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My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson. It's mutual, we've discussed it. Although the subtitles on some Tumblr gifs are fictional, Harry really did say this in 2011. Most people took it as a joke; Larry supporters interpreted this and similar statements from Harry as the literal truth.[1]

In One Direction fandom, shippers like to say, usually half-jokingly, that their slash ship "is real". However, an unknown percentage of fans who ship Harry/Louis aka H/L aka Larry really believe it when they say that "Larry is real".

Many Larry shippers on Tumblr and Twitter have combed through massive amounts of publicly available information (everything from interviews to candid photos to song lyrics to tattoos[2] to insider anons) to find evidence that Harry and Louis were and continue to be boyfriends in real life. As the theory goes, One Direction's management company (Modest! Management) has forced them to remain closeted because gay bandmembers would bring down the monetary value of a boyband.

In the early years, before Louis was publicly in a relationship with a woman, thinking they were in a relationship did not contradict what little fandom knew about them. But as more counter-evidence appeared, the secret-boyfriends theory became an increasingly elaborate conspiracy theory. There is a subplot involving Louis's girlfriend Eleanor as not just one beard, but twins or even triplets. The similarities between the relationship narrative constructed by these fans and the story promulgated by the Domlijah tinhats in Lotrips fandom in the early 2000s (minus the triplets) have led to these Larry shippers being called tinhats by other fans.[3]

Another term that is used by both tinhats and others is "Larries" (though "larries" sometimes refers to all H/L shippers, just to make things even more confusing). Larries might label the vocal skeptics "anti-Larries" or "antis" or the less common "hets" or "het girls".[4]

Other 1D ships have attracted some tinhats (see Ziam is real), but Larry dominates the field.[5]

As of early 2016, Larry tinhatting was still going strong, though some continued to predict its imminent collapse. New Larry theories crop up and evolve to absorb and explain new developments in the band, often called stunts. According to the most hardcore of Larries, 2015 stunts include Zayn Malik leaving the band in March, Louis revealing that he was going to be a father in July (see #Baby Gate) and even the band's hiatus, first announced in August.

Visibility and Harassment

Screen Shot 2012-09-16 at 3.34.48 PM.png
the infamous bullshit tweet

1D has been aware of the phenomenon since early on (as early as November 2010) and referenced it in interviews, appearing to find it amusing or at least not be bothered by it.[6][7] Later comments from Louis Tomlinson indicate that he was no longer amused. On September 16, 2012, the verified Twitter account @Louis_Tomlinson tweeted

Still months on reading ridiculous conspiracy theories.It's upsetting that I have to read them daily.Thank god for the lovely people on here".[8]

@skyleridk challenged this with "funny that no matter what happens they will never deny larry", and Tomlinson replied,

@skyleridk Hows this , Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. I'm happy why can't you accept that." [9]

Non-tinhats have speculated that his anger was in response to his girlfriend getting harassed; meanwhile, Larries speculated that the tweet had been written by management.[10]

There have been many instances where shippers have harassed One Direction members and their friends online.[11] See Nick Grimshaw's Relationship with One Direction fandom for some of the details. Larries have also turned their ire on other fans and observers who questioned their claims. When slash fan Aja in her capacity as a journalist wrote an article in 2012 describing the tinhat phenomenon, she was attacked in the comments.[12][13] The publicity rep for One Direction, Simon Jones, tweeted a denial in 2014 and was promptly attacked.[14] Some fans have set up Tumblrs specifically to debunk claims by Larries, and are also faced with abuse.[15] It is not uncommon for Ex-Larries to report that they were harassed by other Larries, both before and after they left the fold.[16][17]

Larries often claim anyone who disagrees with them either is stupid[18] or homophobic or has been hired by Modest! to spout the party line. For this reason, explicit denials of Larry from 1D's friends and family members on social media have not produced the desired results. Some Larries flood 1D-related people's social media with Larry comments[19] and others go farther, making threats and accusations. Why they do this is a matter of some speculation among anti-larries, who often point the finger at big larries for riling up young impressionable followers.

