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RPF Fandom
Name(s): YouTube RPF, YT RPF, Video Blogging RPF, Vlogger RPF
Scope/Focus: YouTube creators
Date(s): 2010(?)-
See also: Rooster Teeth, Phandom
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YouTube RPF is the umbrella term for the RPF fandom centered around YouTube creators. It is made up of a number of smaller, more or less autonomous fandoms centered around specific creators or groups of creators.

Fanworks have been created including het, slash and gen fanfiction, fanart, podfic, fanvids and indeed vlogs.


YouTube itself was created in 2005; presumably, fans of people creating content for YouTube appeared soon after on various platforms.

Livejournal community youtube_slash was created Sept 10, 2010.[1] The first use of the 'Vlogger RPF' tag on AO3 dates back to Jan 26, 2011.[2]

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As of Sept 30, 2014, the 10 most popular ships in 'Video Blogging RPF' according to the AO3 sidebars were dominated by two categories of ships:

Other common YouTube RPF ships:

Example Fanworks

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Responses to Abuse in the YouTube Community

(Shippers' responses to Alex Day, Tom Milsom etc.)

The Fourth wall

See for example:

Fannish Resources


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