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Name: Jake Joseph Paul
Also Known As: Shane Dawson
Occupation: Youtuber, Actor, Musician
Medium: Video
Official Website(s): Official Team10 Website
Fan Website(s):
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Jake Joseph Paul is an American YouTube and Vine creator, actor, and brother of Logan Paul. He's mainly known for his role as Dirk on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark and for being the founder of Team 10. His fans are known as Jake Paulers or Logang Paulers, depending on whether they're fans of both brothers or just one.

In September 2018, Jake Paul was the subject of Shane Dawson's documentary series "The Mind of Jake Paul."


The Logang Pauler fandom seems to be centered mainly on Wattpad, but strangely absent from Tumblr given that it mainly consists of younger fans. As is usual with this type of fandom, imagines and other types of self-insert fics are the most popular genres but there's also a fair amount of fic shipping Logan with his brother.




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