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Journal Community
Date(s): 2004 June 26 to present
Type: celebrity gossip blog
Fandom: celebrity fandom(s)
URL: ohnotheydidnt on livejournal

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ONTD (ohnotheydidnt) is a LiveJournal community for celebrity gossip that is both a site of fannish activity and the inspiration for a number of other fannish ONTD-style communities such as ontd_startrek and ontd_ai. It is hugely popular, coming top of livejournal's community ranking, as of May 2017.[1]

One notable incident on ONTD was the Eli Roth Blueberries incident, where movie actor/director Eli Roth discovered ONTD, tweeted about it, and eventually spent a night having online sex with a large group of his fans, who are known as Blueberries. kuwdora's vid Paparazzi documents this incident.

As of May 2017, LiveJournal is involved in a lawsuit over copyrighted material shared on ONTD. Because one of the community mods was a paid employee of LiveJournal, the applicability of the safe harbor provision of the DMCA was in doubt.[citation needed]

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