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Synonyms: tin hat
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Tinhat is a fannish term for a fan who believes that the people or characters they ship together are really a couple, but are being forced by The Powers That Be to keep their relationship a secret. Tinhats and tinhatting are usually associated with RPF fandoms, but tinhatting in fiction media fandoms (film, television, etc.) also happens. A lot of tinhat theories are based on fantasies of closeted celebrities (usually actors) who are unable to be open about their relationship in their profession. However, tinhatting of different-sex pairings does occur (and predates the term itself).

The term itself is derived from the stereotype of conspiracy theorists and other paranoid people wearing tinfoil hats to protect themselves from telepathic, microwave or radio transmissions by aliens, the government, or both.[note 1]

The term can refer to the stylish accessory or, by metonymy, to the fan who wears it. It can also be used to refer to any fans who deliberately ignore parts of a canon they dislike in order to continue enjoying the media, for example bad writing, questionable relationship choices, etc.


2008 Wincon Tinhat Fashion Parade

The phrase "tinfoil hats" has been widely used in pop culture since at least the 80s, with the characters in Signs wearing them to protect aliens from reading their minds.[1] In general use, the term "tinfoil hats" is used derogatorily towards individuals who believe in wild or outlandish things.[2]

Thus, when the DomLijah tinhatters began to be seen as a problem by others in their fandom, they were referred to as the "tinfoil hat crowd."[3] In April of 2003, cesare asked DL-anon for "a snappy sobriquet for the hardcore tru believas" who claimed that the The Lord of the Rings movie actors Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan were secretly in love.[3] In a thread under the post, Versaphile and phosfate had the following exchange:


I'd suggest "Asshats" but that's really too generic.



Tin asshats?


Tinheads? Tinhats?

This makes me think of the Tin Man from Oz, but he needed a heart, and these people need brains. Scarecrow?

Oo, ohh! Wormtongues! No, that sounds too much like Harry Potter...


My head seems to have adopted 'Tinhats' overnight.

which is the first known usage of "tinhat" in the way this page describes. More recently, however, the term "tinfoil hat" has been truncated to "tinhat" within the popular culture.[4]

General Use of "Tinhat" in Fandom

After Domlijah, the term tinhats was adopted by fans in many fandoms to describe similar conspiracy theorists and believers. The term is more likely to be used by nonbelievers than the fans in question, though it depends[5]. Fans sometimes use the tinhat terminology ironically or self-deprecatingly; when they are squeeing especially loudly over some piece of celebrity gossip or a new leak of an upcoming season, they may type *dons tinhat* or *polishes tinhat*. These fans seldom mean they really believe that their preferred OTP is a couple in real life.

The term is not synonymous with being an RPF shipper, despite many people's misconception that it is, as most RPF shippers of non-canon celebrity pairings do not believe that the ship is real. Many RPF fanfic contain an explicit disclaimer in the header emphasizing that the story is fiction and denying any implication that the writer thinks the people in question are actually a couple. It's actually considered poor etiquette in many RPF fandoms to mention the topic of shipping, in order to preserve the fourth wall, which is why tinhat is often considered a derogatory term. And, independent of the fourth wall, some fans consider the term to be objectionable on the grounds that it is often accompanied by negative perceptions about those suffering from clinical paranoia, persecutory delusions, or anxiety.[6] Others disagree, pointing to tinhats' long history of being used to describe conspiracy theorists and firm believers in non-proven, fictional or far-fetched theories, and is not used to describe mental health difficulties. [7][8]

Much as tinhatting in an RPF fandom often involves the narrative of celebrities being forced to be closeted, tinhatting in fictional media such as TV and film is most often the result of fans buying into queerbaiting subtext and declaring it to be text. This is also true of het pairings where fans will read romantic subtext into relationships between characters and then declare those ships to be real.

Tinhats and the Fourth Wall

The fourth wall is important in any fandom, but it's especially important in RPF fandoms where it's considered taboo to talk about shipping to the people involved. The problem with the Fourth Wall in relation to tinhatting is two-fold: there are some tinhats who make no effort to hide their beliefs or attempts to spread "the truth" and there are creators who make no attempt to hide their derision for fans.

See Tinhats and the Fourth Wall for more.

Examples of Popular Tinhat Ships


RPF Femslash Ships

Fictional Media Femslash Ships


RPF Slash Ships

Fictional Media Slash Ships

  • One of the very first examples of fictional tinhatting is Spirk.[31]
  • John Watson/Sherlock Holmes led to The Johnlock Conspiracy, an entire conspiracy theory about Johnlock becoming canon. Shippers were so convinced that Johnlock would be canon that there was an entire sub-theory about a secret fourth episode where the ship would be made canon.
  • There are many fans who believed Destiel would either become canon or was already canon.[32][33][34][35][36]
  • Enjolras and Grantaire (Enjoltaire) are the subject of much canon vs not debate.[37] Actor George Blagden, who played Grantaire in the 2012 Les Miserables movie, is a huge proponent of the ship.[38] He implied that he played the charecter as if Grantaire was in love with Enjolras and even went so far as to record a cover of "I'll Follow You into the Dark" where the lyrics have been reworked to refer to the ship.
  • Sterek shippers were such tinhatters that people who got into Teen Wolf because of people declaring it to be canon were left sorely disappointed.[39] It was so pervasive that a Daily Dot article was written about the tinhatting.
  • Klance was an early ship that gained traction and had many shippers insisting it would become canon.[40] Those shippers got serious with their tinhatting when they blackmailed the animation studio of Voltron: Legendary Defender and demanded that Klance become canon.[41]
    • Sheith reached this status after season 6 portrayed a series of strong emotional moments between Shiro and Keith, coupled with the staff's ongoing praise for fanworks of the ship and admissions to enjoying the idea of it. Extreme Sheith fans composed meta and evidence master posts detailing why Sheith would be endgame for them both, or why their interactions couldn't be read as anything but romantic. [42][43][44][45][46][47]

Het Ships

RPF Het Ships

Evidently someone thought this May 1996 cover of "Rolling Stone" showing David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in bed was a candid.

Fictional Media Het Ships

  • Korra and Mako (Makorra) were the subject of much tinhatting, including the famous we poppin the BIGGEST bottles post and the Handmaiden and Feudal Lord meme.
    • Their predecessor ship Zutara was the subject of similar tinhatting, especially close to the finale when hints began to drop that both Zuko and Katara would end up with other people.
  • So many people shipped Caitlin Snow and Barry Allen, despite WestAllen being textually endgame, that Snowbarry fans started the Westallen vs. Snowbarry war.
  • The IchiRuki vs IchiHime war had both sides donning their tinhats to prove their ship is real. The IchiRuki side had more severe and documented cases of it, however, even as the manga went on to hint heavily at Ichigo/Orihime and Renji/Rukia. When the manga ended with those two ships canon and more materials came out to cement them, IchiRuki fans sunk deeper into denial as well as anger, including the claim that Kubo originally planned to add "a little romance" for their ship (it was a heavily mistranslated line). [67]

Further Reading

Notes and References


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