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The dedicated believers of Larry Is Real have done a great deal of theorizing about Louis and Harry's relationship. Aside from the attention larries have gained outside of Larry fans and fandom as a whole, there is a great deal lore discussed among larries.

Larry Fandom Language

The subset of Larry shippers who believe or at least entertain the possibility of Larry being real have developed their own fannish terminology. While some of this vocabulary is also used by other 1D fans (often to discuss Larries), some is not.

A partial list of terms:

  • 1DHQ
  • AIMH tweet
  • anti-larrie or anti
  • BC - birth certificate
  • The Bee - when Louis confirmed the baby on GMA, he said he was “buzzin”. At the time it became an inside joke among Larries that when bg ends, the fandom will get bees tattooed on them. A couple months later, Harry Styles got a bee tattoo!
  • "buzzin" larrie - a larrie who does not believe in babygate or that Louis is a father[1]
  • BG - Babygate
  • Big Gay War
  • big larrie
  • bullshit tweet
  • CO - when Larry is slated to Come Out
  • "critical thinking skills" - what larries say they have and everyone else in the fandom lacks
  • GP - general public
  • het girl
  • insider anon
  • larrie
  • larry-baiting/larrybaiting/larrie baiting - the idea that if the "clues" aren't intended as genuine evidence of an H/L relationship, then H/L or management are deliberately leading larries on/giving them false hope, possibly with the goal of getting more money from fans. This idea rests on the assumption that Harry and Louis must be familiar with Larry symbols like the bears, green and blue, etc.
  • "neutral" - term that seems to be used by some larries and fans adjacent to larrie spaces, meaning a non-larrie who isn't an anti-larrie but also doesn't have (or won't admit to) an opinion on whether or not Larry Is Real. "Neutral" is a term that was used on twitter in the context of fans who perceived a war between antis and larries and wanted to stay out of it. The term also appears on the subreddit LarryStylinson, a larrie hangout. Larries tend to assume that non-larries who are not anti-larries are "neutral", but depending on the platform, this may not be an accurate assessment.[1]
  • "no stunts larrie" - a true larrie, one who doesn't think any of the stunts are real, including babygate
  • OT/NT - Old Team/New Team - theory that 1D hired a new PR team before their contract with Modest! expired
  • "pap walk" - theory that any photographs by paparazzi were staged[2]
  • "public girlfriend" - term for Harry and Louis' girlfriends, meaning larries think they are beards.[3][4][5]
  • "Rads" or "Rad Louies" or "Radical Louies" - solo Louis stans who hate Harry and may be former larries. (But there are Louis fans on twitter arguing that rads are just Louis solo fans and not Harry haters.) Fail_fandomanon describes them as a larrie splinter group that "claim to be fans of Louis but still believe he's gay, closeted, bearding and faking a son. They just think that Larry broke up, and that Harry 'betrayed' Louis and is actively participating in sabotaging Louis' career to further his own, so he's now their main villain, guilty of as astonishingly convoluted and actively malicious schemes as any that they ever ascribed to 'management'."[6] Meanwhile on twitter: "Rad Louies was invented by a larrie on tumblr to denigrate L fans who cared more about his music than about shipp."[7] According to one tumblr post, the term "rad Louies" was coined by worshippedlove.[8]
  • RBB & SBB or "the bears" - see Rainbow Bondage Bear
  • seeding
  • stunt - anything larries theorize is not genuine, but a PR stunt meant to make Harry and/or Louis look heterosexual.
  • "twarrie" - a larrie who believes in some of what other larries think are pure PR stunts, such as the public girlfriends or Freddie being Louis' son (babygate).[2][3][4] Twarrie is short for twitter larrie and is meant to be derogatory: twitter users who became larries much later than everyone else and are uneducated about larrie theories.[9] According to one twitter user the term came about because "twitter larries used to be the strongest but lately a lot of them have been the weakest compared to insta and tumblr larries"[10] Searching twitter shows that the earliest appearance of the word "twarrie" in a 1D fandom context was in July 2020[11], but the term may have been circulating before that. On Tumblr the twarries tag goes back as far as September 2020, with a tumblr larrie complaining that twarries were calling them a bluegreener.[12] Complaints about twarries appear to be the larrie version of complaints about newbies or an Eternal September-type phenomenon caused by the pandemic bringing in many new fans all at once.
  • "warning selfie" - theory that Louis posts a selfie on social media prior to something related to Babygate happening as a "warning" for larries

See also larrie-dictionary on tumblr, started 15 April 2016.


