Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

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Name: Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
Abbreviation(s): OUATW, OUATIW
Creator: Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Date(s): October 10, 2013 -
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: official website IMDB site
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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is an American fantasy-drama television series that began airing on ABC in October 2013, the show focusing on Alice and Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Canon Overview

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland follows the story of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland. Its the spin-off of Once Upon A Time, and as such, it takes place in the same universe as Once Upon A Time, however it also takes place to a perpetual Victorian London to the The Land Without Magic - where other fictional characters such as Oliver Twist exists. The episodes will take place in present-day Wonderland, with flashbacks to Alice's adventures leading to the present.

The series starts us off in Victorian London, where the present-day Alice is locked inside an asylum after weeks/months/years of disappearing without a trace thanks to her father and the asylum's doctors. They believe she is lying about Wonderland and everything about the world she travels to. At that point in time, she had given up hope and was ready to give up believing in Wonderland due to the Red Queen killing her beloved, Cyrus. However, the Knave of Hearts (aka Will) and the White Rabbit travel to England and convinces her that Cyrus is alive. They then travel back to Wonderland, where Alice sets her mind to find Cyrus with the help of Will. The Red Queen is shown to be current allies with Jafar, who's current goals other than to find Alice and get the three wishes she holds are unclear.

Main Characters

  • Alice - the main protagonist of the show and is trying to find her beloved Cyrus.
  • Knave of Hearts - also known as Will, used to work for the Red Queen before Alice helped him escape his life.
  • The White Rabbit - is a rabbit with the ability to travel worlds and space.
  • The Red Queen - is one of the main antagonists of the show. She allied herself with Jafar.
  • Jafar - is the other main antagonist on the show. He allied himself with the Red Queen due to her powers connection with Wonderland. He holds Cyrus prisoner.
  • Cyrus - Alice's love and an genie.

Connections with OUAT

Due to OUAT in Wonderland being a part of the Once Upon a Time universe, they are going to share a few connections, below is a list.

  • When we first meet the Knave of Hearts, he is shown to be in Storybrooke and he briefly knocks into Ashley Boyd (Cinderella) and Leroy (Grumpy) during the episode of "Broken" of the second season. Emma Swan's yellow beetle is seen.
  • The Mad Hatter's cabin is shown in the pilot as well. It's shown abandoned due to him and his daughter stuck back in Storybrooke.
  • In episode 3, it was revealed that Will had joined Robin Hood's Merry Men and convinces them to steal gold from Maleficent's castle. Both Robin Hood and Maleficent first appeared on OUAT.[1]
  • The Red Queen is later revealed to be Anastasia, Cinderella's step-sister.
  • Cora (Queen of Hearts) is the one to train Anastasia in magic.[2]
  • Alice and Cyrus are taken to Storybrooke by the White Rabbit to find Will's heart.[3]


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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland has a very small fandom compared to its predecessor. The fandom is mainly on Tumblr and there are already a few Youtube videos.



The main pairings for the OUATW fandom is for the canon couple of Alice/Cyrus and the non-canon ship of Alice/Will. There are a few fans of Jafar/Red Queen. When Anastasia was revealed to be the Red Queen's real name and her story with Will, the pairing of Anastasia/Will grew popular. Some of the rarer pairings are Alice/Red Queen and Alice/Jarfar.

Alice/Will is often compared to Emma/Hook (from OUAT).[4]






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