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Name: Vine
Dates: 2012 - 2017
Type: Social network
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: vine
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Vine was a short form video hosting service that allowed users to post six second long videos.

Vine as Fandom

Various regular Vine posters have become fandoms in and of themselves. Examples of this include:

  • Bryan Silva - creator of the "Gratata" meme, which then became a popular fandom meme.
  • Lil Tay - known as the "youngest ever flexer", Tay posts content to both Vine and YouTube.

Fan Use

Fans would use the platform to post short fanvids. Because of the time restrictions fans often had to craft vids with quick images and intense music. Fans also posted short fan films, usually featuring cosplay, these films often contained humorous elements.

When Vine announced that it was shutting down in 2017 many fans created compilation videos of all their favorite vines, for fear of the videos disappearing, and posted them to other sites like YouTube and Tumblr. Since 2017, TikTok offers a similar service, which allows up to sixty-second long videos.

"[Fandom] as vines" videos are a widespread subset of crack vids, which label vines with characters' names to make fandom-specific jokes. Post-vine, these videos often mix actual vines with newer tiktoks and comedic short-form content from other sites.

Examples of Fanvids On Vine

Examples of Cosplay On Vine

Examples of "[Fandom] As Vines" Videos