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RPF Fandom
Name(s): MCYT, Minecraft YouTube
Scope/Focus: YouTube and Twitch let's players who predominantly play Minecraft
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MCYT is an acronym standing for Minecraft YouTube, and is a megafandom focused primarily on YouTubers and Twitch streamers whose main form of content is playing Minecraft. This term is also often used to refer to a group of variety content creators who are closely associated with primarily Minecraft creators through collaboration such as ConnorEatsPants, Jschlatt, vGumiho or 5up.

MCYT is also often used to broadly encompass fictional roleplay series created by Minecraft content creators, such as Dream SMP, Empires SMP and QSMP.

Many MCYT fans do not self-identify as fans of MCYT RPF[1], but some subsections do primarily focus on the content creators themselves and fanworks centering on them, for example, the fanbase surrounding the Dream Team.


Beginnings and 2016 collapse

The first Minecraft video was posted to YouTube by jwaap in 2009.[2] Sometime in 2012, YouTube changed their algorithm to favor watch time over views, leading to a resurgence in Let's Play videos, with Minecraft being one of the most popular games played.[3][4] From 2010-2012, Let's Play content was the primary form Minecraft video content on the platform would take. Mod reviews were also a common type of content at the time, where a creator would show off a mod's capabilities to their audience. Around 2013 saw the rise of adventure map playthroughs, such as parkour maps. The community at this time was highly collaborative, and groups formed frequently.[5]

The "MCYT" acronym can be traced back to the early 2010s, first seeming to make appearances on DeviantART and YouTube amongst fans. The earliest known use of the term online is from late 2014,[6] and it seemed to gain traction and use around 2015.[7][8]

I feel like when the mcyt fandom started to become big on DA back in 2013-2014 it was an amazing time, I wouldnt have met some of my best friends right now if it werent for this fandom.

TheMountainN3rd on DeviantART, 2017 [9]

An Urban Dictionary user claims that the acronym first arose in the Minecraft PVP (player-versus-player) community between 2013 and 2017.

The term was used in 2013-2017 in the pvp community, but currently it's associated with the Dream SMP and the prominent members of it. The origin of it is debatable, but a few theories are widely accepted. It is estimated it originated in the Mineplex pvp community, although that would be impossible, since that is comprised of three people, who spend their time solely on the server, not thinking of acronyms. The other popular theory was that it was created in the comment sections of MCYT somewhere in 2013-2015.

Urban Dictionary user letmepost [10]

Fan communities in other languages sometimes use other terms or acronyms for the fandom. For example, the Indonesian fanbase for Minecraft YouTubers commonly uses the term "YTMC" instead.[11][12]

The Minecraft community on YouTube died down around 2016[4] due to expectations for content creators to be kid friendly slowly increasing.[13] Despite this, some content creators persisted, making primarily content based on minigames and PVP. Additionally, content related to 2b2t would still find some success during this period.[5]

In 2018, many YouTubers would jump to other games, with Fortnite being the one that is most commonly cited.

In the original downfall in 2018, most people were jumping onto the fornite and pubg bandwagon which is why it lost a ton of popularity because fortnite was free and anybody could get the game and it was something fresh that hasn't been in seen in a while. I think what gave mc a big boost was pewdiepie playing the game and all of his fans jumping onto the bandwagon followed by a different type of content which was speed running. When you have a game that's new to many people and have a new aspect of the game being shown to people, they will be more engaged and the trend went uphill. With the decline of fall guys and all the battle royales mc came out on top. The whole decline and re-rise were caused by people bandwagoning onto trendy games and this happens with all games.

AlphaCloud on the Hypixel Forums [14]

2019 resurgence

Minecraft YouTube content experienced a resurgence in popularity in 2019. This is often credited to PewDiePie[15], however some fans instead believe that BadBoyHalo and Skeppy, Minecraft Monday and SMPLive[5] were more likely what caused this resurgence, especially in regards to its lasting effects on MCYT content and its fandom. Others still credit Dream and Dream SMP[16], though Dream SMP started a year too late to be to credit for Minecraft's resurgence.

