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Name: Taylor Alison Swift
Also Known As: Nils Sjöberg
Occupation: Musician
Medium: Music
Works: Lover, folklore, evermore, Fearless (Taylor's Version)
Official Website(s): @taylorswift13 on Twitter; taylorswift on Tumblr
Fan Website(s):
The Swift Society; Taylor Nation
Taylor Swift by Crusnik-O2 (2012)
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Taylor Swift(born December 13th, 1989) is a bestselling American singer-songwriter. Taylor Swift moved to Nashville, TN from Reading, Pennsylvania when she was 13 to pursue a music career. As of 2020, Taylor is the ONLY female artist to win album of the year at the Grammys three times! Tying herself with a few other male artists. Impressively, Swift won her first AOTY for Fearless, a country album, her second for 1989, a pop album, and her third for folklore, an alternative album.

In 2019 Taylor Swift started a petition for the Equality Act which aims to ensure that the rights of those in the LGBTQ+ community are respected in every aspect of their life.

Due to countless issues surrounding the ownership of her masters Taylor has decided to re-record her first 6 albums to have full control over her work. As of 2020 Taylor is able to re-record her first 5 albums, and Reputation will be able to be re-recorded in 2022.

Easter Eggs

Taylor Swift has a long history of leaving clues for her fans to find. Most recently in the post announcing Fearless (Taylor's Version) she capitalized a few letters throughout a few paragraphs. Swift's fans were quick to deduce that it was the release date, April 9th. On April 2nd, Swift dropped a 30 second video that contained the names of the Vault Songs that would be featured on her version of fearless. Posting on all of her social media accounts Swift posted:

The vault door is about to be as unhinged as you’ll think I am after you watch this video.

Level: Expert

Happy decoding!
Taylor Swift.

Within an hour Swiftie's around the world had deciphered the code and “unlocked” the names and the featured artists on the vault songs.

On April 29th, 2019 Swift released a music video for the first single for her upcoming album and with the music video for Me! there were massive amounts of easter eggs and clues referencing unreleased music. This was challenging for her fans to figure out as they only had the one single and music video to figure out. However, while it was challenging some swifties were correctly able to guess the title of the album and made assumptions about what the potential symbolism in the video meant. During an appearance on the Graham Norton Show Taylor said,

Graham Norton: Some fans figured out what the album's called.

Taylor Swift': Oh definitely definitely and that's because when I was making the first music video, I was just like putting all kinds of references to unreleased music in the music video, so I'm sort of, it's definitely my fault that there are a lot of theories about it because I put a lot of clues in the video and so some fans have definitely guessed it because they're very smart.

Interactions with fans

Taylor Swift has always been very engaged with her fans but when her first pop album, 1989, was released she started the Secret Sessions. The Secret Sessions are where she chooses a hand full of fans and invited them over to her house to hang out and listen to the upcoming album ahead of its release.

Due to Swift having multiple homes she has held secret sessions in Rhode Island, Nashville, London, as well as a few other places.

Those who go to the Secret Sessions understandably aren’t allowed to provide detailed information about the upcoming album that they just heard. Most commonly you’ll hear comments vaguely discussing what they think the song could be or casually commenting about the sound of the song. Which was especially true for her album Reputation as fans were unsure as to what the overall sound of the album was going to be.

A major way Taylor connects with her fans is through Tumblr. When Taylor starts reblogging,liking, and commenting the phrase “taylurking” starts to trend on the site as the fans are not only excited to potentially interact with the star but to let other Swiftie’s know that she’s active on Tumblr. However, it seems as though since 2020 Taylor has since switched to interacting more with her fans on Twitter in a similar manner than with her fans on Tumblr.

RPF Ships

Taylor Swift appears in many RPF works as both a supporting and main character. In real life, she has associated with many people who have their own significant RPF fandoms, such as Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston, etc.

Among some of Taylor's fans, there is a Tinhat community that believes she is bisexual or lesbian, despite saying that she's not a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

This theory grew increasingly popular over time, especially in the mid to late 2010s. These fans generally believe that Taylor dated Karlie Kloss, who she is publicly close friends with - the two are often shipped together. Many of the fans that ship them together go by Kaylor's.

These fans also generally believe that Taylor previously dated Dianna Agron, who played Quinn Fabray on Glee.

Despite having broken up years ago, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s relationship is still very much alive in a subsection of the community. The majority of the fans who still ship Harry and Taylor go by Haylors. While the majority still ship them romantically, many have changed gears and are starting to ship them platonically, with many just wanted them to collaborate on a project together.

TS Inspired

A popular theme within fanfiction is work inspired by a particular song. While, this is an extremely popular theme, especially with Taylor Swifts songs and sometimes Multi-chapter fics inspired by an entire album, however a new theme is emerging in TS!Reader stories which are starting to pop up more and more.

In TS!Reader fics, the reader “is” Taylor Swift. Many of the TS!Reader stories feature the theme of an album drop, the process of writing a song about the person they’re shipping the TS!Reader with, as well as dealing with fame while in a relationship.


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