However, since one theme of Larry fandom is that they are "supporting" Harry and Louis and helping them fight the Big Gay War against the contract supposedly keeping them in the closet, Dark larries may be justifying their abusive comments on the social media accounts of supposed Modest! employees (i.e. friends and family) as a way of showing Modest that closeting is unnecessary and counterproductive.[20]

In this context, the heavily-criticized fan project Rainbow Direction, introduced in 2014, may have been started as a more civilized alternative. From the tumblr account that organized Rainbow Direction, in 2013:

This blog was born from the belief that, as fans, through the use of social media, we can show that we are not homophobic but supportive. Not by outing celebrities against their will. Not by waging war on their management and pr companies, But by organizing ourselves, by consistently calling out homophobic statements by media, celebrities and fans, and by educating them on what a tolerant and supportive fanbase looks like. In this way we can slowly but surely tilt the balance in favor of tolerance and support. Amongst the fanbase, at first, in the media, and, ultimately, in the industry itself.[21]

Some Larries are aware that their actions are offensive or even harmful, but believe they are justified anyway. As one says, "Do I support fans sending messages to Briana or Louis family? Of course not. But like they say 'there is no smoke without fire'. We can’t all be wrong…"[22]

Harassment of Larries

Facebook screencap of hate circulating among Larries in 2013

A potentially significant piece of context is often missing from anti-larrie analysis of tinhat behavior. From the time that fans knew Louis was dating Eleanor (2011?), there has been a long ship war between the Larries and Elounor shippers; perhaps not coincidentally, there appears to be a large overlap between anti-larrie blogging and Elounor shipping.[23] Toxic comments may have been flying in both directions. Larries reported being on the receiving end of abuse from Elounor shippers.[24] On the other hand, other parts of fandom (some would say, "the rest of fandom") believe the toxic comments mostly came from Larries.

Sorting out the truth after the fact is difficult when the tale grows in the telling. For example, grandiose claims like many larry shippers have killed themselves because of elounor shippers[25][26] could easily have had their origin in 2013 tumblr posts circulating among Larries like this one showing a screencap of alleged Elounor shippers on Facebook saying Larries should kill themselves[27]. This sense of persecution likely led to increased sensitivity, insularity, and nursing of injuries to the point where Larries might jump to conclusions if anyone so much as disagreed with the idea of Larry being real. Meanwhile, though the screencaps were instantly believable to Larries, other fans, remembering incidents of photoshopping evidence and making up stories whole cloth, were less likely to believe that the reported nastiness actually occurred. And not being believed would tend to feed into Larries' persecution complex.

Other Fans' Views

Some fans try to ignore Larries; others call them delusional or cult-like[28]. (Obviously, Larries are not pleased by these insults, and are less inclined to listen to non-Larries' criticisms as a result.) Some try to make them see reason. However, there do appear to be pockets of fandom that have been casually exposed to parts of the conspiracy theory without either realizing that it was a conspiracy theory or joining the theorists.

Some fans have commented that there is no inherent harm in believing:

Honestly, though, as long as you aren't contacting them about it or doing the 'girlfriends are evil beards!' thing, tinhatting of a relationship that may or may not have happened in the past is fairly harmless? I tend to take the halfway position of 'I don't think they did, necessarily, but I also wouldn't be surprised to find out I was wrong', personally. Because, yeah--they are a bit... well.[29]

Anti-larries have expressed concern about all the harassment toward 1D and argued that this behavior has had negative real-world consequences:

It's hurtful to ignore their wishes and continue to ‘attack’ them with your misbeliefs. If you don’t believe them, at least show them the courtesy and respect they deserve for choosing to live their lives however they see fit. If you want to tinhat, do so privately. Leave the boys, and anyone associated with them, out of it. They don’t like it, Louis especially and for good reason. By his own admission, his friendship with Harry, especially in public and maybe in private, has changed and not for the better.[30] Maybe that’s all due to growing up and finding different interests, but I’m certain tinhatting played a part as well.[31]

