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Name: Femslash Revolution
Date(s): September 1, 2013 - present





Femslash Revolution; archive link as of May 24, 2017

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Femslash Revolution is a Tumblr account with the tagline "Celebrating ladies in love, lust and longing."

One of the tags is the series of essays called I Am Femslash.

Daily Themes

  • Meta Mondays: Meta, advice and essays.
  • Textless Tuesdays: Art, gifsets and edits.
  • Original Work Wednesdays: Original work recs, online or in the mainstream media.
  • Rarepair Thursdays: Posting only rarepairs, defined as any pairing not on our popular pairing list.
  • Fic Fridays: Fanfic and original stories. Also Feedback Fridays, a day to post feedback to existing works.
  • Staff Rec Saturdays: Recs from the mods.
  • Sexy Sundays: NSFW recs, kisses and cuddles.


What kinds of works are allowed?

We accept recs for both original and derivative works in any media which are primarily focussed on one or more F/F relationships. This includes: •Relationships which are sexual and/or romantic. •Committed platonic and/or queerplatonic relationships. •Polyamorous relationships. •Relationships involving cis women, trans women or non-binary people.

The following kinds of relationship are not accepted by this blog, although the advice here may be useful to creators interested in these relationships. •Relationships in which one or more of the characters identifies as male in either the source canon or the work itself. This includes “genderswapped” and “rule 63” relationships. •F&F friendships. However, we understand that there are a range of relationships in the world and there is no clear line here; we trust submitters to use their best judgement.

Can I submit something I created?

If your works are original and fit our criteria, or you want to submit meta or advice, you are welcome to submit as many posts as you want.

You can also submit your own fanworks, but we ask that you make your best effort to submit at least as many fanworks by other creators. If we feel a user is abusing this rule, their submissions will no longer be posted.


Why don’t you tag for…?

If you would like us to begin tagging for an additional warning, please send us an ask. However, bear in mind that older works may not be tagged correctly.

Why do you have an Underage tag? What is it used for?

We do not typically post works featuring underage characters in age-inappropriate situations. However, we acknowledge that there is a spectrum of acceptability for this content rather than a hard line. To best deal with this fact, we use our best judgement when deciding what is appropriate to post, and include warning tags to ensure that anyone who wishes to can filter these posts using black-listing programs like Tumblr Savior or XKit Tag Blocker.

We will tag content as “Warning: Underage” if it meets any of the following criteria: •The pairing includes one or more character who is aged 11 or under, regardless of the individual work’s content. •The work is sexually explicit or strongly suggestive (M/E rated) and includes one or more character aged 17 or under. •The pairing has a significant age difference, and the youngest character is, or could be interpreted as, a child or teenager.


Do you know of any other blogs with a similar theme?

We have a partnership with some other multi-fandom femslash blogs that we support and admire; you can find a current list on our Affiliates page.

Who runs this blog?

Femslash Revolution’s admins are Lulu and Jess, who are responsible for general organisation - things like answering asks and keeping the tag list up to date. When it comes to content, they are capably assisted by a team of volunteer mods - Alyssa, Shannon, Ellie, Katie, Alice, Emma, Mara, Emma, Aiffe, Sol and Eva.

If you would like to volunteer to help out with the running of Femslash Revolution, please send us an ask. [1]

Regarding Reblogging, Censorship, and Content

We periodically receive messages telling us not to reblog certain kinds of content. The content in question varies, but ultimately the reasoning is always the same: some kinds of content are simply Morally Wrong.

I would like to make our position very clear: this reasoning is never going to work on us.

Works of fiction dealing with Problematic Content are an important resource to many people, helping to confront and deal with difficult issues and emotions. We are in the business of providing resources to the F/F community, and we are not going to withhold those resources because of some arbitrary notion of purity that we could never codify in a way that satisfied everyone. That isn’t to say there is no filter on this blog, but this restriction is, as such things always are, purely subjective, and thus it has never been an official rule. It is based solely on the discretion of the blog admins, and we aim to keep an open mind.

We are not running a blog for children too young to think critically about the media they see. We are flagged as NSFW and we assume that our followers are old enough to make their own decisions. We tag extensively, in the hope that those of our followers who are uncomfortable with certain subjects will be able to block posts using one of the many blacklisting add-ons available. But ultimately, there is always a risk of seeing something you do not like, and no action we take could mitigate that.

We support your right to choose what content you want to see. If that includes unfollowing us, then we won’t hold a grudge. But we do not accept that any person has a right to censor the content that is accessible to others, and so we will continue to post a broad range of content, Problematic or not.

This is our blog, and we post what we want. [2]

Some Links


  1. read the entire FAQ here
  2. On ‘Problematic’ Content, June 26, 2017