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Name: Mark Edward Fischbach
Also Known As: Markiplier
Occupation: Youtuber/LPer
Medium: Video
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Mark Fischbach aka Markiplier is a American YouTube creator who primarily creates lps and other video gaming related content, although he has recently expanded his ventures to include the clothing line [CLOAK].


Unus Annus

From November 2019 to November 2020 Markiplier and Ethan Nestor did a year-long vlog ("Unus Annus" means "one year" in Latin) where they uploaded one video a day to a Youtube channel of the same name, about a variety of topics, and at the end of the year they deleted the channel, all the videos and all of their own content associated with the vlog. The channel was focused on the idea of mortality and accepting that all things have an end. Thus the catchphrase of the channel - "memento mori"(Latin for "remember that you [have to] die"). They also asked fans not to save content from the vlog or reupload any videos after the "death" of the channel, although they permitted memes, short videos and other fan creations based on the project.

As with a lot of Markiplier's content, the videos had their own internal lore. Ethan and Mark played the mysterious otherwordly characters Unus and Annus, dressed in black and white suits recpectively.

During the year the channel was active a line of associated merchandise was also sold with different items being discontinued and others being unlocked each month.

The channel was ended with a final Youtube livestream counting down the hours and minutes until midnight when the channel was deleted live. Both Mark and Ethan wore their black and white tailored suits on stream. Amy Nelson also took part in the stream, wearing a half black-half white outfit. The centerpiece of the stream was the channel's coffin which Mark and Ethan had picked out and commissioned during one of their daily videos earlier in the year.


In 2021-2023, each year around the anniversary of the channel's "death" both Markiplier and Ethan uploaded commemorative videos on each of their own channels. In 2021 videos titled "Memento Mori" and "Memento Mori". In 2022 videos titled "Memento" and "Mori". In 2023 videos titled "Remember Death" and "Death Remembers".

Symbols Associated with Unus Annus

  • The colours black and white,
  • An hourglass,
  • A black and white spiral,
  • A timer ticking down from 365:00:00:00,
  • The phrase "memento mori",
  • Death,
  • Skulls,
  • Gravestones,

Example Fanworks

In Space with Markiplier

A series of videos starring Markiplier in a scifi setting.


As of 30 November 2018, there were 7426 works tagged "Mark Fischbach" on AO3. Within those, an overwhelming majority were Septiplier fanworks featuring Mark shipped with fellow Youtuber and frequent collaborator Sean McLoughlin.[1]

Other occurring ships in order of popularity: Mark/You, Mark/Mark, and Mark/Amy Nelson.


Charity Work

Mark frequently hosts charity livestreams, where over $628,670.14 were raised.[2].



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