Answer: A few months ago SMP Live was started

A redditor responding to someone asking about Minecraft's resurgence [17]

Minecraft Mondays. If you don’t know what Minecraft Monday is, it’s a tournament created by Keemstar, taking loads of old and new Minecraft gamers and pitting them against one another in Hunger Games and other minigames. It’s causing people’s childhood Youtubers to come back to their original game and causing old fans to flock towards newer Youtubers (like Techoblade, Skeppy, etc). Techoblade was on about 500k subscribers (or was it 300k? I’ve forgotten, everything happened so fast!) and after two months of Minecraft Monday, has hit 1 million subs. The Minecraft community is booming.

Sophie Blackwell on Quora [18]

It was a mixture of him, MCM, SMPLive and Pewdiepie’s lets plays that revived Minecraft
Skeppy definitely had a bigger role than people originally lead on

clever_name14 on Twitter [19]

SMPLive was not the first SMP (survival multiplayer) on a video platform, but its use of livestreaming was largely a novel concept at the time, and would be picked up by other creators going forwards as SMP content would become one of the most popular forms of MCYT content. The cscoop Challenge was a brief trend in this time period, based on a stream by SMPLive member cscoop where he attempted to beat Minecraft while his viewers could sabotage him using donations. Several large creators such as TommyInnit and TapL, as well as other SMPLive members, would participate in this challenge.

Minecraft Monday would collapse in the same year of its debut due to internal drama, and out of the ashes arose other Minecraft tournament series such as MC Ultimate and Minecraft Saturdays. The most successful of its spiritual followups, however, would be the much less competitive MC Championship, which is on its third season as of 2023 and did not feature a cash prize, unlike MCM.


Hypixel content would become popular in this time period, primarily content focusing on their Skyblock MMO (with creators like Technoblade, TimeDeo and TommyInnit) and their Bedwars minigame (which would give rise to a community known as Tiredtwt).

Dream gained viral popularity in 2020 due to his videos on finding PewDiePie's Minecraft seed. He would help popularize (though not create) the "Manhunt" and "Minecraft But" content trends that would become highly successful in the 2020s. He also created the Dream SMP, which would help popularize SMPs focusing primarily on storytelling rather than on game skill or comedy.

In December of 2021, Minecraft video content had gathered a trillion views on YouTube.[20]

In March of 2023, Quackity launched his QSMP server, the first multilingual livestreamed SMP, complete with a live translation mod that allows for communication beyond language barriers. It quickly amassed a fanbase immediately after its debut and would take the number 2 spot on the year-end Web Series list in Tumblr Fandometrics' Year in Review 2023.


As mentioned above, the MCYT fandom is actually a broad collective of smaller fandoms and is hard to observe as cohesive whole, as many of these subsections rarely, if ever, intersect. There are thousands of Minecraft content creators around the world, so naturally, grouping them all as one whole can become messy. In addition, the term covers both RPF and FPF, which can lead to confusion.

This blurring between real life and fiction, online and offline, in-game and out, buoyed by fan works, can make things complicated.

Ryan Broderick for Polygon

The MCYT fandom is heavily geared towards fanworks, including fanart, fanfiction, animation and fan music. Meta fanworks are common as well, with fans making news networks to update on the streamers, YouTube recaps, and thousands upon thousands of words of analysis.[21]

As of August 2023 there are over 85 thousand works tagged both Minecraft and Video Blogging RPF on Archive of Our Own. In addition, some of the most popular subtags of Video Blogging RPF are MCYT-related fandoms. There are around 79 thousand works in Dream SMP, 16 thousand in Hermitcraft, 7 thousand in Life SMP Series, 3 thousand in Yogscast, 3 thousand in QSMP and 1 thousand in Lifesteal SMP.

A post on r/DreamWasTaken2 asked users how they discovered MCYT.[22] Common responses included the Yogscast, Stampy's Lovely World, Technoblade, CaptainSparklez, Minecraft Monday, Hermitcraft, Skeppy and BadBoyHalo, DanTDM, Team Crafted, among many others.


A venn diagram breaking down the overlap of players on servers, by shelbys-here
A venn diagram, detailing how they feel different MCYT SMPs relate to each other, by binofshit

The MCYT fandom is home to many subfandoms due to the broadly encompassing nature of the term. Some of the more popular subfandoms are listed below.

