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Pairing: Charlie McDonnell/Alex Day
Alternative name(s): Cherimon
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Youtube RPF
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Formerly a fandom OTP, now relatively rare
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Cherimon is the pairing name for Charlie McDonnell and Alex Day, which was primarily popular in the Youtube Slash community when it was active. It is formed by combining charlieissocoollike, Charlie McDonnell's YouTube handle, with Nerimon, Alex Day's original YouTube handle.


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The rise and popularity of Cherimon as a pairing was likely due to the fact that Alex and Charlie were best friends and frequently appeared in each other's videos. Both were hosts on the YouTube channel Five Awesome Guys, and created collab videos such as The Alex and Charlie Format. The two were also bandmates in Sons of Admirals and Chameleon Circuit.

In 2010, Alex and Charlie moved into a flat together. Around this time, Cherimon was the most popular ship on the Youtube Slash community. The two lived together between 2010 and 2014, first in a flat and later in a larger house, which was jokingly nicknamed "Casa de Cherimon".

However, the ship died down in popularity following the events of the 2014 YouTube abuse scandal and the accusations of sexual abuse levied at Alex Day. Charlie and Alex's friendship ended during this period, and Charlie distanced herself from Alex, making a statement in which he said that, "I just don't feel able to call Alex a friend of mine any more."[1] Charlie also made a video entitled The Inevitability Of Change (I Moved Out) in which she detailed moving out of her and Alex's shared house, saying, "Casa de Cherimon is dead and gone. Me and Alex have had our housemate divorce now. I managed to keep all of the kids, which makes me very happy - he's only going to see them on fortnights. But they love him more."[2]

Because of this split between the two, some of Charlie's videos created with or featuring Alex are no longer online, and the same applies to a lot of content from the former Cherimon fandom.

Charlie Addresses Cherimon

In 2011 Charlie addressed the existence of Cherimon in a video entitled Tumblr Weirdness, which reviewed "weird" things about her that had been posted online. She described Cherimon in the video as "a strange fantasy in which me and my heterosexual friend are... *sigh* The internet is so weird, man. It's so weird.

"There's weirder stuff than just that [referring to some Cherimon fanart shown in the video] but I don't wanna talk about the slash fiction. That's just too odd for me. I'll let Alex do that or something."[3]

In June 2011 Charlie also created a video entitled Coming Out which was intended to fool fans into thinking that she was coming out as gay, before "revealing" that she was in fact a robot posing as a human being. The video was later retitled to Coming Out (Charliebot) and then simply to Charliebot.[4]




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