Be More Chill

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Name(s): Be More Chill
Abbreviation(s): BMC
Scope/Focus: musical
Date(s): Book published in 2005 Original Musical run in June 2015
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Be More Chill is a musical by Joe Iconis and Joe Tracz.[1] It was adapted from a book of the same name by Ned Vizzini. The musical ran from May 30 to June 21 at the Two River Theater in Red Bank New Jersey.[1] Despite being released off-off-Broadway, the show gained an avid following on Tumblr in 2017. The musical follows Jeremy Heere, a nerdy highschooler, who takeds a pill that contains a supercomputer that will help him act cooler, called a SQUIP.


The fandom is primarily centered around the musical. Popular pairings include Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell (Also called Boyf riends or Meremy), Rich Goranski/Jake Dillinger, and Brooke/Chloe (Also called Pinkberry). Ask blogs for specific characters or AUs are popular.

Example Fanworks


Ask Blogs


  • Contretemps by sassycasp, a Michael/Jeremy fic set during their senior year of high school.

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Be More Chill on AO3


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