  • MCRP is another broad term used to refer to the fandom that focuses on fictional roleplay series created by Minecraft content creators. Unlike its parent fandom, MCRP fandoms tend to predominantly self-identify as being non-RPF based. These often take the form of SMPs.
    • The Yogscast is an entertainment company that became active in 2008 and became incorporated in 2011. Although they were not created for Minecraft content, they did have an era in which they primarily made Minecraft YouTube videos. Their most popular series were roleplay-based series, with the most known being Shadow of Israphel.
    • Aphmau is a YouTuber who was most popular around 2015 to 2017. She makes Minecraft roleplay series, the most known of which being Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet.
    • Mianite was a roleplay server formed in May 2014 that included CaptainSparklez, OMGItsFirefoxx, TheSyndicateProject, II_JERiiCHO_II, Waglington & Karl Handforth, among other players.There was also a spin-off series created in March 2020, called Mianitian Isles. It was created by TheSyndicateProject and involved many of the former Mianite players.
    • SMPLive was a server formed in March 2019 by CallMeCarson and cscoop. It involved many popular YouTubers and streamers of the time, though very few primarily made Minecraft content. It is often credited for the resurgence in Minecraft's popularity on YouTube. Oddly enough, the early fandom leaned more into being a RPF based fandom, however, as it was retroactively made canon to Dream SMP, which is explicitly a fictional series, the modern fandom, despite being much smaller, has shifted more towards being a roleplay-focused fandom. Those who write RPF more commonly self-identify as the Lunch Club fandom, based on a podcast created by some of the server's more well-known members.
    • SMPEarth was a roleplay server that was the spiritual successor to SMPLive. It was created in November 2019 by Wilbur Soot, fractalcounty (then known by the name chippledipple) and JoshA20. It featured over a hundred content creators - some of which primarily making Minecraft content, others not - placed on a 1:3000 scale replica of the earth in Minecraft. It was a light-hearted political roleplay where creators made their own nations and went to war, and while not as successful as SMPLive before it or Dream SMP after it, it saw moderate success for the time. Quite a few of its members would go on to later join the Dream SMP, including creator Wilbur Soot, who would end up as the Dream SMP's main writer for its first "season".
    • Dream SMP was a server created by YouTuber Dream. It was arguably one of the most popular MCYT subfandoms, blowing up in an unprecedentedly short amount of time. It began as a normal SMP (survival multiplayer) server before turning into a semi-scripted roleplay server with an explicitly fictional world and characters.[23][24]
    • Hermitcraft is a server currently "stewarded" by Xisumavoid and collectively run by all its members (called Hermits).[25] It is home to many prominent and veteran creators in the MCYT community. The server is popular for its beautiful builds, complex redstone machines, fun mini-games, and occasional roleplay elements.
    • The Life SMP Series are semi-hardcore servers created by Grian, where the goal is to be the last player alive. Improvised storytelling elements and twist mechanics aid in the popularity of the Life SMP Series within the MCYT fandom. Current seasons include: 3rd Life, Last Life, Double Life, and Limited Life.
    • Empires SMP is a fantasy-themed roleplay server created by fWhip. It has two seasons, a musical, and has crossed over with Hermitcraft.
    • QSMP is a multilingual server created by Quackity in 2023, with creators who speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Korean. It follows the narrative of a group of people thrust into an unfamiliar island in the middle of nowhere who must work together to survive and figure out what's going on with "the Federation" behind the scenes.
  • Team Crafted was a group active from February 2012 to March 2014. Its members were SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox, MinecraftUniverse (also known as TrueMU), SetoSorcerer, HuskyMudkipz, KermitPlaysMC, SSundee, JeromeASF, and BajanCanadian.
  • Sleepy Bois Inc., often abbreviated to SBI, is a group consisting of Wilbur Soot, Ph1LzA, Technoblade and TommyInnit. Their fandom overlaps heavily with the Dream SMP fandom.
  • Dream Team is a group consisting of Dream, GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap. Their fandom tends to lean more towards RPF.
  • MCSR refers to fandom surrounding Minecraft speedrunners.
  • MC Championship is a tournament series created by the Noxcrew and organized by Smajor1995, and it is easily the most successful Minecraft tournament series, having run since 2019 and received news coverage and millions of views. The fandom largely tends to revolve around predictions and statistical analysis, along with visual fanart. It is considered a "melting pot" of MCYT subfandoms due to featuring creators from all corners of the vast community.


SMPs, or survival multiplayer servers, are the most popular form of MCYT content. Many of them provide a platform for new content creators to rise in popularity, and many of them provide platforms for storytelling in a virtual space. Just as many MCYT fanworks focus on the content creators as people, even more focus on the characters they play in these SMP servers.

