Dear Evan Hansen

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Name: Dear Evan Hansen
Abbreviation(s): DEH
Creator: Pasek & Paul
Date(s): 2016 (Broadway premiere)
Medium: musical theater
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Wikipedia
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Dear Evan Hansen is a musical by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Some Broadway fans have a lot of feelings about it.

The story follows high-schooler Evan Hansen, who has a broken arm and social anxiety disorder, through the convoluted lies he tells following the death of a classmate.


DEH premiered on Broadway in November 2016 and picked up a few fans: the first fic posted on the Archive of Our Own was on January 8, 2017. Its popularity increased following the release of the cast album in February 2017, and remains one of the most popular shows on Broadway in 2017.

The most popular ship in the fandom is Evan Hansen/Connor Murphy, followed by Alana Beck/Zoe Murphy, and Evan Hansen/Jared Kleinman - none of which are canonical.

The fandom is also very concerned with the original Broadway actors in the show, especially Ben Platt and Mike Faist (Evan and Connor, respectively), but there doesn't seem to be much RPF shipping happening.

Like with most theater fandoms, a significant part of a fan's interaction with fandom can involve searching for or trading bootleg recordings of the show, especially when an understudy steps in.[1]

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  1. See Tumblr post by carmthemusicalnerd, If anyone gets a boot of today’s matinee with Colton as Connor I will literally trade my souls for it/ share a lot of my bootlegs for it., and Tumblr post by munchiezxx, DEAR GOD PLEASE SEND ME A COLTON CONNOR BOOTLEG AMEN