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Name: Viggo Mortensen
Also Known As:
Occupation: artist, actor, poet, photographer, musicians
Medium: film, occasional theatre
Works: The Lord of the Rings, Walk on the Moon, Hidalgo, History of Violence, Eastern Promises, The Road
Official Website(s): No personal page; his publishing company: Perceval Press
Fan Website(s): Viggo-Works, Viggo Fan Base
On Fanlore: Related pages

Viggo Mortensen is an actor. He was born in New York in 1958, but spent much of his childhood in Argentina and some in Denmark. He speaks Spanish and Danish fluently. In April, 2010, he was knighted by the Queen of Denmark.[1] For more information see Wikipedia and IMDB.

Viggo Mortensen played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy of the early 2000s, which brought him fan attention.

Viggo Fandom

Viggo has a large and active fan base, offering him gifts and coming together to donate for causes such as tsunami relief.

Some worry about their Viggo obsession:

When I see Viggo's fearlessness I admire it in him and crave it for myself. The next step is to find a way to cultivate it in myself, because expressing creativity vicariously through adoring or emulating Viggo or anyone else is ultimately not satisfying.[2].

Viggo Fan Sites

Viggo the Sports Fan

Viggo himself is an avid fan of the Argentine San Lorenzo football team, as well as the Montreal Canadiens hockey team and the New York Mets baseball team [3].

In RPS Fanfic

Viggo is one of the main RPS characters in Lotrips fandom. He is most frequently paired with Orlando Bloom [4] and/or Sean Bean.

LiveJournal fic communities


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