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RPF Fandom
Name(s): MCYT, Minecraft YouTube
Scope/Focus: YouTube and Twitch let's players who predominantly play Minecraft
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MCYT is an acronym standing for Minecraft YouTube, and is focused primarily on YouTubers and Twitch streamers whose main form of content is playing Minecraft. Content creators who regularly interact with Minecraft YouTubers and streamers (mxmtoon and jschlatt, for example) are considered "MCYT-adjacent."[citation needed] MCYT also often encompasses MCRP, or Minecraft roleplay. How seriously this roleplay is treated varies.

Content Creators

A venn diagram breaking down the overlap of players on servers, by shelbys-here

The content creators that form the MCYT fandom produce various kinds of content, including videos demonstrating mods or plugins they've made, SMP videos cut from their Twitch steams, and speed running, among other things. Popular content creators frequently stream and collaborate with one another, and many of them may have become more recognized as they played on or were featured in SMPs, such as SMPEarth and Dream SMP. The acronym dates back to around July 2020 and gained traction quickly.[1] A few of the most popular MCYT groups, people, and servers are listed below, but due to the sheer number of them not every creator is listed.

  • The Yogscast is an entertainment company that became active in 2008 and became incorporated in 2011. Although they were not created for Minecraft content, they did have an era in which they primarily made Minecraft YouTube videos. Their most popular series was Shadows of Israphel, a Minecraft roleplay series.[2]
  • Team Crafted was a group active from February 2012 to March 2014. Its members were SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox, MinecraftUniverse (also known as TrueMU), Setosorcerer, HuskyMudkipper, KermitPlaysMC, SSundee, JeromeASF, and BajanCanadian.[3].
  • Hermitcraft is a private Minecraft SMP server founded by GenerikB on April 13th, 2012, and is currently ongoing into its 9th season. Hermitcraft is described as a vanilla+ server, in which any mods or datapacks used on the server do not impact actual gameplay but rather affect general quality-of-life aspects of the game, such as with the proximity chat mod or custom roleplay data datapack. Hermitcraft has primarily been categorized as a building and redstone server, focused on showcasing player talents in the artistic and technical fields of Minecraft. However, roleplay has become more and more present with each subsequent season, with many storylines happening in short but widely involved events. When a story arc is finished, the server returns to its initial status quo.
  • SMPEarth took place on a 1:3000 scale replica of the Earth, and players created their own countries and politics. The server was created by Wilbur Soot, chippledipple, and JoshA20 on November 22, 2019, and lasted until April 11, 2020.
  • SMPLIVE was a server formed in March 2019 by CallMeCarson. It involved many popular YouTubers and streamers of the time, though very few primarily made Minecraft content.
  • The Dream SMP is a server formed in May 2020 by Dream (also known as Dreamwastaken). While it started out as a normal server, it evolved into a roleplay series and is now recognized by the creators as a work of fiction. The most popular members are the Dream Team, made up of Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and sometimes Badboyhalo. The Dream SMP, coupled with other of Dream's content, spawned one of the largest MCYT ships, Clay|Dream/GeorgeNotFound, or "DreamNotFound."
  • TommyInnit and his "circle" of friends (overlapping with the Dream SMP and SMPEarth, which he met several of them on). This includes creators like Wilbur Soot, Tubbo_, Ranboo, beautie_, Ph1LzA, Jack Manifold, Nihachu, and Technoblade among others. Tommy is known to vlog with these creators frequently, and appears in Jack Manifold's vlogs as well. Tommy then created his own SMP in 2021, the Origins SMP, in which many of his friends play. See Subfandoms for a longer list of subfandoms and ships TommyInnit and his circle of friends are involved in.


On Archive of Our Own Minecraft has 31849 works as of Mar 2021, and then further narrows that down to the tag "Video Blogging RPF." Minecraft sorted to include the tag Video Blogging RPF has 23623 works, meaning at least 74% of the Minecraft tag on AO3 surrounds some form of YouTuber or video source material. Then, of the main Minecraft tag, the ship with the most fanfics is "Clay|Dream/GeorgeNotFound" with 5154 fanfics, or 16% of the tag. The Minecraft tag grew by 7,323 fanfics as of Apr 21st, 2021, for a total of 39172, and the Minecraft sorted with Video Blogging RPF grew by 5,540 fanfics, for a total of 29163. Clay|Dream/GeorgeNotFound remained the most popular ship and grew by 1,517 fanfics, for a new total of 6671.


