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This article is about the American television show. See Leonard McCoy for the Star Trek character.
Name: Bones
Creator: Hart Hanson
Date(s): September 13, 2005 – present
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Official Fox Website
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Bones is a TV series based on the work and life of Kathy Reichs, a forensic anthropologist and the mystery writer who created the character of Dr. Temperance Brennan (aka "Bones"), though the TV show's Brennan is more based on Reichs herself than her work. Forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan, and former Army sniper and cocky (like his belt buckle says) FBI special agent Seeley Booth assemble and develop a team to investigate murders. Most often, there is only rotten flesh or mere bones left to examine.


Brennan is partnered with FBI agent Seeley Booth, and the show also focuses the members of her workplace, the fictional Jeffersonian Institute: Angela, Hodgins, Cam, Zach, and Sweets. As of season four, Zach is no longer a part of the show's regular cast, though his character has made a few guest appearances.

Lab assistants/interns that joined the series after Zack left, they usually rotated episode-to-episode:

Caroline Julian (portrayed by Patricia Belcher) is a U.S. Attorney's prosecutor and a reoccurring character, that often helps Booth and Brennan.


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Many media fans came to Bones by following David Boreanaz, who plays Booth, from BTVS and Angel; the show is also popular with fans of procedurals and fans who like shows with strong female characters (e.g. BTVS, Alias, etc.). Fanfic crossovers are common, especially with the Buffyverse, with crime shows with some forensics element such as NCIS and Criminal Minds, and with Supernatural.

Bones easily--and constantly--passes the Bechdel Test.


The primary het pairing of the fandom is Booth/Brennan, followed by Angela/Hodgins. There is some other het pairings, but they are all mainly rarepairs. There is some femslash pairings, such as Angela/Brennan, Angela/Roxie and Camille/Brennan, but again they are mainly rare. There are some slash pairings such as Seeley/Sweets, Seeley/Hodgins, and Seeley/Zack but again they are rare.

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