Other reasons for being annoyed with Larries are more fandom-centric. Larry shippers who simply enjoy the pairing have expressed annoyance because other parts of fandom assume that they, too, are tinhats.[32] People have complained that Larrie theories require Harry and Louis to be very OOC in fanfic. Furthermore, it is widely believed among non-Larries that Harry and Louis stopped interacting publicly because of the conspiracy theories, thus depriving everyone else in the fandom of cute canon material for their ship. In a 2017 interview with The Sun, Louis Tomlinson somewhat confirmed this:

It kind of happened naturally for me and Harry because a certain amount of the fans drew up this conspiracy. When it first came around I was with Eleanor, and it actually felt a little bit disrespectful to Eleanor, who is my girlfriend now. I’m so protective over things like that, about the people I love. So it created this atmosphere between the two of us where everyone was looking into everything we did. It took away the vibe you get off anyone. It made everything, I think on both fences, a little bit more unapproachable. I think it shows that it was never anything real, if I can use that word.[33][34]

Finally, other fans, including former Larries, are annoyed because they claim Larries ruined their enjoyment of Larry as a ship:

I think I've developed a phobia of the larry ship, I've been feeling so angry and betrayed and guilty and ashamed and disgusted by the shittiness I used to be part of as a larrie, that coming across larry stuff (footage, manips, fic, etc) now just infuriates the fuck out of me. Like, I wish larry had never interacted ever, that larry should never have existed.[35]

Maybe, Definitely, Probably

Although the Larries may look like a mass of crazy to many in the fandom, there is a range of opinion regarding the likelihood of Larry being real (and at what point they were together and whether they are still together[36]). Plenty of fans take the idea of Larry being real seriously without harassing anybody. Furthermore, not all tinhats subscribe to all tinhat theories. Commenting on the Eleanor twin idea, Tumblr user stylinsoncity said,

I think we Larry supporters need to all sit down and have a nice chat and come to an understanding once and for all that there is no Tina Calder. The fact that this is even still a theory stuns me. And truly, when you compile arguments and “proof” supporting the existence of Tina, you make the entire Larry Stylinson fandom look like idiots.[37]

In 2014 Cosmopolitan asked fans about their opinion on Larry for an article on adult fans of 1D. One response represents a common view of Larry as plausible and desirable, but not 100% proven:

I totally ship Larry. After first hearing about their supposed love affair, I sort of went from 'Ha, yeah right,' to 'Well, that would be cute,' to 'OK, I don't think it's real but I see why you might think that,' to 'Man, I really wish that was real,' to 'OK, OK, I think that there's a decent chance that it's real but I'm still not sure but holy shit am I into it.' And it's not the biggest stretch to think that they'd be forced to be closeted — they're money-making machines, and having a gay couple in the mix would change everything. It's a risk the higher-ups surely wouldn't want to take. Believing in 'Larry' is still a conspiracy theory, [but] the fact that someone keeps them apart in light of the rumors — whether it's management or their own choice — is a fact. See, I'm always trying to convince myself.[38]

Larries talk about their convictions in almost religious terms (I believe in Larry), and some have said that the game of "proving" it is just a side show:

The thing about being a “Larrie” to me is that, when you know, you /know/. I have been a part of this since before UAN[39] and I don’t need any further confirmation for it. The conspiracy theories are just as insecure (in my eyes) as the “anti-larries” who are always trying to disprove it.[40]

Baby Gate

The news of Louis fathering a child prompted such an outcry among Larry shippers that numerous pieces were written in mainstream media outlets.[41][42]

Prevalent theories include surrogacy for the Larry baby, a fake pregnancy, a real pregnancy but with someone other than Louis as the father, Louis as the victim of a PR stunt to cover up his sexuality, and/or Louis being coerced by a manipulative gold-digger.