A venn diagram, detailing how they feel different MCYT SMPs relate to each other, by binofshit

MCYT has its own sub-fandoms, one of the prevalent ones being "Sleepy Bois Inc," abbreviated as SBI. Sleepy Bois Inc covers four YouTubers, Ph1LzA, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, and TommyInnit. This sub fandom has a large focus on familial relationships between these four YouTubers/Streamers. Usually Wilbur and Tommy will be depicted as brothers, a running theme in their actual collaborative videos. Sometimes Technoblade will be depicted as Tommy's brother as well, or otherwise as a found family adoptive situation. Ph1lza is usually depicted as a father figure to the four, being the oldest of them. While many fanfics featuring these four as the main cast are set in the Dream SMP lore, SBI extends past Dream SMP as its own subsection of MCYT.[6] Narrowing the subfandom down further, the "Crime Boys," or "crimeboys," focuses just on TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot.[7]

In MCYT, the suffix abbreviation "twt" may be stuck on abbreviations of subfandoms. "twt" is short for Twitter, and is used to refer specifically to fandom on Twitter. For example, SBI is the fandom for Sleepy Bois Inc in general, but Sleepytwt (also called SBItwt) is the Sleepy Bois Inc fandom on Twitter. Likewise "MCYT" is Minecraft YouTube in general, but "MCYTTWT" is the MCYT community of Twitter. However, for some subfandoms, the "twt" is obligatory due to the fandom name not being unique enough. "Happytwt" could not just be "happy," and "hermittwt" could not just be "hermit." This naming system could've originated on Tumblr, where "hermitblr" (the Tumblr fandom for Hermitcraft) was used to distinguish itself from "mineblr" (the Tumblr fandom for Minecraft). This tag dates back to 2018 or so.[citation needed]

A list of subfandoms and names of MCYT groupings is below for easier viewing. Most subfandoms refer to non-ships, likely due to many of them focusing on minors.

  • Allium Duo- Ranboo and TommyInnit
  • Awesamponk, ponksamdude- awesamdude/ponk
  • Bee Duo, Bee Boo- Tubbo_ and Ranboo
  • Bench Trio- TommyInnit, Tubbo_, and Ranboo
  • Clingy Duo- TommyInnit and Tubbo_
  • Crime Boys, Crime Boys Duo-TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot
  • DreamNotFound, DNF- Dream/GeorgeNotFound
  • Dream Team- Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and sometimes BadBoyHalo
  • DSMP- abbreviation of Dream Survival Multiplayer, used for everyone on the SMP
  • Drunz- Dream/Punz
  • Emerald Duo, Antarctic Duo- Technoblade and Ph1LzA, sometimes doubles as ship name
  • Empiresblr- Empires SMP
  • Endersmile- Ranboo and Dream
  • Foolsamponk- foolish/awesamdude/ponk
  • FWT, or FundyWasTaken- Dream/Fundy
  • Happytwt- Skeppy and BadBoyHalo
  • Hermittwt, Hermitblr- Hermitcraft
  • Helblr-The collection of Hermitcraft, Empires SMP, and 3rd Life/Last Life SMP fandoms on tumblr.
  • Inniter- person who is a fan of TommyInnit
  • Karlnap- Karl Jacobs and Sapnap
  • Karlnapity- Karl Jacobs, Sapnap, and Quackity
  • Puffychu- Nihachu/CaptainPuffy
  • Techza- Technoblade/Philza
  • Trafficblr- 3rd Life/Last Life
  • Sleepy Boys Inc, or SBI- Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit, Technoblade, and Ph1LzA
  • Stagedduo- Dream and Punz

