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Pairing: Dan Howell/Phil Lester
Alternative name(s): Dan/Phil, Danisnotonfire/Amazingphil
Gender category: slash
Fandom: YouTube RPF
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: common
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Phan is the portmanteau ship name for the Dan Howell/Phil Lester (or Danisnotonfire/Amazingphil) RPF slash pairing in YouTube RPF fandom.

Like in other 'younger' fandoms such as One Direction and the Larry ship, there is a tendency in the Dan/Phil fandom to use the term "Phan shipper" to mean "Phan tinhat".

Gen Use

'Phan' is sometimes used in fandom as a general term for Dan & Phil's platonic friendship pairing. It has been used outside of fandom to name things related to Dan & Phil in general, for example in the BBC Radio 1 page announcing the return of their radio show, titled "The Phan boys are back!"[1] However, fans' reactions suggest this is an incongruous use.[2][3]

Canon History

Moved to Phandom's Canon History.

Canon Resources

Considering how entertwined Dan and Phil's lives are, the amount of canon is immense. They make frequent appearances in each other's videos, tweets, liveshows etc.

Their official joint projects include:

Ship History

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Pin-pointing the exact moment the ship took off is tricky due to fans being spread out over various sites, some of which are now defunct. The (friendslocked) youtube-slash community featured Dan/Phil stories as early as Sept 15, 2010. The term "Phan" appears soon after, and as early as Oct 29, 2010, seems to have become the accepted smushname.[4] The oldest fic still extant from the comm is Dan is On Fire by lucy_and_ramona, which was posted in November of 2010, but as the term was in use before that date it's likely that there were earlier fics that did not survive the deletion of the comm. Tweets from prominent members of the community also go back to November of 2010, with most implying that the term had been in use for some time, as there is no extant discussion on Twitter of what to call the ship.[5][6][7] Other anecdotal use on twitter appears as early as 2010, but the ship really seems to take off in the Spring of 2012.[8]

The first Dan/Phil posted to AO3 is dated March 26, 2011,[9] but the fandom remained quite small on the site until somewhere in 2015. That year, the Phandom made the list of most active fandoms on AO3: in their yearly statistical round-up of works posted to the archive, destinationtoast identified it as having posted 3693 works on the archive that year, which represents 82% of the total works on the site for the pairing.[10][11] Similarly, the most popular Phan story extant on Wattpad was posted in July of 2015[12] and most activity on that site seems to trace back to around that time. The first Dan/Phil story on was published on Jan 2, 2012, which seems to indicate that prior to Dan and Phil the majority of the fannish activity was on sites such as Livejournal and rather than the now popular AO3 and Wattpad.[13]

On Tumblr, the 'Phan' tag was used as early as Jan 2011, before the boys moved in together.[14] The tag was sparsely populated at first (mostly occupied by posts about YouTube makeup guru Michelle Phan) before becoming a major fandom tag in later years. The Phandom is now particularly active on Tumblr and in 2015, Dan & Phil made the "most reblogged ships" on Tumblr list[15] and ranked number 2 in 2016[16]. The pairing was still extremely popular two years later in 2018, although they lost their place at #2 to Reylo and came in at #3.[17]

A 2015 auto-generated self-made survey that managed to get 30,000 responses estimated that 84% of the Phandom ships Dan and Phil.[18] The numbers had dropped by the 2017 survey, however, to just over 50% of the fandom.[19] This drop in shippers between 2015 and 2017 could be attributed to the release of The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire in October of 2015, which left many people feeling that Dan and Phil had queerbaited the Phandom in order to keep interest in their content.[citation needed]


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The pairing taking off went hand-in-hand with fandom in-fighting and wank. As a general rule Dan and Phil go to a lot of effort not to address or feed the wank, and take care to acknowledge their fans and fandom in a respectful way. Some examples of controversies in Dan/Phil fandom are:

'Dangirls' vs 'Philgirls'

See Phandom for more information.


Just like in many other RPF fandoms, there is a contingent of Dan/Phil tinhats who believe that "Phan is real".[20][21] All this tinhatting begins with the romanticization of the reconstruction The Phan Timeline made by The Phan Directory, which documents every internet trace Dan and Phil left at the moment they met. As they met over the internet, lots of people within the Phandom can see themselves in the image of Dan as the youtube fanboy who managed to become friends (or more) with his favourite Youtuber, AmazingPhil, who he then moved in and has lived together with since 2012. To prove their position, Phan tinhatters will compile video evidence and write up lengthy video analyses with their evidence. Prior to Dan deleting all his tweets sometime in 2013, tinhatters also compiled posts containing screenshots of Dan's tweets relating to Phil and, to a lesser extent, Phil's tweets about Dan.[22][23] They will also save and archive anything posted to an ephemeral social media such as Snapchat or Instagram Stories that they think supports the theory that Phan is real.[24]

The main source of contention between shippers and non-shippers is the infamous Valentine's Day video, which Dan and Phil have repeatedly stated was a prank that they ended up deciding was too mean.[25][26] Of course this doesn't stop tinhatters from disregarding the explanation as a 'cheap excuse' and still claiming it's real. Many shippers have gone so far as to ask relatively unrelated YouTubers such as mrtinoforever[27] about the supposed relationship between Dan and Phil, although none of them have ever confirmed this relationship to be real or not. YouTuber Evan Edinger once tweeted that many YouTubers have seen the Valentine's Day video and "talk more than yall [sic] behind closed doors" in response to someone asking if he's seen the video[28] and Dan's younger brother, Adrian, was also harassed off of tumblr by Dan and Phil fans in 2013, with many of the question being about the relationship between the two.[29]

