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Name(s): Heathers
Scope/Focus: Film, Musical
Date(s): 1988 (film), 2014 (musical)
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Heathers is a American black comedy teen film and cult classic released in 1988. A one-season television series reboot of the movie premiered in 2018 on Paramount Network.

Heathers: The Musical is a rock musical adaptation of the 1988 movie. Written by Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy, it debuted in concert in 2010 and onstage in 2013. In the musical fandom, character designs are usually based on the 2014 Off-Broadway run.

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The overlap in fandom between the film and musical is not 100%. Some fans of the film have criticized the musical for combining the characters Betty and Martha, and for the explicitness of "Dead Girl Walking", while the film essentially fades to black for the equivalent scene.

Tropes & Fanon

Due to similar settings, themes, and musical styles, there is considerable overlap between the Heathers: The Musical fandom and the Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen fandoms. As such, crossover works between the three are not uncommon.


  • Jason "J.D." Dean/Veronica Sawyer - canon
  • Heather Chandler/Veronica Sawyer
  • Heather McNamara//Veronica Sawyer
  • Heather Chandler/Heather McNamara
  • Heather Duke/Heather McNamara
  • Heather Duke/Veronica Sawyer
  • Kurt Kelly/Ram Sweeney - more common in the musical fandom

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