[...] A baby was the most shocking thing they could come up with–the most scandalous, attention-getting item they could run with. But it unfortunately supported a hetero narrative that didn’t jive with the coming out they were going to be pushing in a few short months.

So what to do?

Make this rumor about Larry. Use it to seed Larry. Actually design a Harry mpreg manip that I haven’t seen a single fan take credit for. Actually syndicate the Harry mpreg manip. Make sure every single article mentions Harry as well as Louis, even though it’s supposedly Louis’ baby. [...]

Basically, after all this rambling, this is the conclusion:

They needed to bump up Louis’ celebrity from the D list to the B list. They tried everything they could think of to make it happen. Everything from charity to partying to drugs to dick jokes. It didn’t work. They needed something bigger. There is nothing bigger than a baby scandal.[43]

Some Larry tinhats declared their intention to unstan if the baby was real. However, the nature of tinhatting means that all confirmations - Louis' own confirmation, Simon Cowell's confirmation, pictures of the pregnant mother etc - can be dismissed as "not real enough" by a motivated-enough tinhat, allowing them to safely continue believing. See for example:

Anonymous asked: Are u gonna unstan if Simon "confirms"

No. I said I would unstan and let Louis have the privacy of his chosen closet if LOUIS HIMSELF stopped actively shading stunts and acting out against his closet indicating that he wanted it.

Tweeting lyrics from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack (a film depicting a pregnancy where everyone assumes one guy is the father when HE’S NOT) AND tossing a baby doll whilst saying “It’s not real” isn’t exactly him complying with his closet. In fact, I’d call that the exact opposite. [...][44]

After the baby was born in early 2016, some Larries accepted the fact and moved away from the theories[45], but plenty more came up with alternate theories as to how the baby and pregnacy could be a PR stunt.[46] A popular theory consisted of the baby being a silicone Reborn doll and pictures of the baby with Louis were photoshopped, with extensive analysis[47]. Others thought the baby might have been a child actor hired by Modest. The baby's birth certificate was leaked and it was heavily analyzed as to how it could be a fake. One Larrie posted a copy on her tumblr and described driving six hours to get it from the county clerk's office.[48] Anti-Larries were critical of these actions: "Imagine driving long distances in order to obtain this copy. Imagine posting it online and prefacing with “I am a pretty lowkey Larrie”. Imagine the reach and desperation that takes to do that. That isn’t lowkey. That is sad and frankly frightening. That’s called stalking." [49] One smear campaign included claiming that the mother of the baby appeared in a sex tape, and then tweeting one of Louis' younger sisters with screenshots of the porn in question.[50]

As narryhadalittleliam put it,

Babygate is the last desperate attempt by Larries to hold onto over five years worth of conspiracy theories, because they have a driving need to keep the faith, lest they admit that they’ve spent over half a decade stalking, harassing, and abusing dozens of people in the name of something that turned out to never have been real in the first place. It would mean that they’re the villains, not Modest!, and they don’t want to face that fact.[51]

Larry Fandom Language

The subset of Larry shippers who believe or at least entertain the possibility of Larry being real have developed their own fannish terminology. While some of this vocabulary is also used by other 1D fans (often to discuss Larries), some is not.

A partial list of terms:

  • 1DHQ
  • AIMH tweet
  • anti-larrie or anti
  • BC - birth certificate
  • BG - Babygate
  • Big Gay War
  • big larrie
  • CO - when Larry is slated to Come Out
  • "critical thinking skills" - what larries say they have and everyone else in the fandom lacks
  • GP - general public
  • het girl
  • insider anon
  • larrie
  • OT/NT - Old Team/New Team - theory that 1D hired a new PR team before their contract with Modest! expired
  • "pap walk" - theory that any photographs by paparazzi were staged[2]
  • RBB & SBB or "the bears" - see Rainbow Bondage Bear
  • seeding
  • stunt
  • "warning selfie" - theory that Louis posts a selfie on social media prior to something related to Babygate happening as a "warning" for larries

See also larrie-dictionary on tumblr, started 15 April 2016.

Fannish Resources


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