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Synonyms: quasi-shipper, Fencer
See also: UST, RST, shipper
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The term fence-sitter (also spelled "fence-sitter" and "fence sitter") is generally used for people that can't make a decision or decide on a side on something.[1]

Usages in Fandom

The term usually appears in shipping. While enjoying the relationship of two characters and accept it, but they do not know if this really has a positive effect on the work/story and/or if they want a pairing to be canon. It can also used for people that do not lean toward either side of a debate.

Usage in the X-Files Fandom

It was used in the The X-Files fandom for and by people that were neither shipper nor noromo or couldn't decide on a side. People might lean to one side of the fence so to speak.[2] There was also a mailing list called Shippy Fence Sitters United (SFSU), run by nexisfan.[3]

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