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Name: Seán William McLoughlin
Also Known As: Jacksepticeye, Jack
Occupation: Youtuber
Medium: Video
Official Website(s): Youtube Channel


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Seán William McLoughlin aka Jacksepticeye is a Irish YouTube creator whose channel focuses on comedic Let's Plays. He's known for a particularly agressive style of commentary that's heavy on swearing.[1]


As of 30 November 2018, there are 6,282 works in the "Sean McLoughlin" tag on AO3. Many of them feature him shipped romantically with Markiplier.[2]

Other popular ships include PewDiePie and Wiishu, as well as Sean McLoughlin/You.

Connection to PewDiePie

Jack and PewDiePie were fairly good friends at one point, which Jack set to star in the unaired second season of Scare PewDiePie. [3]

When the controversy over PewDiePie's use of anti-Semetic imagery occured, Jack posted a video titled "Let's Talk!" that laid out some of his thoughts on the matter and also tweeted in support of him.[4] Afterward, however, he made a tumblr post recanted his support and saying he regretted focusing on what PewDiePie did, rather than the unethical media practices he'd hoped to critique.[5] He has not actually ever revoked his support of PewDiePie.