Shipping, Duos, and Trios

In 2011-2018, shipping was a popular form of fandom, similar to many other fandoms. The most popular content creators reacted neutrally or positively to shipping. JeromeASF and BajanCanadian, for example, made official Merome merch.[8] 2019 marked a shift in this mentality. The SMPLIVE members were extraordinarily against shipping, which made the fandom look down upon it as well. Around the same time, the Muffin Trio, a group made up of Skeppy, BadBoyHalo, and A6D, was also popular, separate from SMPLIVE. Skephalo was a popular ship, and Skeppy and BadBoyHalo joked about it often. A6D eventually left the Muffin Trio due to a controversy, which meant Muffin Trio was no longer a trio. "Happy duo" began to be used in place of it, and as a platonic alternative to Skephalo. This could've caught on due to the overlap between SMPLIVE and Muffin Trio fans. Since they disliked shipping as an SMPLIVE fan, they disliked Skephalo, and created happy duo. Even though SMPLIVE ended, the anti-shipping philosophy continued into SMPEarth and Dream SMP. As the Dream SMP became more popular, some people made exceptions for character shipping, while others argued that character shipping was "undercover" IRL shipping. On the whole, platonic duos are more popular in the modern-day MCYT fandom than romantic ships. Some popular duos include bee duo (Ranboo and Tubbo), rivals duo (Dream and Technoblade), TNT duo (Wilbur Soot and Quackity), and rocket duo (Nihachu and Jack Manifold). The main exception is the Dream Team, interestingly- they've made it clear that they're okay with shipping, so many refer to them with their romantic ship name when referring to two of them (though sometimes it's used in a platonic sense). For example, there isn't a popular duo name for Dream and GeorgeNotFound, as many people simply refer to them as DreamNotFound.


Like many large fandoms with fanbases consisting mainly of children and minors, MCYT also has developed a large anti-movement on social media of online users posting about how much they hate the content creators and their fans. These posts may make fun of the actions of fans, lump all MCYT creators into one (such as assuming a creator like TommyInnit is the same as a creator like Dream), create negative theories about the creators (see ""Dream is an Industry Plant" Theory), or just relate a general dislike of the creators. For example, Tumblr user mlarayoukai saying they want to shoot on sight anyone who posted "“fluffy hcs” about those white min*craft boys."[9] "Anti MCYT" has it's own tag on Tumblr, though it seems a majority of the posts are related to anti-Dream rather than MCYT as a whole.[10] However, it may be possible that a portion of those who post about their dislike of MCYT actually believe Dream is MCYT, rather than MCYT being a conglomerate of dozens of different people. This is exemplified in comments from MCYT fans who agree, believing that those posting in the anti-MCYT tag don't actually know who they're talking about when they say "MCYT."

The anti MCYT tag also has a fair number of MCYT fans defending MCYT and making posts directed at anti posters. One post claimed that anti MCYTers were posting gore into MCYT tags on Twitter.[11] The same poster also blamed anti MCYT posters for the fake photo of Dream, where other anti MCYTers began shaming the weight of the random man in the photo because they thought he was Dream.[12]

Some other comments from the Anti MCYT tag are below.

The most angering thing is adults who like dream smp/mcyt like children still liking it is bad but they don’t have the brain development to realize the weight of these bigots actions and may not recognize some things as bad MEANWHILE ADULTS SURE CAN

mikyou, May 29, 2021.[13]

My favorite thing about the anti mcyt tag is that it's literally just All Dream hate. These guys have no actual idea what mcyt is its really fucking funny I'm not sorry

totem-of-ungaying, June 14, 2021[14]

i don't Typically go into discourse, but like

the majority of anti mcyters tend to be minors from what i've seen (or anime profile picture, not making fun but there's a Trend here)

combine that with a LARGE majority of the mcyt community tends to be minors as well (especially for the new era!!) i as an adult am sitting here like "ma! the kids are fightin again!"

enby-glowsquid, May 20, 2021[15]

dre*m stans vagueposting about “anti” posts being hilarious have the energy of that one dude in the internet argument going “your stupid comments amuse me!” and passive aggressively ending each statement with :) to hide how angry they are. But they aren’t ready for that conversation.

saybyebus, June 10, 2021[16]


SMPs (multiplayer survival Minecraft servers) are good meeting grounds for the content creators featured in MCYT, and at least one, the Dream SMP, has its own in-game lore that was partially scripted. There have been three major SMPs: Dream SMP started by Dream in Apr 2020, SMPLive on Mar 1, 2019 by CallMeCarson, then SMPEarth on Nov 22, 2019, started by chippledipple, Wilbur Soot, and JoshA20.

While many MCYT fanworks are not directly related to SMP lore, there are still fanworks that are specific to them. For example, MCYT fanart that depicts TommyInnit fight with Dream over music disks is based on Dream SMP, and mentions of "Laramie Online" and the "7 ARG" are based on SMPEarth.

In MCYT fandom, fans will discuss the characters that the content creators play as opposed to the content creators themselves by using the prefix c!. For example, c!Dream is used to refer specifically to the character Dream plays in his SMP, not Dream as a person. It can be used on any player of an SMP, and is common with Dream SMP. Other examples would include c!Wilbur and c!Ranboo. When speaking about the creators themselves, fans use cc! instead.

Fan Works

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Fan Art



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