Your hand fits in mine
Like it’s made just for me

fanart by evenasyoungastheyare (original, 2015), depicting Louis and Harry's rope and anchor tattoos.
Screenshot of larrie predictions for Louis getting a dagger tattoo and their excited reactions when he finally got one. (2014)

Many fans who think that Larry is real believe that a number of the tattoos Harry and Louis got from 2012 onward are couples' tattoos. bulletprooflarry kept a frequently referenced tumblr masterpost called Timeline: Tattoos to Date.[13] daisiesonafield, whose blog includes a number of larrie resources, has a tattoos tag with more masterposts.

The ones referenced most often are the ship and compass [14], rope and anchor, heart and arrow, and rose and dagger[15]. Other complimentary tattoos include Lock and Key and Bird and Birdcage.

One Tumblr user said:

But I kept coming back to the tattoos. No one would permanently ink their skin with such meaningful symbols for just marketing. And please anyone who thinks the tattoos are coincidence needs to relearn the meaning of the word. Forget all the 6, just the 3-ship/compass, anchor/rope and Rose dagger are enough to convince one. Especially if you know the context and timing surrounding these tattoos.

an anonymous submission, posted on Tumblr on 26 Apr 2019. (Accessed 9 Sep 2019)

Non-larries for the most part do not see these tattoos as intentionally complementary, if they are aware of the larrie theories at all. Some anti-larries have proposed alternate explanations for them. See tumblr anti-larrie 1arry-isnt-rea1's masterpost of the Larrie tattoo theories: Complementary/Matching Tattoos (29 Dec 2014). Basically, the argument is that the tattoos are likely coincidences because they were often acquired months or even years apart and are individually very common tattoo themes; since Harry and Louis each have so many tattoos, it's inevitable that some of them could be interpreted as matching. Meanwhile, the argument against the Oops/Hi tattoo theory is that it's pure fanon invented by larries and not complementary at all.[16] In 2020 an anonymous person on fail_fandomanon was especially annoyed at how the Oops/Hi origin story had become common knowledge despite not being based on fact:

This type of fifth-generation echo chamber through channels that are usually reliable, or through "just everyone knowing", because that's the "information" that has overwhelmed any searches, comment sections, twitters, youtube... It's all originally coming from the "real" larries, who managed to have enough momentum to pass that saturation threshold all over the web, and now the new generations coming in come straight to the lies; come FOR the lies; because that's the only game in town. Those teen larries certainly were not there when the tinhatting was born, nor even when the band was together. All they've learned is alternative truth, and they're totally eager and guileless.[17]

This chart is a list of six pairs of tattoos most commonly agreed to be complementary by Larries:

Harry's tattoos Louis' tattoos Why Larries believe they are complementary
Harry has a tattoo that says "Hi" on his forearm. (June, 2012, Unknown Artist) [5] Louis has a tattoo that says "Oops!" and is underlined on his left arm.(November 9, 2012, Freddy Negrete)[6] "Hi" is theorized to be in Louis' handwriting and "Oops!" in Harry's. It is also theorized to be their first words to each other because Harry and Louis met in an X-Factor bathroom and Harry tweeted this on November 30, 2011, ""I'm glad I was stood next to you at the urinals..if I had to get someone's pee splashed on me, I'd much rather have your pee than his pee."
Harry has a ship on his shoulder. (Late December 18 - early December 19, 2012, Freddy Negrete)[7] Louis has a compass pointing to the word "Home" on his arm. (Late December 19, 2012, Freddy Negrete)[8] The prevailing theory among Larries is that they are complementary because a ship needs a compass to guide it home.
Harry got a butterfly on his torso. (January 23, 2013, Liam Sparkes)[9] Louis has an "It is what it is" tattoo on his chest. (March 25, 2013, Liam Sparkes) [10] Someone found a post Liam Sparkes, the artist who made both tattoos had made in January 2011 on flikr. One of the designs had the words "It is what it is" and under that a butterfly. Larries think that these were originally meant to be one tattoo but that Harry and Louis split it and had half tattooed.
Harry has a rose on his arm. (Mid-September, 2013, Unknown Artist)[11] Louis has a dagger. (November 25, 2014, Bondi Ink)[12] The dagger and rose are in the exact same place but on opposite arms. Larries had been theorizing that Louis would get the dagger tattoo for about a year because a rose with a dagger is a common tattoo. It is almost impossible that Louis was unaware that this tattoo would spark Larry rumors but he got it anyways.
Harry has an anchor without a rope on his wrist. (Mid-January, 2014, Unknown Artist)[13] Louis has a rope/infinity symbol on his wrist. (June 24, 2013, a Maryland tattoo shop) [14] The tattoos are on the same wrist but opposite sides just like the rose and dagger. Usually, but not always anchor tattoos have a rope attached because without a rope the anchor is lost when it gets tossed off a ship. The first time after Harry got that tattoo that Louis was seen he was wearing a shirt with an anchor on it [15].
Harry has an anatomical heart on his upper arm. (February 18, 2014, Liam Sparkes) [16] Louis has an arrow across his inner arm. (March 8, 2014, Freddy Negrete) [17] Less than three weeks after Harry got his heart tattoo Louis got the arrow. Larries think that the anatomical heart and arrow were likely one design of an arrow through a heart but spread across two people.

In 2019 Louis Tomlinson did a video for GQ explaining his tattoos.[18] Larries found it suspicious that Louis's explanation for the "Larry" tattoos included phrases like "random," "Have no reasoning behind [them]," and "no meaning behind that one." Due to this the majority of the comment section is filled with Larries saying things like, "Ladies and gentlemen Here is Louis Tomlinson, the best liar you've ever seen," "I didn't know that Harry changed his name to 'No reason,'" "there's only one person that could match this level of avoidance and he has the other half of these tattoos."[19] Tumblr larrie daisiesonafield has a tag called Louis lying about his tattoos for 6 minutes. This post collects some larrie youtube comments.[20]

Songs and Lyrics

Both Harry and Louis have written songs that fans speculate may be about their relationship, including Don't Let Me Go, Something Great, Strong, If I Could Fly, Home, Two Ghosts and Sweet Creature. See bulletprooflarry's brief analysis of songs over time, "Character Development"[21]

1D bandmembers have all made lyric changes during their live shows that fans noticed and commented on. While most fans assume these changes are done as jokes, larries believe that some of the lyric changes made by Harry and Louis may be either Larry-baiting or references to their relationship.

Larries also find it significant that Harry and Louis sometimes sang at each each other onstage, most notably Little Things.[citation needed]

Blue and Green

fanart by evenasyoungastheyare (original, 2018)

The colors blue and green have come to be associated with Louis (blue) and Harry (green) by larries. These are the colors used to identify their microphones, as well as their eye color. Each member of One Direction had a color-coded microphone that was visible in many concert photos and became well-known to fans: red for Liam, yellow for Zayn, green for Harry, blue for Louis, and the Irish flag for Niall.

Larries frequently use blue and green hearts as a symbol for Harry/Louis. After Louis's instagram banned mentioning the word "Larry" in 2016[22], larries would often reply to posts by Louis with blue and green heart emojis. Twitter users still tweet blue and green heart emojis at Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles's accounts as of 2021.[23]

Larries also felt that the blue and green stickers sometimes appearing on Rainbow Bondage Bear were a sign from Larry.

The Bandana Project assigned bandana colors according to 1D's mic colors, with the exception of Niall. Larries kept track of every time Harry wore a blue bandana after the project happened.

