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Name: Mark Edward Fischbach
Also Known As: Markiplier
Occupation: Youtuber/LPer
Medium: Video
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Mark Fischbach aka Markiplier is a American YouTube creator who primarily creates lps and other video gaming related content, although he has recently expanded his ventures to include the clothing line [CLOAK].


Unus Annus

Markiplier and Ethan Nestor did a year-long vlog ("Unus Annus" means "one year" in Latin) where they uploaded one video a day, about a variety of topics, and at the end of the year they deleted all the videos and all of their own content associated with the vlog. They also asked fans not to save content from the vlog.

In Space with Markiplier

A series of videos starring Markiplier in a scifi setting.


As of 30 November 2018, there were 7426 works tagged "Mark Fischbach" on AO3. Within those, an overwhelming majority were Septiplier fanworks featuring Mark shipped with fellow Youtuber and frequent collaborator Sean McLoughlin.[1]

Other occurring ships in order of popularity: Mark/You, Mark/Mark, and Mark/Amy Nelson.


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Charity Work

Mark frequently hosts charity livestreams, where over $628,670.14 were raised.[2].



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