Video games aren’t just pop culture, but material for its creation. And out of that knowledge, a new theatrical tradition has emerged—gunky and psychedelic and stupid and random in that “lol so randOm” way only the internet can be. Some of the most popular online video games have become stages for live theater, broadcast to millions over Twitch and YouTube.

Cecilia D'Anastasio for WIRED, 12 January 2021. [26]

Stories are usually told in a more traditional way in television, movies, and musicals. What happens here is unique. To a lot of people, Minecraft is a game where people mine and gather resources. We’ve legitimized the fact that we can tell very interesting stories through video games.

Dream SMP member Quackity, in an interview for WIRED.[26]

In MCYT fandom, fans will discuss the characters that the content creators play as opposed to the content creators themselves by using the prefix c!. For example, c!Dream is used to refer specifically to the character Dream plays in his SMP, not Dream as a person. It can be used on any player of an SMP, and is common with Dream SMP. Other examples would include c!Wilbur and c!Ranboo. When speaking about the creators themselves, fans use cc! instead.

The c! and cc! terminology is in turn an expansion of, and used alongside, the /rp and /dsmp tone tags - with the former being coined by Dream on December 6, 2020, and the latter being coined by Twitter user queenleqend on December 4, 2020.

I think putting something like /roleplay or something else as an indicator that it’s just roleplay could be good when tweeting about negative things on the SMP, and maybe disclaimers for tik toks or videos. As the story progresses there will be more and more character progression and that can be really confusing to an outsider that just sees “Tommy might be suicidal” or “wow dream is actually being a dick” or “I can’t believe tubbo would do that...” Adding something like /roleplay can make it less confusing to outsiders who might get negative impressions

Dream, 6 December 2020.[27]

so guys i've been thinking... i hope this isn't a bad thing to suggest but i've been wondering if maybe we could start using a special tone indicator just for our fandom so ppl know we're talking abt the smp and not anything srs? it could be like "/dsmp"? bc obv a lot of us are discussing the events of the smp without indication and making all these mean remarks about the actors (even tho we mean it lightheartedly and love the real them!) and i could see in some ways how it could be stressful/confusing 2 people who aren't up 2 date with what's going on?

queenleqend, 4 December 2020.[28]


MCYTblr refers to the fandom surrounding MCYT on Tumblr. The exact origin of the term "MCYTblr" are unknown. Earlier MCYT fan communities on Tumblr identified themselves separately, such as "SMPblr" for SMPLive and "Hermitblr" for Hermitcraft. These communities later either were absorbed into the greater MCYTblr community or now consider themselves to be sub-communities of MCYTblr, with more sub-communities such as DSMPblr, DTeamblr and Trafficblr popping up. mcyt-cats is a popular blog dedicated to sharing pictures of cats owned by MCYT content creators.

With Minecraft's rapid resurgence in popularity in the late 2010s, Hermitcraft fans made a home for themselves on Tumblr and skyrocketed up the Web Stuff charts for Tumblr, landing itself at #11 and #9 on Tumblr's year-end lists for 2019 and 2020 respectively.[29][30]

When Minecraft Monday and SMPLive caused the boom in Minecraft's popularity in mid 2019, its effects reached Tumblr as well, with SMPblr forming as a mirror of the SMPtwt community on Twitter.[31]

A post by Tumblr staff dedicated to MCYTblr states that Dream SMP members started to pop up on their top tags lists in summer of 2020, with Dream debuting at the number 5 spot on one list. Dream SMP members have appeared on 94 Web Stuff or Week in Review Tumblr lists as of December 2021. The post specifically cites Dream SMP and Hermitcraft, as well as 3rd Life SMP and its sequel, Last Life SMP, popping up repeatedly on these lists.

MCYTblr later went on to create a recursive fandom, Penis SMP, which began trending on Tumblr, as a tongue-in-cheek reaction to a post making fun of them.[24] This fandom went on to appear on the Web Stuff lists itself.

Whether it’s fanfiction, whether it’s fan art, whether it’s just collaboratively building something together with their community on Tumblr — we see it with other things, but nothing really in this unique way that the Penis SMP emerged as a trend.

Cates Holderness, head of editorial for Tumblr.

