and there’s a huge # of them[31]

Many Rainbow Directioners counter these arguments by quoting the No Shipping policy and/or stating that Larries mixing their rainbow signs with their shipping signs should not be counted against Rainbow Direction:

if you’d actually read through rainbow direction’s website you will find NOTHING about any ships within one direction.

especially their non-shipping policy should be interesting to you: “It is our policy that we keep our shipping and our rainbows separate. We want all fans to feel welcome and included, regardless of what they do or don’t ship. More importantly, rainbow signs without a specific mention of a ship extend support to all LGBTQ+ fans and that is what this project is about.” (x)

so if you see any signs with anyting Larry related on it; that’s not rainbow direction and that’s not what rainbow direction stands for.[32][33]

But some queer fans have expressed discomfort over Rainbow Direction's version of queer activism:

It’s seriously annoyingly Larry centric. Like participants only really showing up with rainbows to events that involve Harry or Louis, or only making an effort to show RD signs to Harry/Louis during concerts, often having messages that reference Larry in particular and not so much anyone else in the band, let alone the queer fans they’re supposed to be supporting. No fan-only meetups anywhere up until like a few days ago. There’s also an alarming number of people who fetishize queer people, especially Larry to no one’s surprise. I mean the whole point of Rainbow Direction was to be a safe space for queer fans, and for a long time that felt off to me and, because I’m an idiot, I wasn’t able to figure out why. No matter how nice they seemed to be I just felt out of place until I saw the posts going around pointing this stuff out. And then it all clicked, cause it never felt like a celebration for me and other queer fans. Felt more like bragging rights, tbh.[34]

Or rage:

@larries get the fuck over yourselves. ain’t nobody talking about legitimate support that the boys have given to any nonstraight peoples or organizations. what people’s real problem is - you out here holding up rainbow signs with like that ridiculous tweet from louis on it or ‘all the love, h. x’ with louis somehow written in blood on the letters or some other messed up thing that only shows how your/the boys’ support for marginalized people is to fuel a fire for a fantastical and make believe and HARMFUL cult ideology that you have impressed upon younger fans and the world as a whole, for years.... you get to make a sign and go home feeling cocky. we have to survive in a world of people like you, who think our only value is as a tool in someone else’s hands to serve their own agenda.[35]

However, scrolling through the rainbow direction tag on tumblr reveals a multitude of LGBTQ+ fans expressing joy at seeing pride flags at the concerts or meeting other Rainbow Directioners there. Nothing on the website itself explicitly supports tinhatting[36] Rainbow Direction's anti-bullying stance and its encouragement of LGBTQ+ pride have, in any case, encouraged many queer fans and allies to visibly show their colours and support, which - as many of them report - has been a liberating and empowering experience for them.

So the project and its symbols mean very different things to different people.


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