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Name: Kurt Hummel
Occupation: student, singing waiter, Vogue.com intern, glee club co-director, actor, jewelry designer
Relationships: Blaine Anderson (husband), Rachel Berry (best friend), Burt Hummel (father), Carol Hudson-Hummel (stepmother), Finn Hudson (stepbrother, deceased)
Fandom: Glee
Kurt Hummel as portrayed by Chris Colfer
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Kurt Hummel is a character on the TV show Glee, played by actor Chris Colfer.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy impulsively created the role of Kurt Hummel just for Colfer, after being impressed by his audition. Colfer's performance as the openly-gay student Kurt Hummel has been generally considered a groundbreaking success, earning the actor Emmy nominations, a Golden Globe, and an entry in the list of Time Magazines 100 people of the year.

Kurt is openly gay, and is the most popular character, as well as one of the ultimate main characters of all 6 seasons of the show. He has the most fanfiction written about him, with 38.9K fics including him on FanFiction.net as of December 2014. The most any other character has written about him or her is Blaine Anderson with 31.6K, and after that it's Rachel with 29.0K - and both of these other characters are in Kurt fics a lot, which is part of why they have so many fics about them. Archive of Our Own also has more fics about Kurt than any other character on Glee, with Kurt getting 13,146 fics about him, and Blaine 10,990 and Rachel 5,083. According to Archive of Our Own, the most popular ship in the Glee fandom is Kurt/Blaine (Klaine). The next most popular Kurt ship is the fifth-most-popular Glee ship overall, and it is Kurt/Sebastian, with 1,016 fics having been written including them. After that is Kurt/Puck, then Kurt/Karofsky. On FanFiction.net, the order is first Klaine, then Kurt/Puck, then Kurt/Karofsky, then Kurt/Sebastian, and on FanFiction.net it's clear that Kurt/Finn follows very close behind in popularity, although many Kurt/Finn fics may actually be just fics about them as non-romantic/non-sexual friends/stepbrothers. Finn became Kurt's stepbrother in season 2, Kurt's best friend on the show in the early seasons was Mercedes but that shifted to being Rachel around season 3.


Common Tropes & Fanon

Popular Ships

  • Kurt/Blaine or "Klaine"
  • Kurtofsky (Kurt/Dave Karofsky)
  • Kurt/Sam or "Kum"
  • Kurt/Elliot or "Kelliot"
  • Kurt/Adam or "Kadam"
  • Kurt/Sebastian or "Kurtbastian"
  • Kurt/Finn or "Kinn"
  • Kurt/Rachel or "Hummelberry"

Kurt is less commonly shipped with other Warblers, other male characters, and rarely, other female characters.


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