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Name: spn_gossip
Date(s): created 19 April 2009
Moderator: angica, anon_con, caffeinepuppet, krabbycow1110, team_sock, troublesock, woolliesock
Type: Livejournal anon meme
Fandom: J2, Supernatural
URL: http://spn_gossip.livejournal.com/

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spn_gossip, also known as Goss, is a J2 Livejournal anon meme that became infamous for rampant tinhatting. The posters seem to be convinced that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are a couple IRL and that the CW marketing department is forcing them to remain closeted and married to their wives.

Some people suspect a portion of the commenters on the meme are trolling the regulars.


To add on to what the other nonnies said, there are layers and layers of WFT to this. They see Sam/Dean as being so incredibly obvious, and that's because J2 couldn't help but show their love to the world via the tv show. So they had to bring Castiel on so that Misha could be a meard so that people would be distracted. But the Wincest shines through anyway.

And because true love [equals] Sam and Dean against the world forever and ever no one else matters, true love outside the show [equals] Jared/Jensen against the world forever and ever no one else matters. So any time either one of them will express even a tiny bit of emotion or caring about another person in their lives, goss riots.

It also goes to really dark places, like when Genevieve got pregnant the first time, and a bunch of them convinced themselves she raped Jared to have the baby. The theories behind all the children are wild and fucked up. They are also convinced a lot of the time that Genevieve is a lesbian and in a relationship with a PR person (named? they call? or maybe her twitter is called?) Chico?. Danneel and Genevieve are evil, evil, evil despite the fact that in this narrative they theoretically are doing a massive favor to Jensen and Jared. Misha is massively evil despite the fact that in this narrative he is theoretically doing a massive favor to Jensen and Jared. The reaction to the many, many kids is all over the place, as you can imagine.

They are all convinced they know exactly how Jared and Jensen have sex, because the two broadcast it publicly to anyone who will listen.

This is a wild ride from 2005 to 2013: https://storify.com/speakthetruth/intro



The general approach of the comm to the J2 relationship:

Jared and Jensen live a life of lies, but only we (hats) can see this farce since the stupid hetties stans will see only what suits them. It's a waste of time trying to convince them to see the reality.

Then the show will end and they will finally cut the bearding cord completely (ie, divorce), having set them up for an independent life, and hopefully they will then live happily ever after, unrestrained by PR, networks, studios, beards, bodyguards, etc.

Some fans appear to be angry at them for not coming out:

There are ways to stay in the closet that would be way more dignified and show some respect for themselves and longtime supernatural fans than the way they're doing it.

These white almost WASPS are mostly cowards who value making money a lot more than being true. When SPN ends and they can live their lives the way they want it in ATX and still have a very comfortable lifestyle while paying alimony for their kids and exes and maybe even legally marry. IT WON'T BE BECAUSE THEY WERE BRAVE. It WILL BE because OTHERS years before and even RIGHT NOW are BRAVE and FIGHT the good fight so these little Texan COWARDS can have these fucking RIGHTS. They ENJOY and REAP other people's HARD WORK.

If you think it's acceptable to take the gossip out of here and attack the Js or their families/friends directly because you can't stand how they live their lives then you support vile behavior.

IN YOUR OPINION it is vile. In the opinion of others, it is called: tit for tat, and people, including the Js and their beards, are responsible for what they do online and in public. And if they are busy lying while making a living off those lies, then the people who are being lied to, are likely at some point going to call them on it.

The wives (or "beards") are not well-liked in the comm:

Poor Jared being married to that insane freak. Gay or no Gay Jensen is a waaaaaaaaay more intelligent, hotter, talented and all round mor superb option. If the best Jared can do is an attention seeking, money grabbing, child pimping, animal hating, fan squabbling,lying cow then lets face it he ain't the angel u make him out to be so quit sittin on the fence and pick a team.

I think it's a cute pic. I don't think he hates Gen, and this is the kinda expression you give a friend when they say smile for the camera.

I disagree with you. Jared hates Genuby. He hates being around her, and he's made that clear many times...but to face the beard on his side, the best way to do this is to fake it. Just because he is smiling next to the beard does not mean he is happy

I remember the days when she was supposedly the good beard because she stayed out of sight... I said back then Gen does her manipulation out of sight. How right I was. Nasty piece of work back then. An even nastier piece of work now.

I don't even give a fuck about canon wincest or J2 being really together anymore, I just want that hag away from Jared. Kick her to the curb.

They appear to be "well-informed" on the Js' sexual habits:

no one knows their sexual dynamics except them and whoever their partner is. All it is is opinions and in my opinion Jared is a bottom because he's got a penchant for really buff men who can easily pin him down and shows of his ass at every opportunity.

I'm sorry, but this is bullshit and it's bullshit every time this subject comes up. Jared is a huge oversharer. HUGE. He just did it at a con with the juice cleanse thing. He tells people crap that they don't want to know all the time. Especially when having drinks….I’ve heard that Jared likes to top when he's had some drinks. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but it's not some big dark secret 'cause he's still got plausible deniability.

There are lots of committed long term gay couples who never have anal sex.

Maybe. But definitely not the Js.

anyone who thinks it’s even a possibility that this couple doesn’t engage in penetrative sex, has not been paying attention to them all these years.

They could get up at ass o'clock in the morning and still wouldn't be able to keep their hands off of each other. How people are blind to that, I'll never know.

These are very heavy muscled man and they can like any other couple really throw themselves on each other. Now if a girl does that with a male partner, he will be able to withstand but you try that with 2 males who are like bulls.

No the injury occurred during the day, the Js weren’t having sex at that time.

ok ,het stan

It often gets weird:

These guys are not subtle. They very much show (in a publicly acceptable way) how they mark their territory all the time. One common way for Jared, is to always have some part of him touching some part of Jensen. Tbh, if it were socially appropriate, I'm sure these guys would have peed on each other many times over the years.

Dissent is discouraged:

I observe and I absorb the information I see coming from the Js and I make my own damn conclusions because I'm not a sheep. What I get from the Js now is that while they live in the same goddamn city they have little to do with each other anymore, they don't go out together anymore, they're never seen together anymore, even their kids are separate now (JJ goes to a different school than Tom and Shep).

Vicious lies, every word. You are clueless and ignorant. You don’t know a goddamn thing about the Js or their relationship. You so called “fans” need to just fuck off.

Jensen would die for Jared. DIE. Would you all? No. Shut up.

They believe the Js and the PR team keep up with the comm:

I've been observing for 13 years now, pretty sure I've got a handle on what they react to. So unless you have something to actually refute my statement, I'll be happy to stand by it, since we've seen time and time again them reacting to stuff on here, usually totally out of context with what else they are doing and as subtle as a proverbial sledgehammer. Not my fault you're not very observant.

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