And looking at the SMP fandoms — specifically, Dream SMP — there is also a layer of Minecraft being a super accessible game that anyone can iterate on and recreate the things they are watching in their own game with their own friends. They can build their own servers.

Cates Holderness, head of editorial for Tumblr.

Because of this popularity, Tumblr staff created a new year-end list just for Minecraft content creators.[32]


Several surveys on the demographics of the MCYT fandom have taken place. Some of these include the MCYTblr Sexyman Poll's demographic surveys, which polled the participants of the bracket, and the MCC18 Cross-Platform Survey, which polled several hundred fans across three different platforms - 888 from Reddit, 751 from Tumblr, and over a thousand from Twitter.


In the early days of the MCYT fandom, shipping was a popular form of fandom, similar to many other fandoms. Many content creators either did not react to shipping at all or encouraged it. JeromeASF and BajanCanadian, for example, made official Merome merch.[33] 2019 marked a shift in this mentality, as many of the SMPLive members were vocally against shipping.

At the same time as SMPLive's popularity, on the other side of the fandom, Skephalo was a popular pairing, although more often as a joke in Twitter communities. Skeppy and BadBoyHalo played into the ship heavily, and many fans of the two at the time liked it, whether as a joke or seriously.

Even after SMPLive had ended, the anti-shipping philosophy continued into SMPEarth and the early fandom of Dream SMP. As the Dream SMP became more popular, some people made exceptions for character shipping, while others argued that character shipping was "undercover" IRL shipping. The fandom does seem to have a more relaxed view of shipping nowadays, as well as content creators themselves, but there is still often discourse surrounding shipping.

On Tumblr, certain tags are used to denote Minecraft RP shipping content for those who wish to blacklist it, varying by series.

In China

English-language MCYT creators are quite popular in China, with videos both fan and creator-made being reposted to the video platform Bilibili often with accompanying translated subtitles into Chinese.

Examples of these translated reuploads:

In addition to reuploads, fans also upload their own creations to the site. Some examples include:

There are Chinese-language Minecraft video creators on the platform as well, but the fandom for these creators usually refers to them by the term MCUP, or "Minecraft Uploaders".[34][35]

Charity work

The MCYT community has raised a lot of money for various charity organizations over the years through campaigns and events organized both by fans and by creators. Technoblade's community notably has raised over 1 million dollars for cancer research, The Yogscast has a yearly charity event known as Jingle Jam that has raised millions, and MC Championship Pride is a yearly event that raises money for The Trevor Project. Fans also organize their own fundraisers, like Voices for the Blade and QSMP for Palestine.

Fandom controversies


Like many large fandoms with fanbases consisting mainly of children and minors, MCYT also has developed a large anti-movement on social media of online users posting about how much they hate the content creators and their fans. These posts may make fun of the actions of fans, lump all MCYT creators into one (such as assuming a creator like TommyInnit is the same as a creator like Dream), create negative theories about the creators (see ""Dream is an Industry Plant" Theory), or just relate a general dislike of the creators. For example, Tumblr user mlarayoukai saying they want to shoot on sight anyone who posted "“fluffy hcs” about those white min*craft boys."[36] "Anti MCYT" has its own tag on Tumblr, though it seems a majority of the posts are related to anti-Dream rather than MCYT as a whole.[37] However, it may be possible that a portion of those who post about their dislike of MCYT actually believe Dream is MCYT, rather than MCYT being a conglomerate of dozens of different people. This is exemplified in comments from MCYT fans who agree, believing that those posting in the anti-MCYT tag don't actually know who they're talking about when they say "MCYT."

The anti MCYT tag also has a fair number of MCYT fans defending MCYT and making posts directed at anti posters. One post claimed that anti MCYTers were posting gore into MCYT tags on Twitter.[38] The same poster also blamed anti MCYT posters for the fake photo of Dream, where other anti MCYTers began shaming the weight of the random man in the photo because they thought he was Dream.[39]

Some other comments from the Anti MCYT tag are below.

