Fansplaining: Writing Women

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Podcast Episode
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Episode Title: Writing Women
Length: 1:08:32
Featured: Elizabeth Minkel, Flourish Klink, breathedout
Date: Feb 17, 2021
Focus: Femslash fanfiction & fandom
Fandom: Panfandom
External Links: Episode 144: Writing Women on (Includes show notes, audio, and transcript)

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Fansplaining: Writing Women is episode 144 of the meta podcast Fansplaining. The episode focuses on femslash fandom and fanfiction and features an interview with f/f fan writer breathedout.


"In Episode 144, “Writing Women,” Elizabeth and Flourish celebrate Femslash February by talking to breathedout, a longtime f/f fic and meta writer. They discuss her route into fandom through queer female erotica, fandom’s longstanding biases towards male bodies, what types of characters get to be “default” vs “political,” and the role desire can play in reading and writing."

Some Topics Discussed


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"There is like, a dedicated core group of people who would consider themselves “femslash fandom,” in the same way that somewhat derogatorily you might say “migratory slash fandom,” people moving from m/m ship to m/m ship, and like, kind of viewing media looking for those two dudes to get together, right."[1]

Reactions & Reviews

"#Goes over some very good points#Is applicable to more than just writing women#Solid read#very rec#much good"[2]


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