Here's an example of a larrie poem about Harry/Louis: when green eyes met blue, Archived version

Bluegreener is a derogatory term for larries who take things too far, aka the kind of person who spams instagram posts by Louis' friends with blue and green hearts. See urban dictionary, Archived version.

An anti-larrie's perspective on the blue/green theory:

If I decided today I would see signs and messages from certain celebrities based on very common colors or symbols, then I would invariably see messages confirming my theory was true. It’s an incredibly easy thing to do which should tell you how meaningless it is. I don’t understand how this blue/green concept was allowed to take off, it would only take a few seconds of thinking about how this applies to Louis/Harry (any couple so obsessed with each other’s eye colors that they’d be wearing them everywhere or sending them as signs to people would be incredibly unhealthy) or to the world at large in how blue/green could be applied to everyone and every celebrity for it to fall apart, yet it’s one of the mainstays of their fandom. It’s really bizarre to me.[24]

Eleanor Twin Theory

A widespread belief among larries is that Eleanor Calder, Louis' real-life girlfriend, is a beard hired by 1D's management. However, one Eleanor theory that gained some traction in 2012-2013, but wasn't adopted by most larries, was the idea that she was a set of twins or triplets who shared the responsibility of being seen in public with Louis. The twin was supposedly named Tina, based on a July 16, 2012, tweet by one of Eleanor's university friends in which they seemed to be addressing her as "Tina" (actually the name of their hamster). The third sister was called Gretchen (why?).

1D fans noticed right away and were referencing "Tina" in reply to Eleanor's twitter account as early as July 17, 2012.[25][26] It is not clear when exactly the theory that she was twins was developed, but there are several references to it in September and October 2012:

  • "@EleanorJCalder eleanor will u teach me to be a beard please? i didn´t know you had a twin i like more tina than u bitch ;)"[27]
  • "@EleanorJCalder oh so who has the darker hair you or Tina? It's hard to tell you beards apart!"[28]
  • "@EleanorJCalder @DanielleHarryxx Congrats omg u met the beard tell me Eleanor or Tina???"[29]

July 2012 also happens to be when the Twin Edits meme became popular on Tumblr, but there's no direct evidence the Eleanor twin theory was inspired by the meme. The Calder Twins tumblr tag goes back to July 2012, and while most of it is about the conspiracy theory, a few of the July 2012 posts are about 1D twin edits.

Tumblr resources:

September 28

Fans wishing Harry and Louis happy anniversary on Twitter in 2021.

Larries believe that Harry and Louis got married on September 28, 2013. The media site Hollywood Life reported on fans' anniversary celebrations in 2015: Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson Married? Fans Celebrate ‘Anniversary’ Of Rumored Nuptials, Archived version. A twitter search reveals that as of September 28, 2021, the tradition of wishing Harry and Louis a happy anniversary has continued ever since, although a casual scroll shows the most activity on the 2015 anniversary date.[30]

In general, the number 28 is considered significant to larries. See for example this 2015 masterpost by ohwaititwasharry, compiling instances where the number was associated with Harry or Louis: The Significance of #28 - Larry Stylinson, Archived version. See also this 2019 masterpost by theystudyrainbows: 28 - a masterpost, Archived version. One of the catalogued instances of "28" is a tattoo on Louis' fingers, but anti-larries have pointed out that he said in interviews that it referred to the number on his jersey given to him by the Doncaster Rovers for a charity match.[31][32] Here is a masterpost by an anti-larrie: 28 is not a Larry number - a masterpost, Archived version.

Hollywood Life explains the origin of speculation about the "Larry wedding" date was due to a September 29, 2013 tweet by Harry quoting a Joni Mitchell lyric: "We don't need no piece of paper from the city hall." Two other tweets seemed to confirm that a wedding took place: one a day earlier by Ed Sheeran about his best friend getting married[18] and Harry's mother, Anne, saying, "Good decision Louis." However, ohwaititwasharry notes that Ed and Anne's tweets were later debunked.


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