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Name: Rumplestiltskin
Mr. Gold
The Dark One
Occupation: Pawnsbroker, Antique Shop Owner, Attorney
formerly Wool Spinner
Title/Rank: Dark One
Location: Storybrooke, Maine
previously: Enchanted Forest, Neverland
Status: Alive
Relationships: father of Neal Cassidy (Baelfire); ex-husband of Milah; son of Peter Pan (Malcolm); grandfather of Henry Mills;
married to Belle;
ex-apprentices: Cora Mills, Zelena, Regina Mills
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Other: Played by the actor Robert Carlyle
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Rumplestiltskin is one of the main characters on Once Upon A Time. He is known as Mr. Gold after the Dark Curse hit in Storybrooke.


He is considered the Beast in the Beauty and the Beast fairytale as well as the Crocodile in the Peter Pan story.


Rumplestiltskin is a popular character in the OUAT fandom.

The large and dysfunctional family tree of Henry Mills has been a large component in the fandom due to several big reveals in Season 2 (Baelfire as Henry's father, as such Rumpelstiltskin is Henry's grandfather) and Season 3 Rumpelstiltskin's father is revealed to be Peter Pan [1] [2].




  • Rumple is a common nickname used by fans and in canon by Belle
  • fans of Rumplestiltskin call themselves Dearies

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