The most angering thing is adults who like dream smp/mcyt like children still liking it is bad but they don’t have the brain development to realize the weight of these bigots actions and may not recognize some things as bad MEANWHILE ADULTS SURE CAN

mikyou, May 29, 2021.[40]

My favorite thing about the anti mcyt tag is that it's literally just All Dream hate. These guys have no actual idea what mcyt is its really fucking funny I'm not sorry

totem-of-ungaying, June 14, 2021[41]

i don't Typically go into discourse, but like

the majority of anti mcyters tend to be minors from what i've seen (or anime profile picture, not making fun but there's a Trend here)

combine that with a LARGE majority of the mcyt community tends to be minors as well (especially for the new era!!) i as an adult am sitting here like "ma! the kids are fightin again!"

enby-glowsquid, May 20, 2021[42]

dre*m stans vagueposting about “anti” posts being hilarious have the energy of that one dude in the internet argument going “your stupid comments amuse me!” and passive aggressively ending each statement with :) to hide how angry they are. But they aren’t ready for that conversation.

saybyebus, June 10, 2021[43]

Old MCYT vs New MCYT

Fans of "old MCYT" and fans of "new MCYT" often don't see eye-to-eye, which leads to wank between these two groups. A common argument is that the fandom for "old MCYT" was better as it was less toxic, less parasocial, and less "cringey", though others will point out that these things were just as present in 2010s MCYT fandom as it is now.[44]

This also often leads to "old MCYT creators" being put on a pedestal and treated as untouchable. Often these creators will be looked back on with rose-tinted nostalgia goggles, overlooking that these groups and individuals were also just as prone to controversy.

If you tell me that older mcyt was free from drama I will point at 2015 where minecraft had a stigma of being that "pedo bear" game because of youtubers like lionmaker and laugh at you

A deleted user on r/DreamWasTaken2 [45]

I'd also like to add that whenever someone talks about how much more wholesome old mcyt was, all they mention are people stampylonghead or danTDM, people rarely bring up any of the older mcyt's that got arrested, had mental breakdowns, had any friendship drama, etc.. I feel that once this age of mcyt ends (if it ends), people will only remember and gush about the mcyts who came out on top and have a squeaky clean drama record. But hey that's just me rambling on bed, so yeah.

Dijitalex, in the comments of the r/DreamWasTaken2 post [45]

Fans also point out that "old MCYT" creators are often still active in the community and friends with "new MCYT" creators, and that they likely would disapprove of the comparisons.

Others still are of the opinion that older MCYT content was superior or more original, which is much more subjective and a matter of personal taste.

u/DerpPickles: that might be true but there was so much more good content back then

Reply from a deleted user: I know people are gonna get mad at me for saying this but the new generation has hours upon hours of MCC, the Dream SMP, Minecraft Mondays, SMP Live, and SMP Earth. I’d say that that’s more and in some areas I’d say much better than. “Here’s the 48,926 mod showcase” or “Here’s the 73,658 game of survival games.”

r/MinecraftMemes on Reddit [46]

Fandom Meta on MCYT fandoms



Fan Works


List of MCYT Zines

Fan Art



Fan music

  • Derivakat is a popular creator of MCYT fan music.
  • an ode to l'manburg by beetlebug is one of, if not the, first Dream SMP fansongs. Largely considered to be one of the fandom's most iconic works of fan music.
  • Elybeatmaker is a popular musician who makes fan songs for Hermitcraft.

Fan games

  • Minecraft Lovehunt is a dating simulator based on the Dream Team's Minecraft Manhunt series.
  • MCYT Brawl - similar to the above, except this fangame takes the form of a SSBU-style brawler.

Recursive fandoms

  • Colorzas - An alternate universe similar to the different versions of Sans from Undertale, with different colored versions of Philza.
  • Bursonas - Similar to Colorzas, but with various versions of Wilbur Soot. Sometimes these variants are shipped together, which is known as Sootbur.
  • Bishop's Knifetrick - Originally a Tales from the SMP fanfiction that was both highly praised and criticized for its plot and relationship portrayals. It is now presented as a work of original fiction.
  • Penis SMP - A recursive fandom that spawned from a hate post that managed to explode overnight and go trending on Tumblr, even getting an article written about it for Polygon.
  • Passerine - A Sleepy Bois Inc. fantasy AU fanfiction that spawned a recursive fandom based on it.
  • And the Universe Shifts - A Hermitcraft fanfiction that mixes in elements from an older series, Evolution SMP. Excluding Dream SMP crossover fanfictions, it is the most kudosed work in the Hermitcraft fandom on AO3.

Fests and Exchanges

List of MCYT Fests & Exchanges

Links & Further Reading


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