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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Signs
Author(s): Southy
Date(s): 4/03/06
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Signs is a Sentinel story by Southy.

The author's notes: "The freedom of the Southy byline was that the stories were written without the restriction of "slash or gen" designations."

Summary: "Jim and a drunken Blair have a serious conversation."

Author's Comments

I’m surprised how well this holds up under multiple re-reads. I’ve always thought that, when it comes to suicide, Blair would want to understand it, because he couldn’t relate. And I think Jim could relate to somebody wanting to kill themselves, even if he’d never reached the point of thinking about it with a pistol in his hand.

I like how this comes across. I know, as a reader, song lyrics are pointless unless the reader knows the song. But when I tried to just pick out certain lines, it seemed to make even less sense. So, I let it be and hoped most readers would have heard the tune before.

I’m proud of this one.[1]


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