Unlike many cases of tinhatting, however, Phan also has an anti-tinhat segment of Phandom who go to the same lengths as the shippers to prove that Dan and Phil are not dating through lengthy video analysis[30] and collection of evidence they believe proves their point.[31] These analyses are just as involved and precise as the ones on the tinhat side, and many so-called "Phantis" also dedicate their entire blog to proving that Dan and Phil are "just friends" in the same way that the shipper blogs are dedicated to proving that "Phan is real." Much like the people who believe Phan is real heavily rely on the Valentine's Day video as their proof, Phantis rely on Dan's now deleted "Customer Service Department" blog where he went on several lengthy rants about the tinhatters and Phan as a pairing.[32][33]

Genres and Tropes

  • Hurt/Comfort, often with Dan as the woobie,
  • Deathfic, as bemoaned by Phil himself,[34]
  • Shockfic, such as the infamous Skin Fic, a ficlet in which Dan peels off Phil's sunburnt skin and eats it,[35] and other Darkfic like the Chair Fic, in which Phil tortures and abuses Dan in horrific ways.[36]
  • Punk AU is fairly common, often with Phil as a punk and Dan as a pastel.
  • Like most fandoms, High School AU is abundant.

Example Fanworks


Come What May by PhantasticFiction
An epic noncon fic that is the most-kudosed Dan/Phil fic on AO3 as of Oct 1, 2014.[37]
A List of Available Smiles by ficster28
This is the truth of depression: it doesn't stop you laughing. It just stops you feeling happy. And it tugs at you, nags you: this laughter doesn't last, it tells you. Laughter never lasts.
Wait Until it Hits You Round the Face, Dan by eiqhties
And Dan’s going to call everyone that they’ve ever known and tell them to all pay up however much they've bet now, because he’s finally got it. Alternatively titled: Five Times Dan Didn't Get It, And One Time it Was Really, Really Obvious.
You're The Straw To My Berry by ughitssophie
A popular phanfic on Wattpad from 2013.
Let Me Be Your Call Boy by auroraphilealis and embarrassing_myself
An over 260k word AU epic where Phil is a call boy who is hired by Dan's friends for one night when Dan comes out as gay. Won 1st place in the "Best Smut" category in the 2016 Phanfic Awards.
The Stained Series [1, 2, and 3] by audrat
Winner of "Best Series" in 2017's The Fanfiction Awards.
Muse by panickyphanter
A popular High School AU that features punk!Phil.
Guilty Pleasure, Cobra Starship by nicoleh262
A fairly early fic featuring Phan, which used to be more of a side pairing than a main pairing in the Youtube Slash community.
Balcony by TheSmushFaace
Also some of the only fic that survived from the Youtube Slash community.


Infamous Phan shockfics that are still often talked about, read and shared today.[38] These fics are described as disturbing and are often followed with a "do not read it!" and other warnings (do heed the warnings), which of course just encourages this phenomenon further. Although most have now been taken down by the original authors, they are often reposted by phans. Dan (mostly) and Phil have read and/or are aware of their existence, sometimes referencing or mentioning them in their vids.[39]

The Skin Fic [2] by WeirdFicGirl
A ficlet in which Dan peels off Phil's sunburnt skin and eats it. Dan and Phil discussed the Skin Fic on several occasions, such as doing a dramatic reading of "The Skin Fic" during a video[40] and referring to it in follow-up YouNow livestream.[41]
The Cherry Fic [3] by Mycatshipsphan
A fic wherein a yandere Phil kills Dan.
The Hat Fic[42] by Kittycat496
In this fanfic, Phil buys a hamster, but then wakes up in a room, to a naked Dan. Dan proceeds to kill the hamster, making Phil drink it's blood along with Dan's own semen.[43]
The Chair Fic[44] by strykeroptic
Phil is basically possessed by a chair, and forced to do horrible things to Dan, involving things like physical abuse, snakes, ants, boiling oil, ect.[45] Also has a prequel called "Into The Attic"[46] and a sequel called "A Very Chair Fic Christmas."[47]
The Kitten Fic [4] by phillesterspenis
A smut fic featuring scatplay and implied bestiality. Also known as "Kittens and Steamrollers" (the actual title), the author's note states that Dan has actually read the fic and laughed.[citation needed]
The Tentacle Fic[citation needed] by Unknown
A Phan shockfic featuring tentacles.


dan, you're too close[48] by alliando
A painting of Dan & Phil playing video games.
digital art[49] by mymindisnotonfire
A painting of Phil consoling Dan.
Phan by keepcalmandsparkle91
A painting of Phil and Dan kissing.


Dan & Phil | When You're Gone by EmilyyCano
An angst vid posted January 4, 2013 set to "When You're Gone" by Avril Lavinge.
phan {amazingphil & danisnotonfire} - fix you by URKOOL13
A Story Vid posted June 13, 2013 set to "Fix You" by Coldplay.
Phan | The Movie (Trailer) by 1georgia
A Fake Trailer type vid posted Jan 10, 2014 set to an instrumental version of "Kiss You" by One Direction.
Dan x Phil// Paparazzi by imjustsophie
A vid posted March 13, 2016 set to a cover of "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga.
Sincerely Me - Dan and Phil by phanecdotes
A vid posted July 2, 2017 set to "Sincerely Me" from the musical Dear Evan Hansen.

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