Be More Chill

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Name(s): Be More Chill
Abbreviation(s): BMC
Scope/Focus: Musical
Date(s): Book published in 2005

Original Musical run in June 2015 Off-Broadway run in August 2018

Broadway Run in March 2019
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Be More Chill is a musical by Joe Iconis and Joe Tracz.[1] It was adapted from a book of the same name by Ned Vizzini. The musical follows Jeremy Heere, a nerdy highschooler, who takes a pill that contains a supercomputer that will help him act cooler, called a SQUIP.


The musical originally ran from May 30 to June 21 at the Two River Theater in Red Bank New Jersey and was given a cast album thanks to Ghostlight Records.[1] Despite being released off-off-Broadway, the show gained an avid following on Tumblr in 2017. Due the streaming, the show's following gained more attention from the show creators, who began interacting with the fandom online.

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The show later was given an Off-Broadway run at the Signature Theatre, and later announced that it would be transferring to the Lyceum Theatre for a Broadway run, beginning in March 2019. The Broadway show ran through August 2019.



The fandom is primarily centered around the musical. Popular pairings include Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell (Also called Boyf riends, or Meremy), Rich Goranski/Jake Dillinger (Also called Height Diffrences or Richjake), and Brooke/Chloe (Also called Pinkberry). Michael/Rich became more popular in response to the Off-Broadway production. Ask blogs for specific characters or AUs are popular.

The Off- Broadway revival of the show is sometimes known as BMC 2.0, and the Broadway production is known as BMC 3.0, in order to distinguish between canon changes such as music, dialogue, characterization, etc.

Character Design

Characters in fanart were initially largely based on the actors in the Two River Theater production. After the announcement of the Off-Broadway cast, which included some returning actors and some new, approaches to character design became more varied. One of the most significant changes was the role of Jeremy, previously portrayed by Will Connolly, now being played by Will Roland. Jeremy fanart began to look more like Roland or a combination of Roland and Connolly.

Example Fanworks


Ask Blogs


  • Contretemps by sassycasp, a Michael/Jeremy fic set during their senior year of high school.

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