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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Game Grumps, GG
Scope/Focus: RPF fandom for the youtube channel Game Grumps
Date(s): 2013 to Present
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Game Grumps is the name of a gaming youtube channel centred around letsplays of games, typically featuring co-hosts Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson. It was originally created by Arin 'Egoraptor' Hanson and Jon 'Jontron' Jafari on July 10, 2012. on June 25, 2013, it was announced that Jon was leaving Game Grumps, and Dan Avidan entered as the new co-host.






  • Game Grumps
    • Guest Grumps
    • Game Grumps VS
    • Game Grump
    • Ghoul Grumps
  • Game Grumps Animated
  • Steam Train
    • Steam Rolled
    • Grumpcade
  • Best of Game Grumps


  • Table Flip (2013-2016)

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Game Grumps has a strong and creative fandom, which the Grumps have acknowledged many times. The canon is mainly Game Grumps videos, although some fanworks also draw from their related channels or from events they hold, and their other social media accounts on Twitter and Vine.

The fandom centres around shipping, fanart, fanfiction and fan animations. The fandom has a large following on Archive Of Our Own with over 3800 fanworks as of Fri. 30 November 2018.[1] Another popular form of fanwork are fanmixes, wherein creators take audio clips from Game Grumps episodes and turns them into a song. Popular fanmixes include 'Soar Onward' by Atpunk and 'Goin to space' by MovieMasterAl.

Grump's Dream Course

A group of Game Grumps enthusiasts based on reddit[2] created a Game Grumps-themed ROM hack of the game Kirby's Dream Course, which the Game Grumps played and enjoyed. They sent the game to the Grumps, who started a series playing it.[3]

Game Grumps Animated

The Game Grumps have a weekly 'Game Grumps Animated' video, an animated video by a fan of an audio clip from Game Grumps. Arin Stated in his Mega Man X play-through that he wanted to encourage people to create Game Grumps fanworks, which was why the channel started Game Grumps Animated.

Fandom Controversies

Most fandom arguments stem from Jon's departure, and whether Dan or Jon is the better 'not so grump'. Few large arguments come from fan-created content. Some fans also do not agree on who on the Grumps team is the best editor, as some see Kevin as having been largely inferior to Barry, Matt and Ryan.

A less serious controversy comes from the episode Nickelodeon Guts: The Trial of the Century. In the video, Jon and Arin argue over whether or not Jon is withholding information on how to play from Arin. It sparked strong discussion amongst viewers and has become a polarising issue within the fandom.


  • Dan/Brian - This ship is popular due to them working together in NSP, and their strong friendship. They are also the two oldest members of Game Grumps.
  • Dan/Arin aka Egobang - As co-hosts, many people ship them. They also make frequent suggestive comments to and about each other in jest.
  • Arin/Suzy - Arin and Suzy are married so they are a relatively popular ship.
  • Ross/Holly - Ross and Holly were married[4] and thus have a notable if small following. (Their smaller following is due to less frequent appearances on the Game Grumps channel as a couple.)

There are also many polyamorous ships - too many to list. Kevin, however, is rarely part of these ships since he requested that people do not ship him in fanworks.

Notable Fanworks

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