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Synonyms: Quasiplatonic
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Queerplatonic is a term used to describe a relationship between two or more people that deviates from what the people within the relationship deem to be strictly romantic or platonic. The term originates in the aromantic community, and hence fanworks depicting these relationships seem to often have at least one character who identifies as such. The exact definition is intentionally vague in order to be used as an umbrella term. QPP is an abbreviation for "queerplatonic partner" and QPR is an abbreviation for "queerplatonic relationship."


Queerplatonic relationships have been represented with a ~ on occasion in fandom spaces since the idea was proposed in 2014,[1] and it has been used in activities as popular as the Three-Sentence Fic-A-Thon for almost as long.[2] Queerplatonic relationship tags are canonized in freeform tags on AO3, but uses in relationship tags are synned to the / tag.[3] SquidgeWorld Archive started canonizing queerplatonic relationships in relationship tags on July 2023 using a tilde.


  • The ship name QQPZADR from the Invader Zim fandom refers to queerplatonic Zim and Dib.
  • Ineffable Husbands from Good Omens are often portrayed in fanworks and discussions as being in a queerplatonic relationship.[4][5]
  • Merida from Brave has a popular headcanon of being aromantic, and hence relationships involving her, whether in the Pixar film or Once Upon A Time, are often queerplatonic.
  • The term Gencest is occasionally used to describe a queerplatonic relationship between the Winchester brothers from Supernatural. There is also a subset of fandom who use the portmanteau SamDean in a strictly platonic sense, overlapping with its use as a synonym for Wincest.