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Name: breathedout
Alias(es): havingbeenbreathedout, HBBO
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: F/F, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock (TV), Killing Eve, Black Widow comics, Anne of Green Gables, Original Works, others
URL: breathedout on AO3
havingbeenbreathedout on Tumblr
breathedout on Dreamwidth
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breathedout, also known as havingbeenbreathedout, is a fanfic and meta writer with a strong focus on F/F fiction as well as female sexuality. They got their start in fandom with the BBC Sherlock community. breathedout was a guest for the 144 episode of Fansplaining, Writing Women. During that interview, they expanded on their philosophy for writing fiction as well as their atypical entry-point into fandom in general.

Perhaps their most notable fanwork is How the mouth changes its shape[1], a genderswapped Sherlock Holmes/John Watson fic set in the 1950s with significant butch/femme themes.

One anonymous author review describes their work as, "gorgeous, complicated writing."[2]

In Their Own Words

From their Dreamwidth intro post:

"Fandom-wise my first-and-forever entrée into fannish activities were the Sherlock Holmes stories and their various adaptations, especially the first two seasons of Sherlock BBC, which was happening when I first (belatedly, in my late 20s) discovered fandom. I've written three novels and a number of related stories that do various very-AU historical things with that whole meta-canon. I'm a big old lady-lovin' queer and I do a lot of explicit f/f writing, much of it morally complicated; at this point I've written in a bunch of disparate fandoms, from the small (Anne of Green Gables; Heathers) to the miniscule (Affinity; Spring Fire)."[3]


Most of their meta focuses on femslash or sex writing and was originally posted to tumblr. breathedout archived their metas on AO3.


BBC Sherlock & Related

  • The Unreal Cities series, which also incorporates in Bloomsbury Group RPF. The series is a work in-progress, currently at 5 of 6 planned parts. (2012-present)
"In 1920, two years after the end of the Great War, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson investigate two disappearances, eerily similar but separated by 80 years. In the process, they make enemies (and friends) of Bloomsbury intellectuals; travel to Sussex; deal with the aftermath of John's past in the trenches; read Victorian pornography; drink copious amounts of tea; and, of course, fall in love."
John/Sherlock. "Berlin, 1923. Three years in John’s bed, and he seldom felt, anymore, this sick, swooping fear."


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