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Synonyms: AIMH tweet
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The Always In My Heart tweet, commonly abbreviated to AIMH, is an important symbol in Larry fandom. The original tweet was sent by One Direction bandmember Louis Tomlinson to Harry Styles in October 2011 and reads, "Always in my heart @Harry_Styles . Yours sincerely, Louis". For a long time it was the second-most retweeted tweet on Twitter[1] with 2,112,786 retweets as of 17 April 2016.[2] It was rumored to have been displaced by a chicken nugget tweet in 2017.[3]

The reason for the tweet's popularity is two-fold. First, it is an adorable and shippy tweet, and Harry/Louis is the most popular ship in a very large fandom. Second, Larries consider it to be evidence that Harry and Louis are in a relationship in real life. As such, they have purposefully retweeted it as often as possible to show their support for Harry and Louis. (How this is supportive is unclear to non-larries. Tumblr user lornasaurusrex listed retweeting the AIMH tweet as one of the ways to win the Big Gay War.[4] Perhaps the high retweet count is meant to send a message to the evil management company that their closeting efforts have not been effective, or that people actually like the idea of H/L together; larries have argued that 1DHQ is closeting H/L on the assumption that having gay boybanders would be bad for business.) There was even a campaign at one point to get it to the 2 million mark.[5]

In 2015, fans at a Swedish 1D concert printed the tweet on the back of a Swedish flag[6] and seem to have tricked Harry into picking it up and waving it around during the concert; this moment was caught on video,[7] uploaded to the internet, and giffed.[8] (Whether or not it was meant as a "trick" was hotly debated after the fact. Anti-larries said that the girls who created the flag admitted as such in their original post: "The girls tried to lie their way out of it, but it was right there in their original post. They wanted to trick Harry, because they knew he routinely picked up country flags."[9] In fact Harry picked up a different Swedish flag at the same concert.[10]) Twitter reactions at the time were split between excitement that he waved a larrie flag and comments that of course he picked it up because it looked like a Swedish flag.[11] Larries used the fact that Harry didn't drop it as more evidence that Larry is real. Anti-larrie 1arry-isnt-rea1 wrote a debunk post indicating that Harry did not see the AIMH tweet on the back.[12] Others thought that Harry saw what was on the other side of the flag and his face showed displeasure.[citation needed] His head turns to the side and his brow wrinkles slightly in the video clip circulated, but it's too brief to be certain. Another video shows the flag falling off his shoulders and then him throwing the flag to an audience member. Both sides of the flag are identifiable to the camera (though not necessarily to Harry).[13]

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