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Synonyms: Kirk/Spock
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Spirk is a term for the pairing of Jim Kirk and Spock.

See Kirk/Spock (TOS) and Kirk/Spock (AOS).

While it is a newer term that many fans associate with the 2009 movie reboot, it actually has origins that date back to at least 2002. and may have been invented by a fan named Farfalla. From a comment about a zine by Farfalla: "Incidentally my boyfriend calls K/S fanfic "Spirk"... lol... keep it up hon :-) -- [1] From a comment by Farfalla at usenet post: "you used our word ("Spirk")! *huggles* thanks ;-) ~Farfalla (and Maoric)" [2]

Some fans embrace the term "Spirk" while others find it silly and embarrassing. [3]


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